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  1. Is there a way to prevent BethINI to do ANY (and by any I mean, even "removed because it's invalid/bad/not used" etc.) edits on startup/refresh, if I haven't clicked a single checkbox/button/loaded any preset yet? I just wanted to use bINI to set just a few settings (to a custom ini), like water reflection, lightflickering distance, and disable improved snow shader. you know , one line at a time. even if I don't touch a single button but refresh, it already does some edits to my inis, which I really don't like. Is there a way for an "expert" or "non-invasive" mode?
  2. Hi! The new dyn reources alpha 10 update , I see some meshes/texutres are new (and they are really good), however, I see in alpha 9 there are some files absent in alpha 10, and I mean a lot of it, is this something I should worry about (maybe like use both with 10 overwriting 9), or I should not care, it's not suggested?
  3. I can ensure you that I haven't changed my load order prior or after generating DynDOLOD. There are no plugins other than S3D Rocks and DynDOLOD altering records in the screenshot for "Skyrim 3D Rocks vs DynDOLOD". I am always removing any previously generated DynDOLOD data (including cache and stuff like that in DynDOLOD folder), as well as making sure no ESP/Output data is active in the Load Order / MO2 mods. Next time I will generate DynDOLOD, I will make sure to triple check order and what not, but I am pretty confident that I've did everything according to the manual (I am DynDOLOD users since first LE beta, so I read the manual and watched all videos and read forums numerous times). My initial question was simple, should I forward those plugin records in the custom patch or not (I have a feeling that I should).
  4. I understand that, however, as you can see with for example S3D Rocks, is that there are no changes in between S3D Rocks and Dyndolod, and Dyndolod reverts S3D rocks edits to whatever vanilla value. In S3D rocks case, Dyndolod replaces it's materials and what not with the vanilla values from Update.esm which looks awkward to me. Same goes for all other mods. I made a patch by using "copy as override" and forwarding those mods into an .esp which goes after dyndolod (so changes authors designed in their mods will be persistent after Dyndolod run) Are you saying Dyndolod reverting other mods values to vanilla values is the right thing?
  5. + 6. Blended Roads (Really Blended Roads version) vs DYNDOLOD: 7. Skyrim 3D Plants and Trees vs DYNDOLOD:
  6. Awesome! Got it fixed by dedicating xLODGEN ouput outside of MO (thanks for helping though). Strange thing that it does work on my laptop and meshes and textures are getting into MO2's overwrite folder without any TexConv issues (no additional arguments). But on my PC it only works with -o:"somedisc:\xLODGen\OUTPUT" argument. Windows 10 version are identical, with all UAC/AV stuff configured, and all Admin and write privileges given. Go figure I suppose.
  7. Please help me understand if I should forward conflict resolutions to the custom patch (or not intended). 1. SMIM vs DYNDOLOD: 2. Skyrim 3D Rocks vs DYNDOLOD: 3. Realistic Water Two vs DYNDOLOD: 4. Cutting Room Floor vs DYNDOLOD: 5. USSEP vs DYNDOLOD: All latest versions, etc. etc. SSE.
  8. Hi folks! Do I need the latest version of SSE LODGEN for DynDOLOD? It has the following changes in patcnotes (aside from SVR support): - LOD generation improvements - optionally generate trees as Objects LOD How to properly install it with DynDOLOD (if the answer is yes?)
  9. I tried from home notebook (with 1607 windows version), and everything works like a charm (even though I installed both Skyrim and MO2 and WryeBash into Program Files!!) It's definitely something f...d up with the latest windows update. Would really love to get any help...
  10. I am having exactly the same issues as Helidoc. Nothing helps. Tried all from forcing UAC off via registry, windows file control via registry, setting non-read only folders and giving admin privileges to ALL of executable related, nothing ever helps. Tried python, standalone, non-standalone, all methods.. it all comes down to the damn temp folder in APP DATA (temp). launches fine outside of MO...
  11. Hi, Sheson! First of all, big thanks for the DynDOLOD! I have a relatively stupid question: If I install any "city interior" mod (such as JK whiterun, or Autumn in Whiterun), or any other similiar mod, that changes textures inside the city or add/moves objects within the city walls, will running DynDOLOD mirror these changes on the city's LOD model? So will I see trees / custom rooftop textures / new buildings in Whiterun from afar, from example? This is a very crucial moment for me, since obviously it breaks immersion a lot when you approach city walls and behind them there's good-old whiterun, then you go inside and there's 10 new buildings, few new streets and a small forest around new dark rooftop textures... Also, for stuff, such as Oblivion Gates or Wayshrines, for some smaller distant objects, will DynDOLOD generate proper LOD models? I only tried Bent Pines so far, and it worked, but I assume that's because some kind of billboard / premade lods were included, which were used as a resources by DynDOLOD Sorry for stupid questions. ++what largerefsize you can recommend in ini (if you are using this of course)? 11/13 to start with?
  12. Hi guys! Do you know why Wrye Bash (SSE version) doesn't work with MO2 (SSE plugin). I mean, it works, but when I am trying to create bashed patch for leveled lists, it just shows CRF when ticking "automatic", and hangs if I try to manually add mods to the leveled lists merge. I am totally sure it's because of buggy MO2 (which doesn't support SSE on its own), but still maybe you have any ideas. Probably has something to do with loadorder.txt..
  13. Just a quick question, sorry for being dumb or if it's already been asked before. In the tutorial by GP, it's being said that to update DynDOLOD you have to do a bunch of stuff like deactivating .ESP, waiting in an indoor cell etc. I am in the process of getting all the mods I'd like to use, but I am far from finished. I often add mods that are adding something to the landscape, like new buildings or objects. I already installed DynDOLOD and it works perfectly; by the way, re-installing, cleaning TES5Edit cache, waiting total of 32 days and all that stuff every time I add a mod sounds like too much work since I already have to create bashed patch, sort with loot every time I add/delete a mod. So the question is, can I at least just run the script again wait 30 minutes and repack output and save DynDOLOD.esp instead of cleaning cache and deactivating and waiting for 31 in game days twice just to see yet another little house up there? Or that is 100% against the rules and I'll end up with broken lod/script?
  14. Okay, do I have to install Vividian - Pure Weather patch? There are no instructions on whether or not should I install it, but as the installer offers to install it if I'm using PW.
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