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  1. Thanks for replying, I only tried running as admin when this issue arose I dont normally. I don't have any AV aside for Windows 10's Windows Defender. But as I said I ran procmon and the only applications that accessed that file are MO and Wrye Bash and I agree windows errors are reliable in most cases, however when we are dealing with sandbox enviroments hooking file operations all bets are off in that regard. Wrye Bash works fine when running outside of MO. I also disabled windows search after it peeked at the temp file but no joy. I'm at a loss. oh and scratch what I said earlier about redirected to overwrite it appears it also creates a temp file in data folder which is the one that was redirected not the one from temp.
  2. Nor me too, just tried it, different issue I suspect. In order to get wrye bash to work for what I want it to do (create bashed patch) I knocked up a batch script that rebuilds the skyrim install with all the mods based on the load order in MO2 it worked for me. Takes ages on large mod setup and about as kludgy as one can get but it works for me, to create bashed patches. To use it you will need to modify it for your own paths and it needs somewhere between the size of a skyrim install and your Mod organizer folder to run, save as anyfilename.bat it your MO mods folder, and run. Tested only on my setup USE AT OWN RISK but it is here if any one wants it: @echo off set _Output=c:\xeditTEMP\Skyrim Special Edition set _SteamPath=c:\steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition set _ModList=..\profiles\Default\modlist.txt echo Deleting old dir... RD /S /Q "%_Output%" cls echo Ready to start. pause robocopy /s "%_SteamPath%" "%_Output%" echo copying skyrim mods according to MO2 modlist order... title copying skyrim mods according to MO2 modlist order... md "%_Output%\dataTEMP" ::get total amount of mods Set /a _Lines=0 For /f %%j in ('Find "%_ModList%" /v /c ^< %_ModList%') Do Set /a _Lines=%%j SET /A XCOUNT=0 setlocal enableextensions enabledelayedexpansion ::start looping through mod folders from modlist.txt and copy to temp folder FOR /f "tokens=1,2* delims=+" %%G IN (%_Modlist%) DO ( cls SET /A _XCOUNT+=1 echo Copying skyrim mods according to MO2 modlist order... title Copying skyrim mods according to MO2 modlist order... echo Copying mod !_XCOUNT! of %_Lines% echo Copying mod "%%G" IF NOT "%_XCOUNT%" == "1" robocopy /s /xc /xn /xo /xx "%%G" "%_Output%\dataTEMP" >nul ) cls echo Copying skyrim mods to final folder... Title Copying skyrim mods to final folder... robocopy /MOV /S /IS "%_Output%\dataTemp" "%_Output%\data" cls echo All done... copying your plugins file to beth folder now copy "..\profiles\Default\plugins.txt" "C:\Users\mark\AppData\Local\Skyrim Special Edition\plugins.txt" pause "C:\modOrganizerSky\tools\WBskyrim\Wrye Bash.exe" -g "Skyrim Special Edition" -o "c:\xeditTEMP\Skyrim Special Edition"
  3. I have exactly the same issue, upon inspection of logs and sys internals' procmon, mod explorer is redirecting the '_tempfile.tmp' to the overwrite directory but wryebash is looking for it in the original temp folder it created the file in (as far as it's concerned) and the error is thrown. I'm at work at the moment so I cant provide logage, but I can say that my MO is installed at 'c:\mo2skySE' in portable mode and wrye is installed under 'c:\motools\wrye' and steam is installed to 'c:\steam'. So in nothing is in a UAC folder (UAC is disabled anyway). All exe's are run as administrator. At the moment I'm trying to use the python version but the install fails at installing pywin32 (download failed) trying to find a manual download of pywin32 version that works is not going well (they all keep saying python is not installed)
  4. Sorry, stuck it in a code block: Can I ask what is involved in coverting SMC to SSE, is it just a case of putting it through the conversion tool?
  5. Don't get me wrong I only did a regex which is just a fancy find and replace in a text editor, took about 10 mins to do and it only worked on ones where the ID was in the entry (the -8473-1-0.7z part) so yeah me lazy too ;) Yes i've read the thread, I know some mods are converted still gotta figure out how to do that, no sure I'll bother with them apart from CaBaL120's stuff. Feel free to copy to the OP. And thanks for posting this, with the lack of guides at the mo it's a great leg up on building a modded game.
  6. For my own use I did a quick regex on the OP to add links to sse nexus for the mods where the mod ID was visible so thought id share it here:
  7. And those worried about conflict resolution it's really not that hard just watch a few of the tutorials mentioned and it's really just a judgement call rather than any mad skill, on each record you look at what each of the mods do and copy over the records that are differant. For instance say you got a mod changing the skills of a npc and another that changes face you simply copy as override of the face mod and drag over the fields that change stats, perks etc bascially whatever else is differant from the face mod and vanilla. Running the exdit merged patch is ok but you need to go through each record and check what it's done and also delete the leveled lists records that wrye bash does. But bear in mind while it is a starting point it will not likely catch most of the conflits and those that it does may be incorrect and do more harm than good.
  8. Those wanting to use MO2 I suggest you look at the fallout MO2 guide as this has instructions for setting up MO2, getting rid of most of the bugs. The only issues I have with MO2 now is that it crashes after launching the game or tools more than once and the ini files aren’t sandboxed. Which means you just need to restart mo2 after running the game or loot xedit etc otherwise it crashes when trying to run another tool or the game a second time. ie run loot, sort order, then come back into mo2 then launch xedit = crash. but run loot, sort order, then come back into mo2 close and reopen mo2 then launch xedit = win. Restarting MO2 takes seconds so no biggy and the ini's are just treated like the game does (mygames folder in) documents. Aapart from that, I’ve had no other major issues.
