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  1. I would like to note that there's an excellent guide to enblocal.ini config here: https://www.warmsandsguild.com/pnenb/enboost.html#nvidia.
  2. I upgraded to 6GB and my performance is smooth as a baby's bottom now :) However, I also noticed that the RAM speed was defaulting to some aggregiously-low rate, and I bumped-that up at the same time. I'm hoping to go back and run some testing at this faster speed using 4GB of RAM to see if there's any loss in quality from the 6GB because I'm not utilizing more than 50% of the 6GB now.
  3. Do you know precisely what functions RAM and VRAM respectively perform when gaming? EssArrBee indicated that RAM was used to transfer files from disk to VRAM, so it's difficult for me to see a need for having much more RAM than VRAM since most of these files shouldn't need to exist in RAM once loaded into VRAM. I'm curious why a system would need 8GB or more of RAM when VRAM is only at 4GB...
  4. Thanks for the reply, EssArrBee. Your explanation of the relationship between RAM and VRAM is excellent, and I've updated the original post to reflect my model. I'm glad to report that after digging through my SkyrimPrefs and enblocal.ini settings (particularly the [MEMORY] section, of course), I was able to drastically reduce the stuttering. I'm still not seeing huge improvements in my VRAM utilization, though. For the benefit of future generations, I used the INI Tweaks here: https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:2.2.8#1.D._INI_Tweaks and the enblocal guide here: https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:ENB#tab=Editing_Enblocal_INI. I've added a couple more tweaks to the enblocal file (notably, unsafe memory hacks :), so we'll see how that goes! After that, I'll probably be forced to admit that my system RAM is bottlenecking the flow of data from my disk to my VRAM.
  5. I've installed most of the major graphics mods from the step core project and I'm seeing a large amount of macrostutter when running through the opening sequence. According to the Guide, this is normally due to video RAM issues, but using HWiNFO64, I'm seeing that my GPU RAM usage never reaches 40% while my system memory reaches as much as 89% usage. This confuses me because to my understanding, the only time system RAM should get used is if Video RAM is full. I took a look at the enblocal.ini configuration tips in the ENB guide, and they indicated a site which could be used for setting-up configuration: "The [MEMORY] section settings may need to be changed depending on the hardware available. It is a good idea to use the site on the Installation section for the correct settings. ENBoost which is the new memory reduction feature depends heavily on these settings to work ingame." (https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:ENB#tab=Editing_Enblocal_INI) The problem is I don't see this the site referred-to. Has it evaporated? What should I do to increase my video memory utilization? FYI, my specs are thes: GPU = GTX670 GPU RAM = 4GB GDDR5 CPU = i5-4430 3.2ghz RAM = 2GB DDR3 800mhz I recognize my system RAM is pathetic, but I'm not trying to run Photoshop or 100 tabs in Mozilla here; I'm trying to run Skyrim and it's not even using half my GDDR5. Once it's using a decent amount of *that*, then I'll get more interested in buffing my DDR.
  6. I make a new character every time I install a set of new mods and go through the opening carriage drive to benchmark the stability/performance of my install. I guess you're implying that a new bashed patch *is* necessary...
  7. I also just noticed all the *.tri files in the Overwrite folder. At first I had a brief a "wtf?!" moment, then I googled, and now I'm simply drag/dropping them into my "FNIS Output" mod per "3.A.3 Fore's New Idle System (STEP Extended Only)" in STEP 2.2.8. I'm hoping this doesn't require a new bashed patch since I'm not looking forward to rebuilding that every time I go through char creation.
  8. I was working through STEP 2.c to install ENBoost according to this page:Â https://wiki.step-project.com/ENBoost#Recommendations After extracting the files and setting the ini prefs, I started Skyrim and the ENBoost message in the top left of the screen showed by HD Graphics adapter. I quit, opened the Launcher, and the Integrated HD Graphics Adapter was the only option available. After doing some google searching, I found a thread mentioning that the injector dll for ENBoost can cause this problem, so I removed it and the ini files. Upon starting the launcher again, Skyrim effortlessly detected my (puny) NVidia GeForce GT 520M adapter. The forum thread I was reading mentioned that the injection installation of ENB would work better for this than the wrapper. Not having read all the docs on ENB yet (sorry), I wondered if anybody on the forums here had seen this kind of behavior before and/or knew what might the appropriate way to fix it.
  9. I've been trying to bench Skyrim, and I can get the FRAPS overlay to run in Skyrim, but upon exiting after the cart intro sequence, there is no log file. If I bench Windows Aero, I get the FRAPS overlay and a log file without problems. I feel silly asking this since I don't see anybody else doing so, but do you guys know what the problem might be? I've run as admin, I've tried writing to Docs and C:\ but nothing works. :(
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