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  1. Alright, so.. Time to necro this thread! My question isn't so much an 'is there a mod that..?', but instead "what is that mod that..?". In essence; awhile back I was shown a skill interface retexture that blew my mind; it only covered the emblems for the different constellations, but filled the empty space inside the emblems with intricate details. I best recall an illusion emblem with fractal details (perhaps along the lines of Celtic knots, or something similar to that effect).
  2. This is a thought that some people will be averse to, but there's a great possibility that this fix is entirely subjective, and not technically 'fixing' anything. The proposed issue; fast travel is much slower than running speed. The actual issue; players think their characters run when they fast travel. What is very likely to be the case, but that I'm not entirely positive of; fast travel time is based on the character's walking speed. It can be taken into account that travelers witnessed on the move in Skyrim do not run unless given cause; it's probably a safe assumption that the player does this also. Likewise, it's sensible that such travel would be done at a walking pace; it's fairly well accepted that this travel is only 'fast' from a player perspective. I'm a little surprised that no one voiced this before. I went into a little more detail with comparisons here.
  3. My sincerest apologies. >.> I am not very good at keeping tabs on this thread, it seems. I don't have 3.0b posted anywhere yet, but since you already posted your load order in WAO's comments thread, I can go ahead and pack up a little preview for you.
  4. Apologies for the lack of activity here on my end! I've been pretty busy trying to get things wrapped up with this newest batch of WAO compatibility patches, but everything's just about ready. @darksynth0 You don't need to use Vividian's Extended or Diverse Weathers *plugins*, no. WAO includes both the 'windy clouds' AND 'extended groundfogs' as of the current beta. However, to be able to see the groundfogs, you do have to install Vividian's Extended Weathers for the meshes, or you won't see them. Be warned, there may be a bit of a performance hit with those. Also; you do not need the Vividian - Pure Weather patch. This is included in WAO. @Smerjel Wow! Thank you for this assessment; it's much appreciated. There are a couple things I needed to work on (like one little typo that has children screaming really loudly in some of the bigger cities, as teabag pointed out to me), but I'm glad to have gotten some solid feedback before this coming release. As it stands, I'm just about ready to release 3.0b. It's a bit of a rushed release, in that I won't be releasing the merged version at this time, primarily due to an urgent need to update my other projects (and because the changes to 3.0 meant that I had to scrap my initial merged version and start anew). That bit aside, a couple other things may be looking up; I may be able to make Supreme Storms essentially 'optional'; that is, you'd still want to use it for the classic WAO experience, but users of fadingsignal's new True Storms would be able to drop the extra plugin (since Supreme Storms is wholly overwritten by True Storms). I'd be pressing on to complete the merged version first, but between Requiem 1.8.3, Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade 1.61, Clothing and Clutter Fixes 1.5, Weapon and Armor Fixes Remade 5.1, and Hunterborn 1.4.3 (all of which I have patches to update for) I've got some work cut out for me already on other fronts. =P
  5. You're actually gonna need Vividian's weather patch regardless.. If you want to try the current beta with ELFX+ELE interiors-only, you'd want to use the SRLE option, actually. I'll fully detail the different versions once I've got them all up-to-date, but, essentially; Vividian uses ELFX+ELElite (full). SRLE uses ELFX+RS+ELElite (interiors), but the RS changes are restricted to the specialized SRLE Relighting Skyrim plugin provided by Neovalen. This means that the SRLE version can be used with or without Neovalen's edited Relighting Skyrim.
  6. Alright, the thundersnow in lighter weathers may be a mistaken edit on my part that added all ESS weathers to the bad weathers list; some of them use lighter snow particles than would make sense for thundersnow, and I'll be fixing this. Thanks for the heads up.. As far as that embers sound descriptor.. It's one we don't edit in WAO, which means it needs to be adjusted in AOS. I could fix it, but it'd make a redundant edit that I'll probably end up forgetting. XD I dunno, we'll see. P.S.: I find myself wondering now if the Immersive Sounds patch edits that embers sound. I'll look into it at some point soon.
