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  1. Just my 2 cents - wouldn't it be appropriate for Shurah's Navmessh "bugfixes" to be incorporated into USLEP? My general direction in using a heavily modded skryim has been one toward using mods that are more singular in purpose. If the core of ICAIO is an overhaul of AI, it stands to reason that Navmesh edits should be beyond the scope of this mod. Sure, the two are dependent on one another, but adding these Navmesh bug-fixes to USLEP would (1) generally benefit the entire Skyrim community and (2) enhance the overall compatibility of ICAIO. Then it would be up to mod authors who add world content to ensure navmesh best practices are followed. Finally, we would be left with the issue of marker conflicts with mods that add structures, etc. In this area, it would be very helpful for Shurah to provide a modder's reference regarding which markers are for what purpose. This would aid in the creation of compatibility patches, with Navmesh now out of the picture due to the incorporation of Navmesh bug-fixes in USLEP. My observation is that Shurah doesn't get enough credit for the documentation he HAS provided. ICAIO is one of the most well documented mods on the Nexus - just read through all the content he has provided on the main mod page, the compatibility article, and in the Posts. That said, I think a little additional documentation provided specifically for the modding community, and not just the user community, will go a long way. I would finally recommend that Shurah stay somewhat focused on AI, as that is what he does so well and that is what adds so much to the game when using his mod. Adding additional structures that are in conflict with existing very popular mods will only add to the confusion. In my 20+ years in an enterprise IT leadership role, more important than individual talent is the ability to focus that talent in a way that adds to the overall value of the community or team and not just the individual's efforts. Like many situations in the professional world or in life, in the case of a well modded Skyrim game, the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. ICAIO is a tremendous part, but it's value is diminished if it doesn't play well with the whole. Ultimately, the end goal of any user is to be able to USE ICAIO along with other mods that have been long enjoyed in the load order. I really hope the compatibility continues to progress.
  2. Thanks for both responses. So I would want to look at the Memory usage (not VRAM) in Skyrim performance monitor - max is 3.1GB. What happens when you hit 3.1GB? Does the game CTD or just have degradation? Also, would this have an impact on settings in the memory patch? (DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB=768, ScrapHeapSizeMB=256)
  3. Very helpful discussion thread here. My own viewpoint is that I tend to respect mod authors' decisions on how they support their mods. There are too many critical people out there in the community. Shurah has clearly spent a great deal of time on ICAIO, and we never know what other circumstances there are in an author's life.... At least he is updating the compatibility article in an effort to keep that up to date. Sure, it would be nice if he shared additional information, but I would tend to lean on the side of respecting his decisions given the contributions he has already made. I have played a short play-thru with ICAIO, and the mod really enhances the overall skyrim experience in ways that no other mod has. Off my soapbox... What I am really writing about is to ask about the memory use of ICAIO. I'm not sure I understand any potential issue here. Does ICAIO consume system memory or GPU memory? Under what conditions has anyone run into a problem with that? Thanks!
  4. Ok - this all makes sense. I appreciate your help.
  5. Awesome - Copy worked, and so did my script. I am bulk copying over specific FX movstatic types (fog, mist, etc) in that have XEMI defined in dungeons, so I can remove the XEMI elements and make things very dark while still keeping the FX. I wasn't able to trace the functions included in wbScriptAdapter.pas and wbScriptAdapterMisc.pas. I see the specific defined TES5Edit functions and procedures as well as the included libraries from what looks like JVCL. But wasn't able to trace, for example, why SameText() works and LeftStr() does not. Either way, I'm good now - just thinking for future reference. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hello - I am just beginning to write scripts to copy specific types of records with qualification criteria more complex than can be defined in the define filter function. I am able to get some basic scripts to work, but I am running into trouble understanding what pascal functions are and are not available for use in TES5Edit scripting. A specific example is LeftStr(). I get an "undeclared identifier" error when using that function. However, SameText() works. Both are part of the Pascal sysutils library. I've checked here: https://www.creationkit.com/TES5Edit_Scripting_Functions But that has functions specific to TES5Edit. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I'm not sure who updates the detailed instructions in STEP, but the SKSE instructions here (https://wiki.step-project.com/Skyrim_Script_Extender#Recommendations) could be clearer. In the below instructions: Open the SKSE folder or create one if one does not exist.In the SKSE folder, create skse.ini and paste inside it the following:I have looked at this probably a dozen times and always skipped right over "or create one if one does not exist." I've assumed the "SKSE folder" was just the SKSE Mod folder in MO. Having a specific step to create the SKSE Folder with the path explicitly stated (i.e. Mod Organizer\mods\skse 1 07 03\SKSE) I think would help ensure this isn't missed in the SKSE setup. It would also benefit from having the user install and use the Memory Blocks Log to verify the patch is working correctly given how critical the patch is.
  8. Plant face in palm....... I have spent probably 40+ hours troubleshooting the Riverwood CTD. I finally stumble on this article. Reading through, I realize I have not created an SKSE folder in MO for my skse.ini file and have it instead sitting right in the top directory. Uggggh.... Thanks for this post. Who knows how much longer I would have been working at this had I not finally made my way here. The Memory Blocks Log is my new best friend in Skyrim.
  9. @Sheson - thanks for your response. I'll give #2 a go, and if I can't figure that out, will try #3. Thanks very much for your help.
  10. For the rules you add for specific mods (i.e. player homes), are you keying off the .esp? If they are merged into another .esp, will this break the rules? If so, are there any workarounds?
  11. My perspective as a STEP user is that the STEP order makes sense from an organization standpoint. The "Potential Mod Order Problem" has caused a tremendous amount of heartache for me, but I actually don't blame MO. I blame LOOT. To me, LOOT does not allow enough flexibility to provide a specific mod order. If it did, then wouldn't it be easy for STEP to provide a specified load order that would be consistent with the mod order? It seems like Loot relies on some more loose logic in ordering plugins, so that the results are very unpredictable. I've read a number of recommendations, specifically users of Perma, who are increasingly recommending to not use Loot and to instead manually arrange load order. I would actually like to do that, but MO doesn't allow for an easy manual organization of plugins like it does for mods in the left-hand pane. I'm in a dilemma right now trying to figure out whether I want to (1) attempt to manually maintain my plugin order, (2) letting the potential mod order problem error fix mess up my mod organization, or (3) ignoring the error, which is going to have risks because I do add a decent number of mods beyond STEP. Before I run LOOT, things are pretty well in order, with only a few recommended mod order problem fixes. Once I run LOOT, then it's completely hosed up.
  12. Ok - this worked after some trial and tribulation. The textures I am using have parallax (Vivid Landscapes), and I was getting BSODs until I figured out I also needed to do the _p files as well. Here's how it looks now: https://imgur.com/jfalugM https://imgur.com/or88zp8 I'm really pleased with this. Is there a pattern for what textures make up the LOD tile? (and I thought I was actually going to get to PLAY Skyrim this weekend - ha!).
  13. Got it. Are there instructions on how to do that anywhere?
  14. I'm finally up and running again, but it looks like I've done something wrong here. Notice texture differences from this: https://imgur.com/pDLm27U to this: https://imgur.com/ibGdzCX
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