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  1. So, went through the guide yesterday, no problems, played a bit through the opening prologue with no problems. Now I'm getting the following error when running (happens during script compilation): This morning I applied the changes that Neovalen made last night with the Consistency Patch (the changes to Primer and FriendlyHUD). Also, this morning a 2.9GB update arrived in the form of official patch 1.22. So, not sure whether it was the patch that messed stuff up (that's my guess), or if I did something wrong with the Consistency Patch stuff. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  2. I also had this problem. It's due to the fact that FriendlyHUD and Immersive CAM are in a state of disparity at the moment. Looking at the posts on Immersive Cam the mod author says this: Solution might be to get the main 2.5.3 version of Immersive Cam and attempt the merges yourself or wait a few days for things to get ironed out.
  3. Hey guys, are there any updated instructions for ADAM? When I download the ADAM All-in-one v4.1.1.7z from the Copy website and then run the install all options are grayed out. But the instructions say to check things as you're going through. Thanks. --Edit Nevermind. Just now saw the last page in which someone has linked to a fix. Not sure why that didn't come up when I searched the forum for 'ADAM'.
  4. Hey guys, I'm attempting to run the SUM.jar through MO and when I click Run MO fades and locks like something's going to run and then it unlocks and goes back to normal and SUM never loads. I have the latest version of java and this actually worked just fine a week ago. Any help's appreciated. I'm seeing this in the logs, any ideas?: Internal exceptions (2 events):Event: 0.031 Thread 0x06b7b800 Exception <a 'java/lang/NoSuchMethodError': Method sun.misc.Unsafe.defineClass(Ljava/lang/String;[bII)Ljava/lang/Class; name or signature does not match> (0x08e0b6c8) thrown at [C:\re\workspace\8-2-build-windows-i586-cygwin\jdk8u45\3457\hotspot\src\share\v£ ˜gRŸ?Event: 0.031 Thread 0x06b7b800 Exception <a 'java/lang/NoSuchMethodError': Method sun.misc.Unsafe.prefetchRead(Ljava/lang/Object;J)V name or signature does not match> (0x08e0b948) thrown at [C:\re\workspace\8-2-build-windows-i586-cygwin\jdk8u45\3457\hotspot\src\share\vm\prims\jni.cpp, l
  5. K, let's pretend I gave you some specs for an average computer. I just want to know, what is the first thing you would disable if FPS was a factor for you?
  6. Hey, I just got done with the guide. Followed to the letter naturally, and it looks great. However, it appears my system can't handle it. Getting low fps and movement lag even while just in the first dungeon just after character creation. I suspect it has to do with running an ENB. Is there something I can disable and not have to reconfigure anything? Thanks.
  7. Quick question: NMC's textures are in a state of 'flux' for the Medium pack. Looks like he's removed the Patch 2- Ceiling black holes fix and Clock retexture. and Red_Wood_And_Burnt_Fence_Clash_Fix optional files and is repackaging them into all-in-one patches. He's already finished the update patch for the Large pack but has not quite released the Medium pack update patch. I've installed the Medium pack but obviously haven't been able to install the Patch 2- Ceiling black holes fix and Clock retexture. and Red_Wood_And_Burnt_Fence_Clash_Fix optional files . If I just skip over that part and then come back later after he's released the medium patches, will that screw up anything? For instance, is there anything in those 2 files that is getting overwritten by Poco Bueno, or any other subsequent texture packs?
  8. Totally agree with it not being mandatory. And I also see the benefit from an organizational standpoint for individual users on their computers. Having stuff all in one spot is a good idea. However, my biggest concern with stuff like this is New Users to the guides. Everywhere else on this site says to put the MO install into the FNV folder (or the Skyrim folder, or FO3...etc). The Mod Organizer video tutorial says to put it into the game's folder within Steam. If you then in this new Fallout guide say 'Well, we're going to put the MO install files into a new folder called C:\Games' that just adds unnecessary complexity and disjointedness to a process that should be pretty uniform across the site. I think in the interest of providing a uniform approach to working with Mod Organizer across all of these Bethesda titles that you should keep it within the game's folder. Experienced modders will realize that they can move it anywhere they want, while new users won't be saddled with unnecessary complexity in the modding process. Just my 2 cents.
  9. You're questioning the practice of putting the MO install into the .../Steam/steamapps/common/<gamename> folder? Why? Every guide on this site has you placing the MO files directly into the game folder. Unless I'm reading your post wrong?
  10. Are you following these instructions?: For the Improved Sound FX v0821 tick both "DLC esps" and "Data". Install the PN esp file into the Improved Sound FX mod and select [Merge] when asked. In the left pane of MO, right click Improved Sound FX and select "Information". Under the Optional ESPs tab, move all plugins EXCEPT "Improved Sound FX.esp" to Optional ESPs. You should be moving all plugins EXCEPT "Improved Sound FX.esp"
  11. I've got everything loaded and working great so far. Question for in game play. When I have a weapon drawn I can right-click and the HUD info comes up. When I have the weapon holstered and right-click nothing happens. Is there a way to have the HUD information come up even when my weapon is holstered? Edit: Nevermind, looks like pressing 'I' will do it. Was hoping to have the right-click be able to do it, but I can live with this.
  12. I'm going through the full install of the guide again and had a question about More Perks. When you say 'move all plugins' to the Optional ESM's box are you only referring to the .esp files or are you also including the .esm files as well? Basically, do I move everything from the bottom to the top? Or only the .esp files? Thanks.
  13. Returning to the game (and this pack) after about 6 months. It appears the LOOT instructions for ADAM are no longer necessary. When I went to edit the metadata for Adam to put in the Load After rules you had, they were already there. Just FYI
  14. Mod Organizer should be installed in the Skyrim folder so leave it there. Bigger question is where is Steam installed? If it is installed in the C:Program Files (x86) folder then you should move it to a different directory. Steam (and all your Steam games) should be installed to a different drive or at least a different directory because of how Windows handles the security on the C:Program Files (x86) directory.
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