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  1. First of all I want to congratulate Mangaclub on an outstanding ENB. Installed it as part of SR: LE and it looks fantastic. But I wondered if it was possible to include a version of ELE that has the changes from USKP included? :) Trying to do the conflict resolution part of the SR: LE and there are sooooo many fixes that are because of the included ELE doesn't have the unofficial patches...
  2. Ok, I looked at my papyrus log, and I found out a few things... First of all, I had ****ed up some stuff about SkyRe and Complete Crafting Overhaul, so I had a lot of script errors because of that. I also found out that at the end of all my crash logs, not only outside of Whiterun, I had a problem with a script from "Birds and Flocks Hearthfire Edition", which I installed as part as STEP. Not sure if it really means anything, but I thought it was worth a shot so I did some digging around, and found that the mod "skyBirds - Airborne Perching Birds" apparently fixes some scripts there, so I installed it. On top of it, reinstalled enb and SKSE with the ini-tweaks for the memory patch. And now it doesn't seem crash anymore. I have no idea what did it, but it seems like it's working now... I'm not sure what made this pack trigger the problems, but apparently it was not this patch in itself that did it. Guess it was just some combination of this with some other mods and a lot of bad luck... Which leads me to an issue... Do you guys think I should start a new game with (hopefully) everything working, or should it be possible to continue with my game? I'm only level 8, so it's not _that_ many hours, I guess...
  3. I have a 660ti with 2048MB VRAM, i52500K CPU (sometimes overclocked. tried not overclocking now to see if that was an issue, but was the same) and 8GB of RAM. I only used the base of STEP for texture replacers and such, never going higher to avoid VRAM issues. I aslo use SKE 1.7.0a and enb 0.254, so I think i should have the latest memory fixes(?)... I ran SPM to test the problems. When running around normally the game settles on using all my VRAM and staying there, but not giving me any problems. Main memory settles on about 2,5GB. However, when I tried loading the game outside of Whiterun and approached it, it never managed to get to the VRAM limit before CTD. RAM also never had time to reach 2,5GB. And this could just be me seeing things, but not long before it crashes I see some white and blue particles in mid air next to the road into the settlement. Also, immediately before it crashes I think I've seen a house really close to me just kind of fade into view... I can try to get some screen shots if it would be of any help.
  4. I teleported to inside Solitude and went out of the gates and it crashed 10 seconds later. So yeah, crashes there as well. Here's my load order. Any help would be greatly appreciated! The load order uses STEP as a core, then your pack and then some other stuff that I mostly found on other STEP guides.
  5. Hey. First let me say that I really like what I've seen of this pack so far. Makes Skyrim seems so much more alive. Sadly, after installing this pack, I have a small problem that whenever I get close to Whiterun the game CTDs. Wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar and could help. I can paste my load order if you want.
  6. Have you tried the Performance Monitor that was linked to on the STEP pages (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6491/?)? Maybe it could give some indications of what's wrong. Also, I've read that Warzones is supposed to be pretty buggy and can screw up things, but probably shouldn't create problems like this.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up, noobzor and CJ2311. Looking forward to playing this
  8. I'm sorry for diverging. But for REGS, I still wonder if I'll break the patches and stuff if I remove the quest mods and extra lands, as I'm trying to lighten my load list a bit. I mean, I know I have to remove patches that have the mods as masters, but I wonder if that will have any impact on the rest of the stuff and if it will still work. I must also say that I got very happy when I stumbled upon REGS as it looks totally awesome!
  9. I had the same problem. You'll go way over the 255 limit without some merging, especially if you start adding SkyRe and CoT and stuff like that. So many pathes needed. But I used some tips from this thread: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/1033740-merging-user-reports/ and now I'm down to under 255 again. But I wondered... I was thinking of removing the quest related mods from REGS and the new lands ones as I haven't really played Skyrim all that much yet so I probably have tons of content to play through anyways (or do I? If I'm wrong, please tell me :)). But will this break the REGS patches? Also, while we're on the subject of SkyRe and waaaay to many esp's and all that, could someone explain the need and use of Balbor and Steelsouls SkyRe ReProccer Project and SkyRe ReProccer Compatibility Patches? I see that the first one is made for old versions of SkyRe and ReProccer, and I don't really understand anything about the description of the second one. Are they needed even if you run the ReProccer?
