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  1. Hi Dennai, I believe you are correct - I haven't yet had a proper playthrough but had a quick fly around that area today for a look and while I could get to Room with a View successfully noticed that there were a number of doors that didn't seem to go to the right places, and RWAV wasn't locked (which I thought it should have been?). I'm taking a break from Fallout 3 for a month or so and having a go with my Morrowind build, but I might see if a patch is possible (not promising anything as I'm not really a modder). If I can't work it out I'll likely remove RWAV and keep Rivet City Reborn - as nice as RWAV is, I think Rivet City Reborn adds a bit more to explore :) I'll post an update with what I end up doing. Cheers, drav666
  2. Hi Kelmych, The Wasteland Patch Collection has a patch for "Point Lookout Reborn", "In the Shadow of the Swamp" and "Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch" with the following notes: This supersedes a previous patch for "Point Lookout Reborn" and "In the Shadow of the Swamp" that had the following notes: Now full disclosure, I've had many testing jaunts but haven't had a serious play-through yet (having a break from Fallout and a fiddle with the old classic Morrowind for a month or two before I start a serious game of Fallout 3), but given the other patches in TWPC seem solid I'm sure the (TWPC) PLR-UUF3P-ISS Patch should be as well. Whether it address all the issues I'm not sure yet, it might be a while before I get to that stage to test properly (I hope it works, might have a little cry if it doesn't :) ) With the rest that are over and above your brilliant guide, I tried to be a little selective with not going too far overboard - I'm bit of a mod junkie (the usual more time modding than actually playing) and this is the first time I've actually made myself finalize a build :) Cheers, drav666
  3. Just my 2 cents, I've been through the mod count headache as well (pulled my hair out for a while trying to work out the cause of my issues) but now have a fairly stable build with 202 active plugins. This seems to be my sweet spot (looks like it may be a bit of a luck dip and vary quite dramatically for some) as any more seem to cause constant crashes and the odd graphical glitch. I have 99% of the guide in my list as well as a number of additional mods such as Point Lookout Reborn, I also did as Kelmych suggests above and merged several mods, primarily the TWCP patches which saved a ton of slots. Oh, I'm running Windows 10 Pro (1607), Nvidia GTX 780, 16 GB Ram. Also, I'm using the Nvidia driver v368.81 as later driver versions seem to have a problem with Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout NV (not sure if this has been resolved yet but I don't think so). I've never run a modded Fallout 3 on Windows 7 or 8 so can't confirm plugin count differences with that OS. My modlist: Active Mod Files: Cheers, drav666
  4. Thanks for confirming Kelmych :) For some reason I can't seem to edit my post above, so putting an amendment here - in my original post I said you should open only the ZL-MP5 Pack.esp, when in fact you should open both ZL-MP5 Pack.esp and MP5forFWE.esp to see the records you need to modify in your manual patch. Cheers, drav666
  5. Hi MalekBrood, Not sure if you still need this info but I was struggling with this as well. I'm a newb with this stuff but I'm pretty sure I found how to do it, Kelmych or others please correct me if I'm wrong. The way I did it was open xEdit (FO3Edit) and open only the ZL-MP5 Pack.esp. One it has loaded, expand the Weapon section and you will find the relevant three records (highlighted in the linked image below - the first two digits in the ID will vary depending on you load order I believe, hence the "xx" reference in the guide, in my case they were "02"). If you right-click on each of these in turn and select "Copy into overrride" (as explained in the video you linked above) you can add them to your own manual patch, and modify the records as described in the C&PD guide. https://s271.photobucket.com/user/drav666/media/FO3Edit_1.png.html Hope that helps a little :) Cheers, drav666
  6. Just some feedback further to this, I have had no issues yet with this esp disabled - the Nuka Cola machine looks fine, I believe the esp is used mainly for the ability to blow up the machine (though I may be wrong) Cheers, Drav666 I agree with this also - I've positioned between NMC and UTO. I also prefer the NMC cars so have disabled those in Bueno. Cheers, Drav666
  7. Thanks for the responses Kelmych and MalekBrood :) I think for now I'm keen to just play the game finally (had it for years and 99% of my time in game has been installing and testing mods in countless builds and rebuilds) so unless I notice any major issues I'm happy to leave it in it's current state (might tinker with ENB over the weekend) and begin my first real playthrough next week :) cheers, drav666 P.S. then of course it's onto Fallout NV, then I'll start with Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, then when Fallout 4 finally matures............. :) :)
