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  1. @MadWizard : Ok thanks Mad for the correct link. I'll try to switch back to the 1.61c to make things work properly. Oh I wish I had the "Patching on your own" perk in my skills, but sadly I don't have enough time to learn it for now. But as stated by the philosopher : "It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine." © Wayne Campbell.
  2. @Neovalen : Awesome, thanks!! Well after updating both REGS and SRLE, (on a stable version) I'm experiencing CTD near Bloodlet Throne (when walking along the road to the thalmor outpost). Pics : https://k1w3kywtuy.1fichier.com/ https://r4v9uj21oq.1fichier.com/ I've searched for a while, what can cause this but I'm not good enough reading Papyrus logs. I've tried to deactivate REGS mods in this area but without any effect on the CTD. So if any of you have an idea, I'm impatient to hear it. ;D Papyrus.0.log.txt
  3. Hi guys. I'm trying tio install REQUIEM on top of SRLE+REGS, and after reading this topic, I'm a bit confused about OBIS. 1) I saw this in Smile loadorder : OBIS.espOBISDB.espOBIS - Requiem Patch - Named.espOBISDB - Requiem Patch.esp But I can't find these two last esp this on the guide. Are they renamed version from OBIS - Organized Bandits in Skyrim - Requiem Patch BETA? 2) On the OBIS patch for Requiem the OBIS recommended version is 1.503A, but SRLE guide was updated to 1.61G recently. Will I encounter conflicts with the "uptodate" version of OBIS or can I play without troubles? Thanks for any answers.
  4. @Maledark : Ok thanks. Just to be sure, does the SR Conflict Resolution.esp is updated each time you add/remove thing in the subguide?
  5. Hi guys. Sorry for this "repost" of a former question but I extended it. The new AOS version came with many (updated) patchs : - COT3.1 and DLC are needed as told. - For the others (EBT - GDO - RW2 - USKP - WAF Compatibility Patch - Wet & Cold) I assume not as they are not mentioned in the guide?
  6. You mean ... in this TOPIC ... errrr, won't find anything searching for MoonPatt. Sorry, but thanks! ;)
  7. Unrelated Bonus Question : Why not Moonpath in REGS?
  8. Ok so I tested both versions. Same ingame position for character, ugrid = 7 1) No MO modlist modifcation but SDO without Tamriel.Objects_n.dds & Tamriel.Objects.dds files No more blue LOD but no details neither, so, many pop-in and micro-stutter for me. https://b1mwti0gma.1fichier.com/ Edit : No idea either for other impacts. 2) MO modlist modification, Moon before SDO No more blue LOD ... as you can see. ;D Massive pop-in and a half second stutter. https://j1j81g7gbn.1fichier.com/ Once closer, no more issue, as expected. https://c2evcoi20t.1fichier.com/
  9. @CJ : For the Litlle Vivec, same problem with SDO before/after it. So I'm gonna try it with a pure REGS profile.
  10. Same here for Little Vivec. Pics for closer look (using tfc).
  11. So a little backup for helping. Notice that "This Guide is currently being reworked. Please come back later." Beware that I have double checked everything not to mention any "noobery" but ... well ... ^^
  12. For now there's no other missing BUM or else. Just some edits in the SRLE-REGS conflict guide I'm on. I'll post here when done for Nearox but as he wrote : "Notice : This Guide is currently being reworked. Please come back later." ;D
  13. @CJ : I'm soo glad about it. @Gandaganza : :D ... ok thanks for the advise.
  14. Erk ... do I have to check all SRLE mods to see if there's a patch for 3DNPC or it will be stable even without?
  15. Yes sorry not mentionning it but both have been made. Waiting for any knowledge unlightement ^^, I have rebuild the CR Patch from scratch without TC edits and start playing with it without issue. (Even started a new save with a uGrid at 11 so I guess it's pretty stable now. ^^) I'm gonna compare both versions to understand what I miss. Thanks.
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