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  1. Don't know about Jarda but I too use the Modern Weapons pack and have the Scrounger perk. Can confirm, settlers, bandits and other NPC's have double ammo. As a side note, some perks in the perk chart have the indicator [bobblehead] next to their name (like "[bobblehead] Scrounger"), is this normal behavior?
  2. So Gunsmith Extended instead of the massive Weaponsmith? If so, any idea what weapon mods you would include? I'm always willing to playtest or even co-develop.
  3. Are you planning to add in Custom Combat Armor ? Or would that need too many fixing / patching? Another small question I wanted to ask, but I understand this is severely more work and can't be undertaken, are you going to lighten the massive Weaponsmith mod? Atm, it gives every weapon atleast 7 different ammo capabilities but most of them are just slight variations of damage (speaking about 2~5 points differences).
  4. Yup, mostly NAC stuff which you now put in a separate esp, but it does miss some NAC effect stuff like the RadX and Buffout visual effects. [spoiler=Missing NAC effects]FormID - EditorID 00024057 - RadX 00033779 - MedX 0003377B - Mentats 0003377D - Psycho 000366C5 - Jet 000518BB - BerryMentats 000518C5 - OrangeMentats 000518D0 - JetFuel 00058AA3 - Buffjet 00058AA8 - PsychoJet 00058AAC - Psychobuff However even the NAC.esm has the wrong values for Psycho Buff It has the spells / enchantments of fortifying damage resist and fortify strength This should be NAC_PsychoFX "PsychoFX" [MGEF:11197A62] and NAC_BuffoutFX "BuffFX" [MGEF:111981FC] 00058AAD - Overdrive 0010129A - GrapeMentats 00150729 - DayTripper And then there are some inconsistent values / effects in the Core and Nac patch. [spoiler=Inconsistent NAC Stuff]FormID - EditorID 00033778 - Buffout 00033779 - MedX 0003377D - Psycho 000366C5 - Jet 0004A520 - ClothesDeaconSunGlasses (Eli_ArmourCompendium replaces an armor-addon model)
  5. I think I speak for all of us we do care, Gernash. My game has never looked so good and it is all thanks to you (and the many mod authors. thank you so much for the great guide! As a side note, DEF_INV_TAGS.xml has <tag icon='rfood' keyword='Prewar' hidetag='true'/> twice in its file, at line 172 and 173. Mistake or is this done on purpose?
  6. Any reason for not include Honed Metal in this guide btw? Lore-wise, seems to me if you're building a character which is surviving in the wilderness / dungeons, it won't be busy smithing a lot in his / her spare time.
  7. I used the fixed load order that appears on the Finish Line page, but sorted mine manually and here is a link how it currently is.
  8. First of all, thanks to jdsmith2816, paul666root, Darth_mathias, dunc001, Neovalen, hishutup and Astakos for the one of the best guide to completely revamp Skyrim. I really appreciate all the hard work you folks do and have incredible respect for you all. I have encountered a small problem and after some intense googling, I can't find the solution. When I start a new game (after choosing an alternate start), Requiem's core script are initialising but after waiting a minute or so, it is unable to. I have tested several starts / characters / waiting periods and checked the TESVedit for errors, with no positive results. After tracing my Papyrus log, all of them end with the following failed scripts; [REQ] ERROR: Script Init Failed! Dumping Script States! [REQ] INFO: Script Alias ArrowWeight - ready: False [REQ] INFO: Script Alias CellTracker - ready: TRUE [REQ] INFO: Script Alias Disguise - ready: TRUE [REQ] INFO: Script Alias ImpactEffects - ready: TRUE [REQ] INFO: Script Alias PassiveArmorTraining - ready: False [REQ] INFO: Script Alias StartingPerks - ready: False [REQ] INFO: Script Alias DualScaling - ready: TRUE [REQ] INFO: Script Alias VampireFeederDroppableBlood - ready: TRUE [REQ] INFO: Script Alias StaminaConsumption - ready: TRUE [REQ] INFO: Script Alias MCM_DataStorage - ready: TRUE [REQ] INFO: Script Alias AttributeSystem - ready: False [REQ] INFO: Script Alias StaminaDrain_Attacks - ready: TRUE [REQ] INFO: Script Alias MassEffect_Master - ready: TRUE [REQ] INFO: Script Alias TemperingData - ready: TRUE [REQ] INFO: Script Alias LevelUpSanitizer - ready: TRUE [REQ] INFO: Script Alias DeathHandler - ready: TRUE VM is freezing... VM is frozen Reverting game... Error: Unable to bind script QF__02018FF3 to VelothiStablesQuest (B8018FF3) because their base types do not match Error: Unable to bind script QF_aaML_Quest_Vendor_TEST_04186009 to aaML_Quest_VendorONOFF_TEST (41186009) because their base types do not match Error: Unable to bind script KA_TWprojectileScript to (3A1187BB) because their base types do not match Error: Unable to bind script CTR_Script_DisableAI to (1F3B55BB) because their base types do not match I know the failed scripts are from ++++ Inns & Settlements Merged, MIL For Skyrim, Konahriks Accoutrements and Caranthir Tower Reborn respectively. I have checked the guide several times for any missing esps or instructions but even after re-merging and Relinking, it doesn't help. Any possible suggestions to solve this? My apologies if this is in the wrong forum.
  9. I'm not sure, but I think we also need to do the Quickchange script on the bashed patch with MLU Patches merged? If you check the leveled list for example of IAOLUlfricPrisoner [LVLI:2307DD32], you will see in the bashed patch, he gets both IASetUlfricPrisoner [LVLI:2307DD33] and IASetStormlordPrisoner [LVLI:2307DD34].
  10. Looks a bit OP imo, but it is a interesting idea. I wonder if nobody thought about a Campfire addon which would let you place a (small) smelter and such.
  11. Inventory. It changes from body slot or something I believe. Can't really tell. Like you said, minor annoyance.
  12. Yeah but it bothers me a little bit when spamming some errors about when I wear and when I don't wear a ring / amulet. Do you also have the problem that the icon / type of the amulet changes to something else?
  13. Hey Darth, these mods were mentioned in the past but you never said if they were deemed useless or too performance intensive for in the guide. I was wondering what your thoughts are about them now. Immersive Fallen Trees (possible navmesh issues?) Simple Bedroll And Supplies - for Campfire (until Skyrim Sleeping Bags is updated for Campfire) Unique Border Gates (with Immersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass, you complained about performance drops but that was due some ini errors or something?) Drinking Fountains (or kinda useless with iNeed?) High Hrothgar Overhaul (too performance intensive?) Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored (Neo would have them included but never did for some reason?) Long Lost Smelters of Skyrim (You liked it but never included it in the guide?) Not yet mentioned Dig Site - Relic Hunter Tents for Campfire (with Gray Cowl, how can we not include this?) Witch - Campfire Tent (With ICOW and possible Summerset Isle / Beyond Reach) Replace Loading Screen Fog With Snow (Begone broken ENB fog!) I was also wondering for any good mods that let's you equip 2 (or more) rings? Right now I'm using EK_RingLimiter but it glitches out sometimes and gives too many error spam imho.
  14. Just a heads up Darth, you forgot to include Your Thoughts Merged back in the Merged Mods section. And Jaggersfield got an update which would obsolete some fixes of the Jaggersfield Extended mod.
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