  10. Thanks for all the answers! But ok, sounds like I have to drop AV for now :( As for the answers from Glanzer: I chose ELFX over RLO pretty randomly. Just looked a bit nicer in a video I watched. But RLO is better?Hmm, I mostly picked SkyRe because Gopher uses it and did a favorable review. But I'm not sure exactly what parts he uses. If you have a combination of ACE, DC and SSR to recommend that's better than SkyRe I'd be more than happy to check it out.I added all of Immersive Patrols because I didn't know what to pick. If there are some parts that are better left out than I have no problems doing that. I'll look over them again and maybe remove the other modules as well. Inconsequential NPCs was added because it was in the STEP Explorer pack and I followed that. Not a good idea? I was thinking of using Inigo because I read some good stuff about him. I used Vilja in Oblivion, but had to remove her because I had problems with the voice acting. I think it's because she's Swedish, and because I'm from Norway it's just painfully clear that it's not some nice fantasy dialect or something but a Swedish girl trying (kind of badly) to speak English. It's too bad, because it really seemed like a great mod :( I'll look into turning off some of those things in the modules you mentioned, and thanks for telling me I have to clean all mods. I actually wasn't sure how BOSS did that. Didn't think of just using checksum. I'll also remove the quest mods, as phryxolydian mentioned, as I have so much content to see already. Guess I'll have to check if those patches works without them... I also thought about removing Civil War Overhual, as I'm a n00b and you said it could cause problems. And I've read that the Fire and Ice improvement is script heavy as well, so I guess it should be removed? Also, I have another question... I've seen in the ENB thread that some people here really really do not like CoT. Is it that bad and it's better to play without it? It's complicated getting this game right. So much stuff that sounds cool but hard to get it all to work together...
  11. I'm using MO as was recommended in the STEP guide, and was pretty amazed by how awesome it is. The virtual directory stuff is a gift from God (yes, I guess Tannin42 is now my God) and something I really missed in my Oblivion days. But if you have any more tips on what I could merge and such it would be great. I looked at Automatic Variants because it looks pretty cool, but I found some people arguing against it, like Kelmych warned about, so I didn't dare test it. I'm not sure which other mods I run that are considered script heavy so I'm not sure if it would work or not... I see that I have a few more mods in the list I should probably clean. But the other warnings are on mods I found through this site (mostly the explorer pack), so I guess they are ok even if BOSS is giving warnings? Maybe I should ask in the explorer thread... Another question (maybe also for that thread...) is that as I haven't played much Skyrim yet I'm not sure I really need all those extra quests and lands and such stuff found in the explorer pack, but I'm unsure how the patches would work if I start removing too much? Also, why should I run them after the intro? Does that mean like after I create the character in Helgen or after I've escaped?
  12. Hey. I'm newcomer to Skyrim (although I have around 500 hours in heavily modified Oblivion and Fallout 3/NW, so I wouldn't call myself a complete n00b with modding, just, well, almost...) and was looking for the "ultimate" setup for a great play through. After looking at the myriad of mods out there I was very happy when I found your step guides. First I installed everything from STEP 2.2.8, but then later changed to 2.2.9 (probably stupid? And can't use the compatibility patches because of missing masters). After that I wanted to try the Skylight ENB that I found recommended on this page and installed mods recommended with that, then I installed some mods that Gopher recommended, then I found out about the STEP explorer pack that sounded cool, then I installed some mods from other STEP packs like Vega and Survival. Wanted to start the game and suddenly found out that I had way too many esp's. I hadn't really thought about it because wrye bash mostly fixed that problem for Oblivion. So I started removing a few mods, and merged some patches to get the esp-count down. So now it's at least low enough that I can start the game. Problem is, I must admit that I'm completely lost. I'm not sure what I need anymore, what I shouldn't have, what I should have etc. So I wondered if anyone could give me some advice on how to improve my mod list. I've included the boss output here: AOS2-CoT-RW2-SR-FIO-GDO-EBT-WC.esp is merge of BetterQuestObjectives-DB-HF-PDP-SRP-DBFM-CIY-TGR-PRR.esp is a merge of
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