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  1. On the other side, I find Skyrim Revisited better to start with. Yes it is more complicated and longer, but it goes through everything step by step. At the end of, you have impressive result and understand the principles of advanced modding. The main guide is simpler, but I don't like that it has so many options, and optional advanced instructions you might not understand. As a beginner it is hard to know which options are important. When you have done SR I think the main guide makes more sense afterwards when you have better ideas about what you want.
  2. I have to advise against Real Clouds. Buggy, dirty edits, and very inconsistent effects. If it works, on a good day, at the right angle, looks beautiful, but then things change and clouds look terrible. I'd like to figure out how to edit it down to the lightning, which does look really good, but happens much too frequently.
  3. This is a great mod. I hope you find a way to tweak the physics for the big ships.
  4. I didn't really like the shouty man in the review video but I have to agree with main points. "Weak tea" as they say. Must admit though, not a big fan of MMO anyway. Always find the MMO mechanics offputting and breaking immersion - people and things popping in and out. I agree with the guy above who suggests a TES game with private servers for team questing, like NWN. Skyrim with friends would be great fun.
  5. Oh, OK. Just seemed like lots of talk about updates, suggestions, bug fixing on that thread.
  6. DA2 I think was ruined by studio pushing devs to ship too quickly, to cash in. Same thing happened to KOTOR 2 - same reused environments problem too. They seem to have taken time over this one. Shame it's not seem more like DAO in gameplay though.
  7. OK, thanks. I see that you recommend REGS pack too, and provide patches for it. REGS seems to be moving quickly - are the patches likely to be up to date?
  8. Looks very nice. High hopes for Bioware at their best. Slightly cheesey sounding tough guy character talking about raining demons, probably required by EA.
  9. Hi. Is this pack a WIP, or is it ready to be used for a play through? Looks good.
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