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  1. Looks fairly close to what I'm looking for. And heh, no UNPB ! Potentially silly question since I'm out of practice with Skyrim modding. Would it make sense to present it a "layer" that comes on top of a S.T.E.P. installation ? That would also mean you don't have to maintain your guide for what is already covered by S.T.E.P., once the new version is out.
  2. Looking forward to it as well ! I took a big break from Skyrim circa 2015. Special Edition certainly sounded interesting, but I realised that it would take months for resources such as SKSE, S.T.E.P. and maybe some key mods such as SkyUI to be redone and polished. Now that I feel like playing again, I'm more than five years out of date. I could waste days and days relearning everything I've forgotten or misremember. Or I could wait a bit more for to have the tested, well-explained, coherent, up-to-date S.T.E.P. guide teach me how to get back in the saddle without wasting time and effort.
  3. Two mods have updated in recent days without keeping the old version up : - Leanwolf's better-shaped weapons. - Undiscovered means unknown. Hope that helps.
  4. Big typo in the first sentence ("quiet"). :-)
  5. I have a bit of hankering to play FO3 again, but probably won't have time before 6-ish months... :-( Random question - have we seen some new resources appearing for Fallout 4 that are useable as part of this FO3 project ? There's precedent as the guide uses FONV resources, and my vague impression is that the engine hasn't progressed that much with FO4.
  6. (Google google) Ah yes, page 50 of this thread, got it. Thanks !
  7. Hey folks, I just wanted to say that currently LOOT doesn't push DynDOLOD.esp far back enough. For instance the PerMA_USLEEP master patch.esp , PerMA-Hunterborn.esp, the Pre PaMa WAFR CCR CCOR Patch.esp and the T3ndOs SkyRe Standing Stones and Races.esp end up after DynDOLOD.esp if I let LOOT manage my load order. At least one of these presumably contains textures that get magicked into LODness by DynDOLOD. The issue vanishes as soon as I manually push DynDOLOD.esp to the very end of my load order.
  8. I see it more from the point of view of the relatively uninformed newcomer, especially one who has an image of Fallout 3 (and NV, and Elder Scrolls games) as being unchallenging. If the difficulty is what an informed gamer would find challenging, there are good odds the newbies to a FWE/MMM game will be caught cold and overwhelmed. Which means in turn a non-trivial chance of declaring that this way of playing Fallout is the WORST THING EVER, giving up and feeling bitter since modding the game took so long. And I suspect that scaling back the difficulty would not affect spawns on cells that have already been populated with higher MMM settings, such as the raiders in the open, back section of the Springvale school. Thus giving the impression that the difficulty cannot really be turned down - and this all takes place at the point where the player character is at their weakest and most vulnerable. Whereas starting at a (slightly) lower difficulty level lets good players decide that they are totally awesome, and crank up the difficulty a bit as they get the hang of it. Much less chance of people cursing you in the forums that way. :-p But then it's just a matter of explanations and pedagogy, not a either/or thing. EDIT - text republished on my user page - https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Ghostwise
  9. The patch for the Millenia weapons was quickly added on the Nexus - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/20945/?
  10. Available on the Nexus -- https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/20105/ My ENB of choice for Fallout 3, it's fairly recent (early 2014, still maintained) and walks hand-in-hand with the URWLENB FO3 weather mod. The landscapes are still green-ish and dreary, so it keeps the Fallout 3 look. My FO3 photo album uses this ENB. I found the installation instructions particularly good, it even comes with a packaged Nvidia Inspector profile and .ini files modifications.
  11. Waiting for 1.2 myself, 1.1 seems to need more polishing.
  12. As a guy who can't hit the broad side of a barn with RH_ironsights (I really need a HUD reticle), I appreciate that.
  13. Proposed additional section in the guide for folks who are new to FWE and MMM : ---------------------------------------- FOR THOSE UNFAMILIAR WITH FALLOUT WANDERER EDITION AND MART'S MUTANT MOD If you are unsure of how to set up the two key mods in this guide (Fallout Wanderer Edition and Martigen's Mutant Mod), here are some suggestions. The combination of these two mods makes the game richer and considerably more challenging. However, you can adjust the difficulty by changing their settings, and even backpedal to near-vanilla gameplay. Both these mods, and several others, can have their options set right in your PIPBoy. The control modules are part of your Items menus ; most of them are at the top of your Apparel PIPBoy screen. Mart's Mutant Mod (MMM)We suggest that you keep everything at default, except for these three bits :- Increased Spawn Settings - select Slightly Increased Spawns (1-2)- Other Spawns - turn off the new behemoth chance- Ghoul Options - set the rise chance to 25 You can access the MMM mod settings even during the Vault 101 origin sequence. In fact it's safest to do your settings while you're still in Vault 101, before any outdoors cell gets populated. Fallout Wanderer Edition (FWE)Keep everything at default, except for these bits :- Damage and combat - set both radioactivity and falling damage to 2 (Moderate)- Loot - set vendor caps to 0% (most caps)- Feature settings - have bobbleheads provide a +1 to S.P.E.C.I.A.L., and equipped armour have a 50% carry weight bonus- Primary Needs - in the Hunger menu set food to heal, and in the thirst menu set drinks to heal- Ability Hotkeys - set Sprint to Mouse Button #3, Bullet Time to Mouse Button #4 (if your mouse has those) You can access the FWE mod settings as soon as you're in the Wasteland, but not during the Vault 101 origin sequence. These settings are meant to conserve a FWE+MMM experience that is quite close to the default, but less overwhelming and inconvenient as you discover the modified gameplay and determine your preferences. And it keeps the bobbleheads at the +1 level since raising your S.P.E.C.I.A.L.s is a Fallout tradition.
  14. I invited the Nexus modder with the weapons stat rationalisation mod to this here community. For ZealotLee's Dragunov my understanding (from the Nexus mod description) is that only one .esp must be activated (in the guide, you have the extraneous one switched to optional via Mod Organizer). And since we postulate a CALIBR installation I went with that .esp. IMO requesting reuse should wait a bit - my list of potential patches earlier in the thread was based on conflict that occur pre-bashed patch, but for all I know these are best treated via bashed flags or something else I don't have a good understanding of. So better groups for patching will likely emerge. FWIW I just noticed that the few EVE weapon rewrites I offered in my "Great Old Ones" mod were apparently overwritten back by the bashed patch. But the Weapons Mod Patch ALPHA mod might be a better platform to handle that anyway. EDIT : a propos of nothing, you have full authorisations to use my proto-mods. In case I have to drop out of this project due to workload or something.
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