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  1. Sorry if it isn't the right section of the forum to ask this but I didn't find a more adequate one. Since some games offers HD resolutions officially and unofficially (skyrim mods or shadow of mordor for example), I was wondering about something, for example, my monitor is only 18.5 inches and it's max resolution is 1366x768, does using like 4k resolutions, that obviously have larger resolution than in-game resolution, will make any graphical difference? Or just placebo? Thanks in advance and sorry for any english mistake.
  2. What about the "ignore borders on optimizing", which setting should be used and what does it affect?
  3. is there anyway when applying a filter with tes5edit to hide these subrecords?
  4. nomar

    ddsopt bug?

    There is something that I found in the ddsopt that I will try to explain. I was poking around with the program trying to find a way to just compress and resizing the textures without creating mipmaps and stuff as texture opmitizer does, so in the constraints tab there is a box and the compress option, so unchecking the "re-compress and re-mip all textures" the box becomes grayed out, so there is, if the box is unchecked even if it is grayed out ddsopt won't compress any texture, but if it is checked it compress them. -> Compress a texture from R5G6B5 to DXT1 for example. -> Won't compress. Am I missing something or this doesn't make any sense?
  5. I'm sorry, I mean in the downloads tab, for example, if I remove SkyUI now, in the downloads tab it will still show as installed, it only happens with mods installed through external installer.
  6. SkyUI, a quality world map and so on, when I remove them they doesn't show as uninstalled in the right panel.
  7. I'm almost out of moves, reinstalled the game, changed drivers (from last amd release to the last beta and vice versa), changed almost every single variable in the ini files and the problem still persists. Screenshot of the problem:
  8. In the right pane the files in the data tab are grouped by the respective folder, so I was wondering if the same system could be applied for the conflicts tab, for example instead of showing every file which is being overwrite/provided the files would be grouped by the mod which is having the conflict.
  9. Thanks for the reply! I also posted in the nexus forum and Tannin replied there too, just another question, you mention that "loose files always win out over BSA files" but I thought this only happens if the bsa isn't checked in the archives tab. :confused: So, for example, I have some workshop mods downloaded, actually, just thirteenoranges mods and the portal2 mod from Valve, in the archives tab I have these mods bsas alongside the core game bsas, although I do not know if there is any conflict between them, I could say that wouldn't be wise to have those mods bsas in some order that they are being loaded before the game core bsas?
  10. A simple question, in the archives tab in MO you can change the order of bsa files, so, changing the order will make any effect to the game?
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