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  1. Ok not to bum anyone out, but it should be known. It was working ok as far as the alphabetical order automatically messing up plugins. All of a sudden it is doing it again. Also is un-checking, but I can recheck all at once. Now I have to back up all the time. I'm following a huge mod guide: Nordic Skyrim, Yet Another Guide to Modding. :)
  2. PROBLEM SOLVED! :) I just needed to uncheck all mods in left pane, and recheck them.
  3. Update: after a windows reboot, MO2 now appears to be trying to load directly to the game, instead of the game launcher. The screen turns black, and then just closes...and never showed the game menu.
  4. Ok so I moved the MO to a new Tools folder. SKSE now loads through steam to the original game launcher. I checked the executables for both SKSE and Skyrim SE (just in case) and they are all right. I checked the profiles path under Setting/Paths, and it all is right. I'm missing something, but can't imagine what.
  5. I installed it in my second HDD hard drive, in the steam common folder along with all the games. My C: drive is SSD. Maybe a save for profiles and reinstall? Thanks Under Setting/Profiles sorry, under: Profile/Manage ...I have "Use profile-specific Game INI Files" checked. Is that right?
  6. Ok now the plugins on the right are auto sorting by alphabetical order.
  7. Oh great. I just checked all the boxes so I could play, started the game. I got a warning with a huge list of mods not installed, so I closed to find them all unchecked...when I just checked them. Please somebody
  8. Ok I was wrong. I just confirmed that it unchecks without moving anything in the left. I installed and checked the left box, and bam all are unchecked on the right except for the new mod I just installed.
  9. Yes sorry, MO2. It just happens when I install a mod that has been downloaded from nexus. I move it in the left pane...then also move it in the right pane. You know what, that is probably what is doing it...moving it in the LEFT pane.
  10. Hello, I am modding Skyrim SE. Almost every time I install a mod, the plugin list on the right gets unchecked. Is there a way to stop or limit this? Thank you!
  11. Ok I'm having the same problem you are, and you're awesome for listing steps to fix it, but I'm having trouble. I have the Boss program, and installed the Boss Rules Manager, and I assume that's what you mean by "Userlist Manager". The problem is, I don't know how or where to enter the appropriate information for all fields for Skyrim. Also I don't know how or where to select the "Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp"...or anything else you said. :o Sorry to be such a noob with this. If I could get #2 and 3, maybe the rest will fall into place. Help is really appreciated. Thank you!
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