  7. It took me a little while, FrostByghte, but I came up with a couple theories as to why the wind noise had a different volume at the different locations. The first would be that they were two 'different' wind sounds, as I believe there are two such records, for 'bad' and 'worse' weathers, respectively, more or less. The second would be that the sound marker for the Dawnstar alchemist door is too close to the center of the cell, meaning that the distance may not attentuate properly at that location. I'll have to take a look at the CK to determine if the latter is the case. If not, then.. That was actually the desired effect, more than likely. (Effectively, there's a 'snowy' weather sound and a 'blizzard' one that plays louder, and you may have heard both.) Embers. Embers is a sound I don't believe we add to the game (or change); this edit may have been in AOS, but I'll look into it. As far as an MCM with control of all sounds.. I don't know if I'll be able to do exactly that. That said; I will, more than likely, add a new (hidden) volume slider that can be altered via MCM, to allow the SOS-added ambience to be adjusted without adjusting the rest of the game sounds. I'll still rebalance everything as best I can before doing that, so that things will all line up right.
  8. Alright, so.. Sounds like tavern ambience might need a bit more volume, and I'll need to run another check to see that weather conditionals are set up properly for such sounds as makes sense (to prevent the seagulls in a blizzard thing from happening again). The wind sounds.. I can make that a bit quieter, certainly, though I'm surprised it's loud (as in the CK, it's relatively quiet). This I'm glad to hear. Thanks a ton for the feedback, guys, and.. Definitely get back to me with anything else you notice! Tonight, the new lands weather rework will be my project, as I've got most of the lighting updates ready to go now.
  9. As far as weathers, there shouldn't be that much to test; the switch to Vividian appears to have gone pretty smoothly. More than anything, sounds provided by SOS; cities, dungeons, wilderness.. These are what I was needing feedback on. As mentioned before, the feedback I have gotten was that the sounds are too quiet. I was hoping for a consensus before making any drastic changes.
  10. Sorry about the wait, my friend. The Vividian versions of 2.2b3 are up, both with and without new lands options (check my first post for all the links). Ohh, yes. You know, you just can't have weather and ambience without penis. (lol - couldn't help myself) DISCLAIMER: There is no male genitalia in WAO. I promise.
  11. Not a bad idea. Things I've thought of that might be worth keeping in mind.. Well, for starters.. You have a point about the splashes occurring on all surfaces, but on the positive.. You really won't be looking at the splashes all the time, and it definitely makes things look (a tad) more real than rain just passing through everything (rain underwater is a solid example here). The opaque version should help minimize the splashes looking 'jarring', and.. I'd imagine that just about any ENB would work wonders for making the effect feel more natural as well.
  12. Which bit? Splashes being overly visible? There's a 'less opaque' version for this, no?
  13. The WAO-ELFX version had the wrong file uploaded, fixed that. Brighter Nights is now the default version used for WAO; Realistic Nights will use PW-Realism. The WeatherPatch: Many weathers already had changes made by WAO, so switching to Vividian's version allowed us to take advantage of a few fixes that I hadn't already covered myself. Along with this, the forms for Vividian's Extended Fogs are contained in WAO now, so that only the meshes are required. Similarly, Vividian's enhanced cloudspeeds are now featured in WAO. You'll want to use the Vividian version, I'll post that tonight.
  14. Here we go. A little later than I'd hoped, but here are the WAO-SRLE 2.2b3 plugins. Here's one with New Lands support, and here's one without. The next audio rework is still underway, as is the proper Falskaar/Wyrmstooth weather rework. Expect these in just a couple days. (I'm hoping to have 3.0b ready in two days' time, perhaps three at the latest.)
  15. This.. I've given this thought. In all honesty, I would have to suggest, to avoid that minor incompatibility, that such needs mods using the vanilla animation should carry a duplicate of said animation set to a different path, used only for drunken falls. It's a bit illogical to limit all of Skyrim's population (while possibly in mortal danger and entirely lucid) to the dexterity of a drunk guy.
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