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  1. There isn't anything official about GSync from Boris yet, but from my knowledge of ENB and GSync Technology I would say to turn of Vsync in enblocal.ini and enable Gsync in NV Control Panel (if you want to use Gsync). Vsync disabled in the drivers is recommended simply because you can have Vsync enabled in ENB and have all your graphic settings for Skyrim in one place - ENB. Boris recently said that Vsync enabled in drivers or in ENB makes no difference. What I don't know is how Gsync interacts with the skyrimprefs.ini setting iPresentInterval. This parameter is Skyrim's own built-in Vsync. My guess is that you should make that =0 and drivers will override and apply Gsync but I'm not sure.
  2. Not a bad idea. I'm sure everyone is kinda just busy with their own projects and could use a reminder.
  3. I just added a number of notes to the EFFECTS section of the guide, generally clarifying the more specific uses of an effect and/or whether it's something best left to the preset author or not to decide. I didn't make notes on all the effects, but a number of them.
  4. Hey there, just wanted to let you know I'm still around and I check this thread occasionally. I've been very busy since before the holidays so I haven't added anything new to the guide in quite some time. I haven't even really had much time for Skyrim or my own ENB lately. Anyways, I'll look at the guide, see what we're still working on and make additions sometime soon-ish. I've settled into my new job fairly well so I'll likely have a little less stress and a little more free time in the coming weeks. Next week will be busy, but should die down a little after that. I hope others are still working on or planning to work on this! I know you're on it, Tech ;)
  5. Hi all, sorry for a long silence. I'm still trying to keep up with this but real life has hit me like a train lately with a new job, holidays, getting sick twice, etc. and my free time was absorbed with DA:I. I'll try to add what I can over the next week or so. Still here, just occupied :)
  6. Just wanted to update and say I've added a little explanatory info to a number of the Water entries. I'll keep filling in more as I have time and add a little more information about some of the entries I already made.
  7. That is freaking awesome :) Got it up on my description page.
  8. Matso, if you want good examples of volumetric rays done right, I'd recommend taking a look at Confidence Man's NLA or prod's Serenity (Serenity at least used to have really good rays... haven't tried the latest version). Done right, they're excellent.
  9. Ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that maybe my technical knowledge is wrong and someone could say it better. I'll look at some things again since you've been doing some significant changes, but I hope a little today and more this weekend, based on looking at the guide last night, to hit Water and Procedural Sun as I think I have a pretty good handle on and recent experience working with those. Anyway, I guess the point is to start working on the guide, get the information there, sort through it, curate it and finish it. Some of us have better technical knowledge (here's lookin' at you JawZ! ), others have practical application information. So we just do it then... got it. -Jafin EDIT: As an after-thought, to avoid overlapping too much at this early stage, it might be a good idea to state, as I did, any particular areas you would like to work on and, when you've added what you can, say so as well. This way I think we could get more covered and some of us might feel a little less overwhelmed by the entirety of the .ini file. Once we're done, others can go in and clarify and fact check until we have it right. Thoughts?
  10. Sorry to go a little off-topic, but just wanted to let you guys know I finally released my preset! I has excite =P It's here if you wanna take a look: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59901/? Now I finally have some time to help with the guide!
  11. Can you be a little more specific as to what you mean by "not working"? If you're trying to make changes and then they don't change properly OR they revert when you start the game then it's as simple as hitting "Save Configuration" in the GUI. Sometimes you need to do that and then hit "Apply Changes" for it to show in game. I could be misunderstanding your problem though.
  12. I run AMD, always have and so does my brother... with older versions of ENBoost, we both had to set DisableDriverMemoryManager=true but with more recent versions and/or drivers that is no longer necesssary. Make sure you're using the latest beta drivers from AMD and latest ENBseries binaries and you should have no problem. I've never needed to use the injector either.
  13. Not possible with Mod Organizer. ENB FXAA SweetFX Manager from the Nexus can do this though.
  14. Others have said similar but with more words... don't run ANY external game boosting programs. At all. Terminate them before starting the game and don't run them before starting the game. They might messing something up in some weird way you don't know. If you need to free up memory, use Task Manager and do it manually. Update your video drivers (or downgrade. I'm not an Nvidia user but I know 314.22 drivers have always worked well with ENB, even though they're old.) Also, even though it worked before, do this - make sure DirectX 9.0c is installed properly. Even though you may have DirectX 11, it doesn't mean you have DX9. Here's the link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=34429 Then, try running the game. Remember NO GAME BOOSTERS of ANY sort. 99% of the time it's an external program causing issues. If it's STILL not working, try using the injector version of ENB and see if that works. The problem is always fixable... it's just annoying sometimes.
  15. If I remember correctly, volumetric rays have something to do with light reflecting off the clouds and shadows created (uber-oversimplification). So yes, it's different types of godrays shooting from the clouds as well as the shadows in the clouds. As an aside, if you use the ENB weather system, you can get very different looks for the sky using them effectively with higher and lower densities based on the amount and density of the clouds. I'm still struggling with getting them right in my almost done preset. However, as you said, they can definitely cause what I wouldn't call a quality drop but more of a "bleaching" of the entire sky. Increase density obviously makes them scatter less and give you bluer skies (or whatever the color may be) as you've found. And of course you can just turn them off if you don't like the effect =P -Jafin
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