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  1. It is nice. Though, you should know that he's already uploaded a new statue texture that's not a part of that mod. Its called Sweet Sovengarde, I think. (Yes, yes it is.) I think he should have waited until all the textures are done before he uploaded this (though I'm happy not having 16+ statue texture mods in my modlist now. Now I just have 2.)
  2. Okay. I think I figured out a way to do this. I first opened up Wrye Bash, and then looked for the STEP Patch. I found the master list on the right, found the Coin Replacer mod. Right clicked - and changed to an empty esp. (I chose BWS.esp as it was used in the example I found.) Then I went into TES5Edit, and right clicked the STEP patch and clicked "Check for Errors". I received one error in a cell 5, sub-block 1. I removed it, and that was that. I then saved, reopened, and checked again. No errors. So, hopefully that means it has the references to that mod cleaned out.
  3. Okay... um... When I go to headers and I right click, I don't get an option to delete. I get "Edit", "Hide no conflict rows", and "Column Widths". However, I think I can do this with a combination of TES5Edit and CK. Nevermind. I clearly have no idea what I'm doing.
  4. It may be difficult, but how am I suppose to learn if someone doesn't help me, and let me try?
  5. I know how to clean files in TESVEdit, and thats about it. How do I remove the master? Just go to file header? Do I just right click, edit, and just delete the file name thats in the box?
  6. First, I love STEP. It's been a god send for me. However, there were a couple of mods included that I don't like. Now, for the most part, uninstalling those mods has been no problem... However, for the last mod that I want to remove, Skyrim Coin Replacer Redux, when I remove it, it messes with the Skyrim Extended Patch, since it is a master file. Now, my question is, how would I go about removing the references to Coin Replacer in the Patch, if it is at all possible?
  7. I saw EWI's Galaxy texture, but it was to blue for me. I like the multicolor galaxy from the enhanced nigh sky just a li-lot more. To be honest, I like it a lot more. Also, good to know about the flexiblity of STEP texture mods. (It's not all that clear just how flexible it is... honestly.) As for VRAM, I have 3GB GDDR5 Ram in my 780Ti, so I can probably go to 2k if I wanted to, but as I'm using a 1920x1080 monitor, and thus, I'm not really going to see anything beyond 1k that well, I'm going to stay with 1k textures.
  8. So, if I wanted to pick a different texture I could? It wouldn't hurt anything? Cool. Because I always felt the sky should look more colorful, and fantastic. (I mean, it is a fanasty world after all.)
  9. I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum for this kind of thing, but seems to be the best one I could find... So, I was installing STEP 2.2.9. Core, and a few questions came up that started bugging me, and I don't know if I can continue until I get an answer... 1. Why, when it comes to certain graphic mods like Enhanced Night Sky or Enhanced Distant Terrain, did you decide to use those specific choices provided? (The Low Stars for Enchanced Night Sky, and 1024 Earth Option for Enchanced Distant Terrain or the choices you made for the aMidianBorn Armor Textures) 2. If I decided to go with a different texture, for example, the Color Galaxy for Enchanced Night Sky or the Dark Elven Armor in the aMidianBorn Book of Silence, would it mess up anything in STEP? Would it stop any major mods from doing what they are suppose to do? and 3. I noticed you chose to use older versions of some mods, like the Skyrim Flora Overhaul. You say go with the 1.87 version, but the 1.91 version has been out since Dec of 2013, and there is now a version 2 (that is in Alpha, so I can understand waiting on that). Why was a choice like that decided?
  10. Alright. I'll give that a shot. See how it works.
  11. Question. Looking at the Readme for the Requeim Patch, it looks like I have to use the STEP Core patch as well, but I can't, as to install the Pack as shown, I had to uninstall Diverse Priests. (Also, with STEP:Extended Patch, since I'm building off of Extended, I also had to take uninstall Ars Metallica...) So, what should I do then?
  12. Well, it looks like I may need to do this everytime then? That would suck, but oh well. Just one of those many prices that we pay for modding a game.
  13. So... I can't find my Bashed Patch. I created one. In fact, I'm looking right at it in my load order, but for mods, I can't find it. It's not in the Overwrite, and I don't want to move on to Extended until I figure out where it went. Anyone have any clues as to where I should look? (Just to note: I may have configured Wrye Bash wrong when I installed it, so I'm going to reinstall it. Hopefully that'll help. If not, then I'd like some guess as to where I can look for it, so I can put it on my mod list.) (Reinstalling, and configuration did not work.)
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