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  1. Unintuitive is an understatement. One would think that under color correction there would be some options for adjusting the hue. Thanks anyway.
  2. ENB makes my character's skin look really really pale and kind of makes the entire game look cold. Which settings would I be looking at to make the colors a little warmer?
  3. I wish I would have spent a few hours reading the Dyndolod manual before spending nearly a week trying to figure out why I was seeing flickering everywhere I looked. Turns out Enhanced lighting and FX was the culprit all along. I must have missed the step for hiding those ESPs when following the Step mod. It overwrites a buttload of large references.
  4. Just posting this here is case it might help someone. I was having this problem but with a different file and it took me a while to finally clue into what was happening. The way my system is setup is MO2 and all the tools are installed on C: but all my MO2 game profiles, mods, and stuff are installed on E: I had all the AV exclusions for MO2 and tools (located on C:) in place but none for the MO2 folder on E: where everything is written. Once I put that exclusion in place everything worked fine. It was a bit of a mind **** because if I disabled all the mods everything worked fine (before the fix). The error only happened when certain mods were installed so for the longest time I thought is was a mod.
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