  9. I would avoid that mod, I tried it a while back it's buggy and Jaxonz is no longer developing it, but it appears another author Nellshini has taken it on though i've never tried it myself: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71464/?
  10. My guess would 'Immersive NPC in the dark' is the most likely culprit. It heavily modifies combat with scripting and I remember it caused all sorts of problems when I used it. It looked promising initially but got quickly abandoned (hasn't been updated in 16 months) and was buggy then.
  11. I would like to suggest this fix for obis, I posted it on the obis comments on nexus too, but I'm not sure what whether it is a true bug or some interaction with my setup. I say that because while the fix works for me it seems such a obvious problem and such an easy fix I cant believe it hasnt been fixed already. That coupled with the fact that on searching the obis forums I only found one other person with this issue. Here is the post I posted on OBIS comments section: It seems that everytime I visited valheim towers the bandits where fighting eachother. So using tfc command I had a look at was going on without getting too close and triggering an attack on me. After a few reloads I discovered that the NPCs with ids 003f7af, 003f7b3 and 003f7b1 where all attacking eachother whilst ignoring and being ignored by the other NPCs. After tracing the references I discovered that the NPCs that hated each other where all from ''LvlBanditMissileHoldPos256LinkRef [NPC_:000296FE]'' record which has the OBIS faction but is missing the 'use factions' flag under template flags. After copying the record into my compatibility patch and dragging the flag across it seems to have fixed my issue. So if anyone else is having this problem there is the solution. :-)
  12. > Thanks for making this. Like I said it was nothing, I made this for myself and just shared > Will for the Skyrim/FO3/Oblivion sites too or just FNV? No, but this version should, I modified it to extract the nexus game name from the url. Just copy this as before: (i've updated the OP too) javascript:(function(){wot2find="/download/";wot2find2=".com/";list=document.getElementsByTagName("a");for(var%20i=0;i<list.length;i++){url=list[i].href;var%20dwnkey=url.indexOf(wot2find);if(dwnkey>-1){var%20IDloc=dwnkey+wot2find.length;var%20gameLoc=url.indexOf(wot2find2)+wot2find2.length;var%20game=url.substring(gameLoc,dwnkey);var%20theID=url.substring(IDloc);theDwnLnk=document.createElement("A");theDwnLnk.href="javascript:(loadBox('http://www.nexusmods.com/"+game+"/ajax/downloadwithnmm?id="+theID+"'));";theText=document.createTextNode("Download%20with%20Manager");theDwnLnk.appendChild(theText);list[i].parentNode.appendChild(theDwnLnk);}}})();
  13. I created this bookmarklet to enable downloading with MO for files that only have manual download on nexus, for myself. So I thought I'd make it available. I created it for myself, so it is made for my environment (firefox and MO) and is tested nowhere else. This bookmarklet adds a link named 'Download with Manager' alongside all manual download links to allow a file to be downloaded with a mod manager. Note: some downloads are not provided with manager link for a reason, so be aware it will not allow you to install an ENB config with a mod manager for example. But it will allow you to use a mod manager where normally you'd have to download files and install and input the file id etc Create a bookmark on your browser ideally on bookmark toolbar and paste the below in the location/URL field: javascript:(function(){wot2find="/download/";wot2find2=".com/";list=document.getElementsByTagName("a");for(var%20i=0;i<list.length;i++){url=list[i].href;var%20dwnkey=url.indexOf(wot2find);if(dwnkey>-1){var%20IDloc=dwnkey+wot2find.length;var%20gameLoc=url.indexOf(wot2find2)+wot2find2.length;var%20game=url.substring(gameLoc,dwnkey);var%20theID=url.substring(IDloc);theDwnLnk=document.createElement("A");theDwnLnk.href="javascript:(loadBox('http://www.nexusmods.com/"+game+"/ajax/downloadwithnmm?id="+theID+"'));";theText=document.createTextNode("Download%20with%20Manager");theDwnLnk.appendChild(theText);list[i].parentNode.appendChild(theDwnLnk);}}})(); Feel free to mod, post and spread without any need for permissions (It is very simple and took about 10 mins to create afterall) I'm moving this to the general S&P because it's now good for all the nexus sites. Check it out cuz it's awesome. - SRB
  14. Don't know if there is a better way but here is how I did it: I would recommend doing this one at a time for each mod you are removing: Backup the conflict resolution esp Install the missing mod and activate the esp(s) and BOSS sort em Run tes5edit and tick only the conflict resolution esp Check the conflict resolution esp header and check if the mod you want to remove is listed under masters Go through the conflict resolution tutorial and find each record in the conflict resolution esp that the missing mod's record is directly used (ie tutorial says use record from ELE or drag from ELE) and right click and select remove. Now if there were multiple mods involved make a note of this record as you may need to come back and re-add this record after you have removed the mods you want to, if there is still a conflict. When you think you have done enough right-click the conflict resolution esps and select clean masters. If you have done enough you should be able to click on the headers record and see that the mod you want to remove is no longer listed you can then close tes5edit and save the conflict resolution esp. If it is still listed you have missed a record uninstall the mod. repeat as necessary for each mod your are not using
  15. Hmm will have to check that one, I did copy and paste the file from the guide but whether i've put the file in the wrong place or something like that I dont know. So far that has been the only issue I had though. But thanks for the heads up
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