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  1. No, what I'm referring to is indeed locations not being marked as "visited" or discovered, as in locations I'd already been to couldn't be fast-traveled to, and no text ever popped that I'd found it. But, you're right in that the fix was for to the compass for not showing points of interest, which serendipitously had the side-effect of fixing the issue in the OP. I'd decided to try it on a whim. For whatever reason, re-adding the small, unfilled triangles to the compass enabled me to "discover" locations on the world map, which is what the tweak did.
  2. x 0.75 seems to actually be way too high.. I'm getting icons on the compass from really far away. The next step up from 0.05 is 0.25 which still seems high (with 6 perception), but better than not being able to discover relatively important locations. Edit: you can add a custom value, I'll try just playing with that to find an optimal value.
  3. Solved it! When building the bashed patch, there's a setting under "Tweak Settings", "Compass: POI Recognition" that defaults to [x 0.05]. I set it to [x 0.75] and I can now discover Jacobstown and Camp Forlorn Hope! It might kill immersion a bit as undiscovered locations now appear on the compass (small triangle), but it's completely worth it to me.
  4. I think it has something to do with the settings in DUINVSettings.xml. Unfortunately, I'm not knowledgeable enough to figure what needs to change...
  5. Playing through, working out any bugs I'm having, but now I've hit one that has stumped me. Certain map locations will not mark themselves discovered, like Jacobstown and Camp Forlorn Hope. According to the few posts I can find, it seems to have something with to do with Darnified UI, but I can't seem to find an actual fix. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. I'll give it a shot. Should all categories on the left panel be ticked in Wrye Flash? Thank you!
  7. Rebuilding the patch with Tweak Names ticked did not solve it. Though if I untick the bashed patch esp that save doesn't crash.
  8. I have a number of times, actually, though I wonder if maybe something is ticked that shouldn't be (FalloutNV.esm isn't under Import Names). Should every category on the left column be ticked? Now that I think of it.. I did untick Tweak Names because I didn't care for the letter before each item, but I could live with that if it means a stable game.
  9. I'm not understanding the conflict here, but I'm getting a lot of crashing on exteriors. I've found that if I untick the bashed patch plugin, I can load saves that were crashing with it ticked. What am I doing wrong? I'm following the guide to creating a bashed patch, but it certainly seems to be the source of my issue. NVAC is registering an issue, but I have no clue how to diagnose that.
  10. I appreciate the quick response. Really excellent work on the guide. It's odd that I can't make selections in the installer -- if it didn't default to assuming I didn't have PN, I'd just go with it.
  11. I'm having an issue with ADAM, where when I try to use the All-in-one, the installer window comes up, but the options are all greyed out. The url to the file says "read only". Is it possible that might be part of the issue?
  12. Ok, here's where I don't know how to proceed -- how can I establish would need to be deleted? I suppose I could download it again manually.
  13. So, should I just start from scratch again? I guess I need to follow that guide, since this is clearly an issue of files not getting removed. If I were to delete all the meshes and textures, would the games/mods recreate those I need, or would I need to reinstall anyway?
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