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  1. Yeah, I had the same problem when installing Skyui with Mod Organizer. Skyui was "corrupted" and 0 bytes. Intalling it manually (extract in the Skyui mod folder of MO) solved my problem.
  2. Yes! No problem! But for the moment, it is good! ROOT (for load order), disabling compression in enblocal.ini and enabling waitbusyrendering in the FPS limiter of the ENB in game (no special need to set the limiter for me) has been my solutions for my stuttering problem! PS: I also disabled Wet and Cold because of CTD at start.
  3. I think I solved my problem! It seems that disabling compression in enblocal.ini and enabling waitbusyrendering in the FPS limiter of the ENB in game (no special need to set the limiter for me) solved my stuttering problem! Tamriel, I come!
  4. Yeah, it is weird... I already tried to increasing the memory but my game CTD... I think 768 is good because my memory block lock never even reach 512. Another weird thing: I just realised my game stutter more without ENB inside and with ENB outside... Quite weird no?
  5. Thank you for the answers! I already have SKSE 1.7 so I think SSME will be useless for me. I have the Memory Block Log too. I have followed this guide: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50214/? My lighting mod is Realistic Lighting Overhaul. They say it isn't FPS eater at all... Could it be an issue related to ghost files remaining from before I sort my mods and the stutter appears? See my first post for understanding what I try to explain. In fact, it could be RLO which make my game reach the Vram limit... Before I sort my mods (before the stutter appears), RLO was before a lot of texture mods so it was not applied on a lot of textures (it was a little bit ugly to see)... But my computer is a beast. R9 290 GPU with i5 Quad Core 3.20 Ghz CPU... And I always install lite/medium textures pack... For example, I run Battlefied 4 on Ultra...
  6. So! LOOT find me mod to clean with TES5Edit BOSS didn't found. So I was hoping my problem could be solve but it was underestimating the ability of this f***ing game to make me mad. The stutter are still here, even at 60 fps. And a new weird thing (could be a start of solution?) is that my game stutter even more when I disable the ENB in game... ****! Definitely not a game for nervous people... It could kill someone with heart attack! :angry: Anyway, thank for the help! But I need more!
  7. Hello Step community! I really need your help, my body can't hold this anymore! In advance, sorry for my bad english... I tried to mod Skyrim for hours! I must spent hundred hours in this... I want it heavily modded! The game seems to be soooo great with mods! And it is! My game is actualy heavily modded! Yeah, victory!? Not at all... There is some f***ing stuttering that is spoiling my experience! You know, little freeze when I look around. Beside this, I have 45/60 fps, depends of the place. My computer can definitely handle this without stuttering, I am sure of it! Why, because I saw it, just before I broke my entire install, I think (I hope I am wrong and you will help me on this). I'll explain. I have installed Step: Extended, Survival Pack, Explorer Pack, Base Requiem Pack and Weather and Lighting Pack + Enb (RealVision). I will show you the entire list of mod later. Here is the moment when the problem came: When I first play my instal, the game was smooth, without any stuttering! But CTDs cames to the party... So I uninstalled my enb and sort better my mods. I installed again my ENB and start a new game. The game look good. No, it look AMAZING! No more CTDs but!... stuttering come to the party...!!! I think it is a script heavy problem due to a bad load order. It is really weird because the same problem occured a few day ago because I just sorted my mods... It is really weird. Looks like sorting the mod after installing them = stuttering. I think I am wrong, I hope because I really don't want to installing this again (took me an entire day each time...)! Please help me, modding this game is sooooo hard! Hard because you spend soooo much time installing, uninstalling and do it again and again... It is really hard for my nerves, my body... So here is my load order: Some mods are deactivated because of missing master or things like this... What do you think? Is my load order wrong?! I hope it is, so the problem could be easily corrected! Thank you for your attention community! :: EDIT: Please tell me if you need more informations.
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