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  1. Just the GPU at 100%, so thats nothing to worry about then. I didn't do any performance tests yet, but the game itself works nicely. I'm still amazed how good this all looks, why did I play Skyrim on a PS3 all the time :(
  2. I'm not sure if it was missing before I reinstalled windows or only afterwards. Anyway, it all works now and looks pretty nice :) Is it normal that my 4GB Geforce GTX770 is pretty much maxed out with Step:Extended + Wheather and Lighting with Unreal Cinema? Or did I now mess something else up?
  3. when in doubt, reinstall Windows... After installing a brand new windows the injector version gave me an error message 'd3dx9_43.dll missing'. I'm not sure if it was missing before though, I would have thought that file is part of the directX installation. Maybe reinstalling windows fixed some other problem. Anyway, it seems to work now. Thanks for your help, even if it was some other kind of problem.
  4. I think i just messed something else up. I just ran BOSS again, sorted the mods, pasted the vanilla .inis and added the grass-Part for flora-overhaul, now it works again.
  5. Anyway, for today I think, I'll just have a few more beers and enjoy this beautifull Skyrim without ENB Tomorrow I'll try reinstalling the nvidia-Driver, maybe that helps. Thank you guys for the the help.
  6. MO works again, apparently bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 causes it to crash with or without ENB The SKSE-version is 1.6..., but I dont think SKSE is the problem either, because it also crashes if I use Skyrim or Skyrim Launcher.
  7. I think now I destroyed it completly, at least now the game crashes when started in MO, even without ENB. SKSE.ini: The version is 1.6.16, I think. The most recent stable version, downloaded yesterday or the day before.
  8. Again, not sure if relevant, but: - I did this memory patch: https://wiki.step-project.com/Skyrim_Memory_Patch_3.0 for enhanced blood textures, as suggested in the guide - And it's the legendary edition from Steam, if that makes any difference.
  9. Not a screenshot, I don't have much software on Windows and a Mac keyboard, but:
  10. I tried both with and without injector, but I always deleted the other. I moved the whole Steam-Folder to c:Games, I couldn't get it to work at all in progamm files, even with administrator priviliges ini-Files look fine, at least they still have the changes I made after I close MO and reopen it. I don't think it's mo, because launing one of the exe-files directly has the same result. Can I rollback to 1.1.1 without reinstalling everything? It took quite some time to install all these mods.
  11. nope :(, same. But for some reason it now starts in a fullscreen window (with the titlebar visible) Edit: I had to do this for my screen to work with any nvidea-Driver:https://www.voetsjoeba.com/misc/edid/but i don't think that is relevant, it's just a fix for the monitor.
  12. It says 0 here: https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:2.2.8 (in 1.D.2 ), but i'll try...
  13. Not sure if this helps, but is there any way to read these SKSE Crashdumps? They seem to be binary files
  14. I didn't know MO overwrites the files, but the problem is still the same :/ If I click 'Play' in Steam it should launch the vanilla version with enb and my userprofile-ini-settings, shouldn't it? That also crashes. But I also changed the ini in MO, still the same (other than that the intro is now gone, as stated in the ini, so it crashes right back to Desktop)
  15. Bash doesn't show any problems. I tried both, with all the mods in the guide and without anything, both the same. If I delete all the enb-files and start with all the mods it works fine, so I don't think it's a load order problem. It's a desktop pc, i7 860 @ 2.80GHz with 12GB Ram, Windows 7 64Bit.
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