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  1. Of course not, it's danish. We are all communists here in Europe you know ;) (Like the great self-righteous Lizard from AFK Mods onces proclaimed in all his wisdom and hypocrisy).
  2. Thanks! Something is definitely off in my logs. Which version of MO do you use?
  3. Hi Steppers Request: Is someone willing to upload thier mod organizer logs. The reason is that I suspect that something is not quit right in my own logs. So instead of just spamming Tanins bug-tracker, I would like to have some logs to hold against my own logs. Hope someone can help me out
  4. It's not entirely down, only kickass.so is taken down, kickass.to is up and running. Link to SRO.
  5. I posted this question over at the enbdev forum: Link to post According to Boris anisotropic filtering is forced when enabled in enblocal.ini regardless of "UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=" is set to "false" or "true".
  6. Thanks! This is what I see: [ENGINE] ForceAnisotropicFiltering=true MaxAnisotropy=16
  7. Anisotropic Filtering is forced by default in the enblocal.ini (just checked), STEP used to recommend setting "ForceAnisotropicFiltering=" to false when Anisotropic Filtering is forced through the video driver as you recommend for non-ENB users.
  8. Is it intentional that the current STEP guide recommends forcing Anisotropic Filtering both through video driver and enblocal.ini, or is it an oversight?
  9. It's a bug with tes5edit 3.0.32 (Something with VM if I recall correct). It's fixed in tes5edit 3.0.33.
  10. The URL's of your screenshots is apparently associated to some sort of malware (Hijacking) according to this source (And many others, try google it). Maybe virus are to blame for your problems? Try to install and run malwarebytes or something similar and see what it reports.
  11. Would you consider re-uploading the pack? I really like having those optimized textures as a BSA :) Besides what hishutup reported (Did not realize that it was caused by this pack) I have not encountered any weird stuff so far, and I have used the performance version since the beginning of November :)
  12. They are called wattle fences and they are still quite common in northen Europe and they are normally exclusively made of Hazel trees, because if they are made of Willow trees (Modern fashion) the fences tends to come alive and grow indefinitely (As seen in the picture above). I have always thought it was strange that Skyrim is full of Wattle fences when the Game World lacks Hazel trees entirely Another great Skyrim paradox
  13. In the instructions to install "Nernies city" you don't mention which version to install besides the modified files. But it is indicated that some of the files from the orignal mod is needed. Quote from the guide "...However the resources from the original mod are still necessary." I'm just looking for some clarification :)
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