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  1. Also hey @TechAngel85 (apparently you can't edit on the forum), Since I read that you're the only one really working on the guide now I was wondering if you had considered moving the guide to Github or somewhere else where it's easier to collaborate. That way you could have people raise issues and make contributions (with your approval before adding to the guide) and there might not be such a burden on you. Less to worry about on the website hosting side too. I'm not sure how much you know Github, but you can have subpages, hyperlinks, images etc. You can use AsciiDoc or Markup (inferior). You make make proper version releases and easily see the differences between releases. I think it would be an improvement and help you out a lot. If you're interested I'd be willing to write a bit in a throwaway repo to show you what it could look like. Here's an example of a readme with a mix of formatting. Also interested to hear other users' opinions.
  2. Hey @TechAngel85, Late last year I did a build based on what you had made at ModPicker, just to test it out. I see there was a recent update to the mod list there, although annoyingly there's no way to know what was changed on that site. What are your future plans for using that website, and will it be kept in step with the wiki page? How much does the STEP v0.2.0b guide differ to what's on ModPicker right now? I personally don't see any point in the ModPicker website for a project like STEP as it's not as flexible as a wiki. I personally found the Mod Details page (the cog icon) very difficult to work with when trying to configure mods and work out what the ModPicker author had in mind. Thanks for your thoughts
  3. Ok, cheers. Thanks as always to you and the team for being a part of this project, everyone appreciates it!
  4. I was doing a full new install 2 nights ago and the last mod of section 2.I. Clothing & Equipment was Ultimate HD Torch. Now I've come back to continue and that mod is no longer on the STEP guide. What happened? The page says it was last modified on April 27th... Quite confused here.
  5. I'm thinking there's a reason you're a staff member. Thanks. There are so many fiddly things not to forget! I'll mark as solved now since all issues seem to have been resolved.
  6. I think it's probably fine, it was only for a day :: However, I'm now having problems starting FNV at all. I've only made a couple changes since the last working time. I added the FNVLogGen resources (at the top of the mod list, above JIP), regenerated the LODs and installed them in MO and remade the bashed patch (just in case). Now I can't start FNV at all in MO! This includes putting the MO profile back to Default (with no mods ticked) and trying to run the default FNV executable. I can start the game through Steam, and by starting nvse_loader.exe and fnv4gb.exe outside of MO. I've also tried starting MO with admin rights, but that doesn't change anything. MO can start other tools like Loot and FNVedit though. Removing enb doesn't do anything. I've also rebooted and Steam Checked Cache (redownloaded 6 files, not sure what). So when I try to start FNV4gb or NVSE in MO it pops up the "MO is locked why executable is running" window for a couple seconds and then it goes away. This is very frustrating, I didn't think the LOD Resources would change anything. Ideas?
  7. Hey hansolo, just checked out your new instructions. You probably wanted to link to the FNVLodGen page in the guide instead of the F3LodGen page. Check the new resources link you added. I'm getting some other "random" crashes so hopefully this additional file will help. Also I had Poco Bueno before NMC for some reason too.
  8. Yep, that was exactly it! Thanks. Should probably go in the guide. While I have someone's attention maybe you can help me with another graphical issue. It appears to be a LOD issue when I use the output of FNVLODGen. When I get closer the rocks pop in. See pics. So it appears just to be the red rocks. There are lots of them though, it's not just one texture. Just the red rocks. Hmm. The IDs of some of these objects which I identified are: 0014eb96 0014eb98 0014ebad 0014eb8e 00141006 0013d923 00160458 0016045a I'm not skilled enough to know what to do with these, however. I have done the basic vanilla texture optimising and have all the other textures included in the guide. Removing the LODs mod fixes the issue, although of course I'd prefer to use it. Ideas?
  9. ENB is mangling my graphics. I have followed the guide up to the end of the first User Interface section where it says to test out the game so far. See screenshots here. Graphic problem description: Inside a building it appears as if everything has gained extra transparency. I can still move around and bump into things as usual. Outside everything looks fine until I start looking westwards, between about NW and SW. Looking away from the west returns the graphics to normal and all the extra ENB effects look great. During popups other UI elements (e.g. the compass) flicker instead of not being shown and a nice blur effect for the entire screen except the popup. Details: I am using 4GBfix to run the game and have tried both wrapper and injector variants of both ENB and the ENBoost only version I tried running it with NVSE but the same effects were seen, implying it's not a 4GBfix/ENBcompatibility issue but something else. I've been using the latest version of enb for FNV, v0.278, which is one newer than in the guide. I also tried the previously available version v0.216. ENB works fine on my system with vanilla FNV being run through Steam. I know ENB is running "correctly" because I can do the usual shift+enter and shift+F12 actions. Shift+F12 to turn off ENB doesn't fix it, it just changes the colours. So it seems like the issues don't stem from the additional graphical effects. Nvidia GTX 780 Ti (3 GB VRAM) with latest drivers. 8 GB memory. Any ideas?
  10. Yukichigai Unofficial Patch v10.1 now includes OWB Sonic Emitter Projectile Fix. See Projectile Fix's page. So I guess that can be removed from the guide.
  11. Just had this problem and found a solution! POSSIBLE SOLUTION: If you have used the patcher before you have to deactivate or otherwise remove the old "Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp" file. I guess the patcher sees that it has already been made and doesn't make another one.
  12. Enhanced Blood Textures found in section 2.J. Animations & Effects had a patch released yesterday. I know it says "Early test release" but can you advise if it's worth getting? At the very least keep this mod in mind for updates in the near future. Thanks! Link to Nexus page.
  13. I am unsure since we do not use either of the two mods listed, we use the one by Ethatron.
  14. SkyFalls & SkyMills was updated on 25th July to version 3.3. There is now a new screen in the installer after the Check Your Choices section. This should be added to the detailed instructions.
  15. Thanks guys. That's what I suspected but perhaps it could be written in a more noob-friendly way? Yeah I know but the word "install" is ambiguous since when you first download the archive you can install it, which is a different install to including the esp or not.
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