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  1. Yeah I will say it seems rather odd that the Read-me states Latest revision on April 1, 2014 and yet the wiki page is April 10, 2014 and yet the wiki page makes no mention of the -AOS_USKP patch.esp- AOS-WAF Patch.esp- AOS-GDO Patch.esp being included in the patch.
  2. Yeah you right it is looking like i have a few I do not need thanks man! I am however still not seeing where its says I Don't need AOS-GDO Patch.espAOS-WAF Patch.espAOS_USKP patch.esp as the extended patch has No NPC Greetings is now merged into the STEP Patches, so no need to install it in Section 2.M Gamplay.Disable both plugins from Static Mesh Improvement Mod that are installed by the FOMOD or BAIN Wizard.StaticMeshImprovementMod-FurnitureChestSnowFix.esp StaticMeshImprovementMod-DragonbornTernFix.espDo not download or install.WeaponArmorFixes_ambSkyforge_Patch.esp WeaponArmorFixes_GuardDialogueOverhaul_Patch.esp DiversePriests_ConsistentOlderPeoplePatch.esp DiversePriests_BringOutYourDeadPatch.esp BetterQuestObjectives-NECPatch.esp BetterQuestObjectives-PaarDilemmaPatch.esp BetterQuestObjectives-DBForevertoMisc.esp BetterQuestObjectives-AMBSkyforgePatch.esp BetterQuestObjectives-TheChoiceIsYoursPatch.esp EnhancedBlood-ImprovedCombatSounds.esp AOS_ICS Patch.esp AOS_ADS Patch.esp (ADS.esp is from Smooth Blade Draw & Sheathe) AOS_RWT Patch.esp AOS_BlockSparkles Patch.esp AOS_EBT Patch.esp AOS_DSI Patch.esp AOS_WetandCold Patch.espOk so I see it now The read me gave different information than https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP_Patches#Recommendations and I figured since I read it on the site I was fine but there are revisions to the patch that are not posted. Thanks again for catching that
  3. Yea good question. On the audio overhaul for skyrim detailed instructions page. I took the following to mean than since my load order consisted of core and extend items and I would be using the extended patch I would then need the items listed under step core users not using step core patch. However I may be over thinking it. Get the AOS_2 Main File and the AOS_DLC_Compatibility_Patch optional file. For STEP Core users that are NOT using the STEP Core Patch, also get the following optional files: AOS_Guard_Dialog_Overhaul_Compatibility_PatchAOS_Realistic_Water2_Compatibility_PatchAOS_Unofficial_Skyrim_PatchAOS_Weapons_and_Armor_Fixes_Compatibility_PatchFor STEP Extended users that are NOT using the STEP Extended Patch, also get the following optional files: AOS_Enhanced_Blood_Textures_Compatibility_PatchAOS_Guard_Dialog_Overhaul_Compatibility_PatchAOS_Realistic_Water2_Compatibility_PatchAOS_Unofficial_Skyrim_PatchAOS_Weapons_and_Armor_Fixes_Compatibility_PatchAOS_Wet_and_Cold_Compatibility_Patch
  4. Just Skyrim Memory Patch (as it was needed for STEP extended mods) no ENB just ENB boost.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply! It reminded me I hadn't put papyrus/script logging on so I don't have any reports atm. I am going to jump on and go to whiterun and get a report.
  6. So I finally got step core & extended Installed and few miscellaneous from various step packs. Things have been running smooth for the most part except on occasion in character creation. I occasionally get a iron helm ha no idea what that is about happens 1 out of 10 time but whatever. My only real issue so far has been Whiterun CTD and that happens with some frequency like 5 out of 10 times both entering and exiting. Now it may be something in my load order or just a conflict I overlooked but if anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated. Also as a side not if you see something horribly wrong with my load order outside of what may be causing that problem any advice/help would be welcome. Edit* I have also been using skyrim performance monitor and my vram usage is fine
  7. Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone in this topic! After yesterday I though I had this pretty well figured out for what I was trying accomplish. However now I know I am going to be testing and tweaking for the next few weeks just trying to see what works the best.
  8. At first i was going to but then I read so many conflicting comment on some people saying use your base vram as parameters (which auto detect seems to use) other saying use more than vram aka ram+vram-2048. So I though i would just ask some people with more experience. Thank you all for your help I think I have it figured out now
  9. Based on my specs above do you have any thoughts on what my video memory size should be set to? I am a little apprehensive to set mine that high considering I have only 12gb of ram and then 4gb on my card. Where you seem to have a little more headroom in ram.
  10. So I was installing SkyRealism using the enb guide and I noticed the site https://www.iparadigm.org/pages/pnenb/ENBoost.html used for getting parameters for the memory section of enblocal no longer works. After some digging I found there were some formulas to come up with the needed information but as I am still unsure if I fully understand them I was wondering if anyone here could help? I have gtx 680 4GB and 12GB of ram with a i7 980x. Thanks!
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