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  1. Sheson... when this happens, you are not supposed to close LODgen? It closes on its own? I've been closing it after I get the "save and exit" option. I assumed the lodgen just forgot to close itself. Is that why I'm getting tree popin? I need to leave the lodgen open for a few more hours? Also when I stress my CPU using other programs it gets 70 degrees C tops. When I run dyndolod it pushes my CPU past 90 degrees and the wattage goes up to 108. What the heck...
  2. Oh, there's a "name" to the far right that I couldn't see even with the screen maximized. there it is. K
  3. https://i.imgur.com/koiPhUM.png See image. How do you use that data to find where in the creation kit this is? Manually searching through all of tamriel's wilderness to look for a little * would take about an hour of my time.
  4. So one time I supermodded skyrim and the game kept crashing. I figured that was bound to happen, due to conflicts. Then I decided I'd outsmart the system, I'd install only textures and meshes, that'll surely fix all the conflicts! Nope. Kept crashing. I used load order sorters and every other popular tool. So it makes one wonder, why upgrade your PC to play a super high graphics Skyrim if you can't get a super high graphics Skyrim without the game breaking? STEP fixes some of those issues by sorting out the disagreements between your mods. But it still boggles my mind, I could have sworn I only replaced textures and meshes. Why were there any crashes at all? Maybe my 4 GB superclocked GTX 760 just couldn't handle it. So are there any general lists of mods that conflict or work with STEP (since STEP is so huge)? Or are there any general lists of graphics mods that can or can't be used with STEP? If there are none, I understand. If you know anything about the subject, please share. Thanks for responding.
  5. Thanks for the tip guys, I went to a place where people don't follow etiquette (via your tips) and got the torrent.
  6. I figure someone would be doing this by now, because let's face it. Torrenting takes one guy/gal -- who has all the stuff on his/her desktop -- to upload a torrent somewhere, which other people get and then help him/her torrent. Leading to abundantly faster download speeds, abundantly easier access to STEP as a Skyrim pack, abundantly easier organization of STEP, and it's all an in easy-to-update torrent (if a mod or two gets updated on the STEP download page, download it, slap it into your STEP torrent and upload it as the 'new' or updated version. People who don't have STEP still get the amazing benefits of the torrent and people who don't have STEP won't need to download from your updated torrent). It's a win-win-win-win-win. Hard drive gets smashed by a lunatic in a crazed fit of rage? That's okay, convenient torrent is convenient. Get a new HD and re-dl. etc. etc. etc. So, because the idea is so great, I'm looking forward to a link to this existing torrent. >_>
  7. I decided to install ultimate follower overhaul after I installed STEP. ...but because the file is really annoyingly put together on the nexus page, I removed the i version to install the j version. Or at least I thought. So I right clicked in the left pane in mod organizer and pressed remove mod (the addons were merged) okay. It removed. I went to Downloads tab and right clicked on all three, pressed delete. An error popped up. I went to my disk, mod organizer, downloads folder to manually delete it. Said I don't have permission, not an admin. I am the admin of this PC. So I tried to install it again and merge it, MO gives error. So I decided to install it with a different name, it worked. Ultimate Follower Overhaulz next to the Ultimate Follower Overhaul in "mods" folder. Hurrah. but how can I delete this?
  8. If someone can verify that 3.0 is the newest version, I will consider this portion downloaded on my end. https://www.fileplanet.com/223525/220000/fileinfo/Elder-Scrolls-V:-Skyrim---Skyrim-Sunglare-Without-Lens-Flare-Mod-v3.0 Also considering adding version numbers to the STEP wiki. I refuse to get another sunglare mod because the only other sunglare mod which doesn't look like trash has people posting that it causes incompatibility issues. I will wait to see if the above link carries the correct version. Thank you.
  9. https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:2.2.8 2.J. Animations gives https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/116 [skyrim Sunglare Link] shows File hiddenThis file has currently been set to hidden by the author of the file. You cannot look at this file page or download any files relating to this file until the author makes the file visible to the public again.
  10. Yeah, that's how I fixed it. I only used the STEP mod organizer guide for CONFIGURING mod organizer. I skipped all the details. I figured the program would be intuitive.
  11. I got it. I was misinterpreting it. Further messing around with it revealed that MO saw the ESPs and other important files within a Data folder. All I had to do was drag them outside of the Data folder and it said "looks good." perfect. I also answered my last question. Thanks for your interest in my topic and I hope that it helps other people who are interested in installing S.T.E.P.
  12. I think this is probably what the issue is. But it's weird because the STEP guide says to go from top to bottom. I'm doing that and it's not working. How bizarre that the STEP project is set up like this, then. So I assume you're suggesting I go to the section after 2.D. and start there? And after BOYD is installed, I go back to 2D and continue where I left off? The STEP guide suggests I use MO for all my installations, so I'm avoiding all manual installs unless there are no other options. I downloaded the archive twice and it opens up fine. So thank you for your suggestion. I have ruled it out as a possibility. ANOTHER problem I'm having is... After I right-click on a downloaded mod and press "Install", it's all fine and dandy.. but my Skyrim -> data folder doesn't have the mods in it? Is this okay?
  13. following STEP guide flawlessly got to Consistent Older People, downloaded with mod organizer. STEP guide says use bring out your dead version. That's what I chose. double clicked to install. mod organizer saying no valid game data. help?
  14. I ran "2_Pre-optimization_2.74.bat" batch file a second time. It skipped over all the installed portions and then put STD in the proper folder. log.txt gained an additional 8 lines. no extra errors were added. I then processed the same folder I had just previously processed without any uninstallation or extra steps. I think it will work perfectly if I understand computers correctly.
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