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  1. I use MultiCommander so I hardly ever need to use the Windows Explorer and never had any trouble with blocked files triggering an extra layer of security.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Although I did not know about the step to unblock the 7-zip file (Part 2), and thank you for that, I did what the guide told me and unpacked the contents, the three .dll files, into the Skyrim Special Edition folder. The files themselves, after unpacking, do not need unblocking, or at least I don't see that option in the properties of either of them. And as proof that at least the d3dx9_42.dll file is functioning I have the log file of which I have posted the contents in my post above. Somehow, NetScriptFramework.Runtime.dll isn't loading causing SSE Engine Fixes not to function, and I have no clue how to fix this.
  3. The .dll isn't loading and it seems that I'm not the only one with this problem, see https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21294?tab=posts [edit: Wandik's post, on/at 19 August 2020, 12:54PM] Only log I can find with information is d3dx9_42.log saying: I found this problem due to troubles getting SSE Engine Fixes to work and a warning from MO2 saying: Any help is appreciated.
  4. Ah thanks for the reply. I've managed to get on the site using firefox but couldn't find any mention on maintenance.
  5. With the steamsales I've finally bought Fallout 3 to give the TTW project a try but so far I've been unable to get to their website at https://taleoftwowastelands.com/ . Does anyone know what's going on?
  6. Hehe, I understand, maybe I should just try it out. The thing for me is that I've used the STEP 2.2.9 wiki to setup my game. With this mod came some recommendations but all of which were based on older versions. And that's why I'm looking for information about the current version. But I think its best for me to wait for STEP v. to see if the latest version of this mod will be recommended or not.
  7. When upgrading from v.1.87, will the experience ingame be a lot different, besides the technical ones?
  8. Has anyone had a chance to take a look at the newest version of this mod (2.0F)?
  9. Thanks for the help! PaMa, yes I meant PatchusMaximus. (and yeah, you can get some coffee, do some groceries and walk the dog while running this)
  10. Direct link: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60122/? I initially found it listed here: https://wiki.step-project.com/Pack:Perkus_Maximus_(PerMa_-_PaMa)_Pack
  11. I can use some tips on the patching part, specially the order. Is this the correct order to run the patchers? 1. PaMa 2. DSR for Perma 3. Bashed Patch [edit] 2 should be 3 and visa versa I think [edit 2] and just ran into the heap space error, which settings should I use?
  12. Ah, well initially I got the TESV.exe R6025 "pure virtual function call" error after playing for about 5 minutes. Now I've set VideoMemorySizeMB to 2048 and so far, after playing 2 hours, things are working alright as in no CTD's so far anyways. Thanks for the quick reply btw!
  13. Its this part I'm confused about. With my 64-bit system (Windows 8.1), with 8 gb system RAM and 2 gb VRAM, I should enter 8192 ? Graphic card: GeForce GTX 770
  14. I found this useful. A nice little extension called "Open In Firefox". When you use Chrome, you open the Nexus page with the mod you want to install and then press the button to open the same page in Firefox. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/open-with-firefox/jmjejjdalfogiopknpabihjhplfkjjjk [edit] You need to run Chrome in Win 7 compatibility mode for this extension to work.
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