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  1. Hey there, Sort of a minimal question here, and I doubt it makes a difference, but I wanted to check. Should I clean my mods with TES5Edit before or after making the bashed patch? Or does it not make a difference? Thanks in advance!
  2. It is. It's also confusing because I'm dumb. So yeah. So I'm gonna go with 2=1.25 followed by 6=1.20. Thanks!
  3. I'm having some trouble doing the math to set Uncapper to give an extra perk in addition to the typical perk at each five level ups (i.e. at five, ten, fifteen, etc.) because of the fact that it starts at two. 2=1.25 will get it to five, but after that, it goes to nine. So does 6=1.20 seem right after that? Or is it 5=1.20? Thanks.
  4. Ah, cool. My resolve gets pretty confused when I have questions like this and makes me less wanting to move on to the next step, so your speedy answers have all been helpful. Thanks a ton. Just a quick follow up here- when I did install and hit merge, I got a pop-up reading that 'encoding method unsupported' and then another that reads 'installation cancelled: this mod was not installed completely." Any suggestions?
  5. Awesome, thanks for the clear-cut answer, EssArrBee. Just a quick question about that- how does waiting until after ICH has been installed but still merging the patch into the WAF folder (which was installed before ICH) position the legendary .esp after ICH? Does Mod Organizer know because it sees the patch was installed after ICH?
  6. Thanks! I tried to send you a message, but the server said that you can't receive them, so I'll just post my elaboration here. Unfortunately, I'm still a little confused, mostly on how to actually install the .esp. For instance- do I just add the patch into mod organizer like any other mod? Because when I do that, MO realizes I have Weapons and Armor fixes already installed, and asks if I want to merge, replace, or rename. If I merge, it'd go into the WAF folder, which seems off to me considering the guide told me to wait until AFTER Improved Closefaced Helmets to install the patch. That'd leave rename, in which case I'd rename it and it'd appear as a separate mod after ICH. Which am I supposed to do here? Thanks again.
  7. Sorry- I'm still a little unclear about the instructions of installing the "Improved Closefaced Helmets -- WAF and CCF Compatible Versions" patch at the step of installing ICH. Do I manually move the legendary esp directly into the ICH folder? Or do I add the patch just like any other mod (in which case, do I merge or rename?) Thanks in advance for the support here.
  8. Awesome- thank you all for the prompt explanations. Â I'd found the 'how' on the guide for MO, but the 'why' was eluding me, which made me more wary to do it.
  9. Hey there.  Just wanted to bring something up (and ask a question) that might not be so clear to somebody who's using the STEP project or Mod Organizer for the first time. In the instructions for installing SMIM, the bottom notes go on to read: With a note underneath that reads: This presented a two part problem for me, a new MO users- one, in that they sort of conflict with one another in terms of instruction, and two, in that I haven't seen anything explaining how to properly do this. Now, I used my brain, and I'm pretty sure what's meant is to go into the 'data' tab and find these files, right click them, and select hide (Right after installing, I assume).  But maybe these instructions somewhere on the main STEP page would be helpful to a new user?  Also- either deleting the 'notes' section, or specifying that they are for non-MO users (which is what I assumed by them both being there). Am I correct in those assumptions?  If the instructions are there somewhere, sorry about the mix up.  Otherwise, the STEP guide has been wonderfully straightforward & very well explained thus far, and I'm really excited to see my revamped Skyrim in action. The STEP community has been amazingly helpful to me so far.  Thanks in advance. EDIT: I think I found the instructions in the MO guide, wherein it states that 'hiding' a file will effectively render it disabled. Is this correct? Still, might be nice to have this instruction on the STEP guide proper.
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