  8. Hi all, Well it's been a long road but I think I finally have my playthough almost ready - 99% based on the brilliant C&PD guide (thanks Kelmych :) ) and 1% my additions (eg Point Lookout Reborn, etc). I had recurring crashes during testing at specific areas which I believe I finally tracked down to my active mod sweet spot being around the 203 mod mark - anything above that and weird things happened. Of course I haven't fully playtested (that would require a playthrough, which I plan to do next) but it seems I have a stable (or as stable as it can be in a Bethesda world) game nearly ready to go, and on Windows 10 as well :) Hopefully one of my final questions is around Bash Tags - I know there is no definitive answer, but I am curious about everyone's recommendations - I have set or removed specific Bash Tags where mentioned in the guide, and have also set Bash Tags where indicated by LOOT, but if I run Generate Tags for Wrye Bash (no examples at the moment, I'm writing this at work) I have found in many instances that many more extra tags are listed over and above what LOOT suggests. Is it worth adding these extra tags against mods in my list, or does it really come down to knowing what the tags do and what I would prefer overwritten? I'm relatively happy with how everything looks and works so far, so am I better off just leaving things how they are with the LOOT and guide recommendations and actually just playing the damn game? :) Cheers, drav666
  9. Thanks for the replies GrantSP and Kelmych (and the bump Alvarado :) ) I'm just putting the finishing touches to my build (99% the brilliant C&PD guide and a few additions of my own such as Point Lookout Reborn, etc) - there's a few more small mods I'd like to add into my play-though but my game's sweet spot seem to be about 204 active mods (not counting merged or imported into bash) before I get consistent crashes, so will look into stripping out some of those Type3 plugins and saving myself a few mod slots :) Cheers, drav666
  10. Hi All, Hopefully I won't be asking too many questions as I roll through this guide (been rolling through nicely so far), but I have a question about the Exeter Type 3 Armor Fix. The guide mentions "This mod provides a beta patch plugin which removes the containers with Exeter clothing and adds the clothing to levelled lists." What I'm not sure about is whether this means the esps that come with some of the Exeter Armors are no longer required and this fix effectively replaces them, or whether they do something more than just adding boxes to the world containing the new armors and are still required, and this fix should be lower in the load order after these esps (per the guide - "install in MO below (higher priority) the associated Exeter clothing mods") Andy advice would be much appreciated :) Cheers, drav666
  11. Thanks for the quick response Kelmych, I didn't realise TWPC included Impact, reading the change log on the mod page would have answered my question :) Cheers, drav666
  12. Hi All, Firstly, excellent guide Kelmych (and thanks to all the other forum members who are helping tweak the guide with suggestions), working through the install now and looking forward to a play-through, sometime :) I have a question re the Impact mod - apologies if it has already been answered but I've trawled the forum and can't find anything. The guide mentions "To get the full functionality of the mod a manual patch is needed that include the decal record added by this mod along with the other weapon object record changes from other mods. The patch files on the Nexus page don't include all the needed record changes, and aren't recommended for use with this guide." I've looked through the guide and can't find anything related to Impact in the patches sections, so I was wondering if anyone has any pointers on how to create an appropriate manual patch for Impact? I plan to use the entire guide for my play-through, so won't be omitting any listed weapon mods. I understand the basics of xEdit, so would be relatively comfortable working with that if anyone can provide a bit of guidance (or even a pre-made patch :) ) Cheers in advance, drav666
  13. Hmm, it may not specifically be related to removal of DasContainer, however I only noticed it because I ran a check for errors after making the change - it may very well have been there beforehand. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else had this issue?
  14. Firstly, working through my first F&LNV install so thanks everyone (particularly EssArrBee) for the guide and input. oqhansologo, re your update for the crossbow framerate issue I noticed after removing "DasContainer" that there is now a FormID error under "06008A60 - CrossbowForms" that states "[07000AF2] < Error: Could not be resolved >" . Further down in the merging guide it's advised that similar errors should be deleted - I'm guessing that this should also be the case for the CrossbowForms error? (apologies if it's already been mentioned somewhere but I couldn't see it). Cheers :)
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