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  1. That's the biggest problem, I hate file names with underscores that only exist to enable poor parsers. I go out of my way to rename my mod archive library consistently and without underscores. Computers exist to automate tasks, but fortunately in the long run MO gets most of them and I only have to fiddle with a few of them. A suggestion to whomever is maintaining/extending MO: The way Nexus files are (supposed to be) named it may be more effective to consider parsing them from the right to the left, taking the version number, then the mod ID, then the much more variable mod name. Then the only difficulties will be with low numbered mod IDs, where now any space or number in a mod name causes a problem.
  2. Better to commit to reporting bugs on a beta than struggle with the release version in its current state.
  3. I hope you are right about the new release, because the current version is a steaming turd. Days I have been fighting with this piece of crap to get SSE modded up even with just a couple dozen mods.
  4. Wouldn't it be easier to just do the cleaning without MO active? The stock ESM files sit in your install folder, the cleaned ESM files go in your install folder, MO doesn't touch them anyway, so you don't have to fuss around with making "Cleaned X" fake mods or any of the other stuff at https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:Guide#2.B._Clean_the_Update_ESM, you just clean them, make sure they are in the proper place, and get on with the stuff MO actually has a clue what to do with, no need for meta files or any other hand waving. The process at that link is a lot of trouble for nothing.
  5. Never run anything as admin. Any files that are written are given admin ownership, meaning you will not be able to make any changes to them while using your normal account.
  6. In skyrim.ini, [Papyrus] section, fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=2000 has been set by BethINI. Is this considered safe now? I've always kept it to 500 based on several different sources.
  7. Hi, are there particular reasons the BethINI Field of View setting drop down menu has the particular values it does (55.93, 65.00, 70.59 and 85.79, while working with Skyrim LE) or are those just somewhat random values?
  8. "Plus we want to keep Linux and MacOS support an option and the MO vfs is impossible to port." Perhaps this will help with with Vortex: Linux (and MacOS by definition) supports VFSes by default, in fact some distros use one as their default file system now to unify local and remote storage. You can plug a VFS right into your application with FUSE and forget it's even there, and even Windows supports plug-in virtual file systems with the Installable File System mechanism, which is far superior to their old Shell Namespace Extension which didn't fully support low level file system access. No administrator install necessary, as it would be just one file in the existing file system it is hosted on, though it's really not hard if the user has admin access (i.e.: it's their own computer, not some work computer they shouldn't even be using it on). Were you to use a FUSEd / IFS compatible vfs for Vortex, it might make one part of the project a lot easier, or at least it could be a plug-in option for people who can install a vfs on their own. P.S.: Congrats on the new job.
  9. I always install mods from the archives I download manually. Whenever I go to install a mod now, I get only the first word of the archive filename, instead of what the STEP guide says, " If no meta info was collected, it will display the filename of the archive minus the appended Nexus ID and version number." Now, I know I can just click the down arrow in that field and select the full name, but the whole reason we have computers is to automatic repetitive tasks, and my CTS is bad enough already. So how do I get MO to use the full name, sans the Nexus ID and version number, by default?
  10. Should I be using the older Mod Organizer for oldrim/Skyrim LE?
  11. A bit necro-y but relevant: You can save a step by changing the New Variable Value to -Xmx1024M (or 2048M), which will help not just this process but also many other things that use Java, for example newer (and larger) versions of Minecraft. Don't use 2048 unless your computer has at least 6GB of RAM, preferably 8GB or more. Don't forget to leave out the -Xmx1024m parameter in your shortcut as this becomes redundant.
  12. The problem is that MO is still looking for an obsolete version of the .NET libraries. This is ongoing and progressive, as the current version for Windows 7 (actually NT and up supposedly) and up is now 4.6.1 and you cannot install any previous version if you have this one installed. Since other applications use .NET and may require a more recent version, MO needs to be able to detect the presence and version of .NET, no matter which version it is (ideal situation), or just not bother checking since it is everyones responsibility to keep their own computers up to date. Here is an example of how to detect the presence and current version of .NET installed on a computer, it took all of 5 seconds to find with Google and works for all versions of the library that have ever existed: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/astebner/2009/06/16/sample-code-to-detect-net-framework-install-state-and-service-pack-level/ Note that there are two versions. The preferred method of use is to use the first version to detect and the second to verify the install state and version.
  13. But what kind of vsync? Standard? Adaptive? Adaptive half-refresh? And none of them are able to prevent tearing for me in Skyrim. I think I will just go back to what I had and accept the wierd numbers.
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