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  1. Artifacts of Boethiah might also make a good addition. It's not just a weapon mod, has a decent sized quest in it as well I believe.
  2. I just came here to bring those to everyone's attention as well. I haven't played them yet, but those look like some pretty major additions.
  3. Been away for a while, was just wondering where this PACK was at and who is responsible for it now? Always loved this collection of mods.
  4. Yup, makes sense. Will be watching Arena to see how it fills out over the next few months.
  5. Hm, wonder if a patch could be made for that. Is CJ solely responsible for the pack now?
  6. I've been following Arena as well. Looks good. Looking at integrating it into REGS in the future?
  7. I did Moon and Star around lvl 15 I think and it wasn't too challenging. I also had High Level Enemies and a couple other difficulty increasing mods installed. I seriously recommend that questline, the ending is pretty sick and results in a pretty cool minor enhancement to your game world.
  8. Thanks for replying. Is this the case with the patches that are meant to be merged together as well, or do they solely affect the patches that are denoted in the file names? E.G. - Does 70 Thunderchild - USKP patch.esp solely fix conflicts between Thunderchild and USKP?
  9. Hoping someone can tell me what the purpose of the replacement patches is. I'm installing/have installed the mods that they apply to, but I'm wondering what mods they're meant to fix conflicts with. I'm only using some mods out of the pack, layering them on top of STEP Core, REGS, and Realvision ENB suggested mods: Skyrim Immersive CreaturesBandolier - Bags and PouchesBandolier - DawnguardWinter is ComingImmersive WeaponsLore Weapon Expansion + Daedric Crescent, Goldbrand and Relics of the CrusaderImmersive ArmorsAurora Doomstone PackageDragon Soul RelinquishmentThunderchildApocalypse Spell PackageSpectraverseDwemertechHigh Level Enemies - SIC EditionRevenge of the EnemiesDeadly DragonsWondering if, just using those mods, I'll need to use the replacer files.
  10. Alright . . . so with LOOT, should I just put ELFX down with the bashed patch maybe?
  11. Okay, you're loading ELFX before REGS patches? My understanding was that the following meant load them after:"Generally speaking, the REGS patches and custom esp files should go near the bottom of your loader order but BEFORE any lighting mods you might have (ELFX, ELE, and RLO)."
  12. I've taken a look through the thread here but can't seem to verify this: Are the LOOT rules in the guide all we need to do as far as LOOT is concerned? I see recommendations for BOSS load order for the REGS patches and a BOSS rule list, but nothing additional for LOOT. LOOT definitely isn't automatically ordering things the way the page recommends. Edit: I looked back further and it does look like this was discussed some, but it doesn't say much of anything about ELFX. LOOT is putting my ELFX and its patches wayyyyyy at the bottom of my priority list, way before the REGS patches. Wondering if I'm going to need to create a rule to load ELFX and its patches after the last REGS patch? Guess it makes sense I wouldn't have found a rule for this, as ELFX isn't really part of REGS. Everything else looks like it's sorting correctly, so would it be best just to put ELFX at the very bottom of my load order?
  13. Wondering about using Wyrmstooth 1.11. I see the guide says 1.10, but wondered if there was something specific in 1.11 that conflicted.
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