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  1. just came across this topic. currently i am trying to speed up adaptation for vivid weathers. but there seems to be a bug if the speed is set too high in IS. tried value 300. i would like to go for a near instant adaptation like 150ms (which is minimum in ENB also). if combined with high timescale 33333 for example the adpatation seems to bug out and gets fixed at a max bright value, never changing again, only fix is to restart game. so i wonder if that is some kind of math error in skyrim engine. and most of all... if that behaviour will happen ingame even with a timescale of 20. any insights on that by chance?
  2. nice. that reminds me of the modding fireworks FO4 will receive when it goes live, and my dearest hope that it will provide a much better modding / modular friendly engine than skyrim. anyway, i like what i heard of coming COT changes
  3. Hi, i am having an issue with the sun. Where others have the sun at far above the mountains at 1830 hours ingame, mine is at the horizonline at 1830 and just disappears at that time, like flipping a switch. i tried reverting skyrim to vanilla state (step procedure). tried clearing everything possible. new game. everything default... i am out of ideas. thanks for any help! EDIT: so i figured out that it is 2 hours that the sun is mismatched, but where this comes from.... EDIT: Post can be deleted, solved... (no need for explanation, as its supposed to be that way) thanks
  4. hehe ;) joking aside.. we really love your input, looking forward to it. although i know lightsprites and pointlights maybe off. we did not get around to really tweak them yet, because we are still redefining tonemaps/colorcorrection and brightness and everything all the time, it never ends. and much to do in life. so it kind of got behind on those things. should be top of the list for the near future.
  5. Well, everything is brighter, so weather settings and interior lightings/pointlighting/ambientlight, everything gets brighter, even the sky and clouds at night. That is the thing we mean. Some things may look a little different from what we designed them to be. And as said, some scenes may even look better with brighter editions. Others better with darker, thats skyrim. And matter of taste. Like Manga said, they need a little more love in the near future, but they are looking ok.
  6. Hey there, Call it timing. (See 3 posts above) I have uploaded another Early BETA Version of the "Vanilla Color Version" in Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l7q5uzycy8as42h/ehTxi10F7I - Be sure to delete anything prior to this BETA. (Sweetfx files and Folders: injFX_Shaders, SweetFX) - Your enblocal.ini should have "EnableProxyLibrary=false" again, or use mine from the beta folder - updated to enbeffect.fx 3.1 from prod80 (changed a few levers, left some in place, others a bit more) - effect.txt now has gaussianbloom and lumasharpen (thanks to Aiyen for the help) - tried out some bloom settings All in all it should be very similiar to the previous beta version. Be free to test. This Version will be updated several times a day, when work is done, without comment. As for your comparison to the 4.x Version. Yes it looks good. Although i worked on it i have not played with it for more than 1h i think :) before continuing to 5.x with another effects file. We are actually thinking about altering some things of the current 5.x Version, namely palette and RGB, to be more on par with 4.x But the depth it had is hard to achive, it had another effects file. BUT the new enbeffect.fx from prods 3.1 version has some nice "toys" which might even be the tool for it. Let's see. I hope i did not forget anything...
  7. i have uploaded a new version in the beta files section. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l7q5uzycy8as42h/ehTxi10F7I For all those who want to experience a more vanilla colored skyrim, this is the "Vanilla Color Version" (in lack of a name yet). It uses a s/w palette. Additionally added the "gaussian bloom" effect.txt from prod80 (credits to the best). Added SweetFX for Lumasharpen instead of the old effect.txt. Also tweaked all weather for a darker sunset/rise. And small tweaks here and there. (There is no "brighter edition" for this yet... maybe later. But it is perceived already a little bit brighter, because of some bloom changes) So, this is experimental. Let's see where it takes us. Maybe there will be two different versions of Vividian ENB in the future. Cheers, Benhat
  8. Hey Daniel thanks for the screens. You got a nice monitor there.. i actually tried out the preset on my plasma TV (just some screens and the video) and it really gets pitchblack in some scenes, but that might also be because of my bad plasma and its calibration :)Anyway, your screens should not be that dark on my TFT (calibrated to best of extend, but which clearly does not support such blacklevels), they should look like the game looks ingame with my TFT, logically.I will try to test those interiors and get back. EDIT: ok, it looks the same. So nothing wrong with your ENB setup. I must say though, the location is really dark, but that is one of the things this ENB aims to be, dark in some regions so that a torch/lantern needs to be used. Partly also because of ELE/ELFX, which aims to be realistic lighting. I will refine the brightness editions anyway. They should be available tomorrow evening in the beta section, dropbox. if you like to give it a try.I am happy about the feedback from someone with that kind of monitor/calibration. So one question. In the last picture, can you see the left foot of the person standing beside you? (right lower corner)
  9. Ok, i was comparing e.g. whiterun pools. But there is a lot to finetune still, yes. Makes little sense though, because of the next (main) release that will use another enbeffect etc.. that is were effort is best used at the moment and the finetuning will go into. still if there is time we will definately look into it, always nice to get feedback, because you can never compare everything ingame and all different textures people use and more. I would love to here your other "buggings" too if you want to share them. you can PM me if you want.Thanks.
  10. I am just wondering, i tried Skylight ENB and compared, but the water is more blue than Vividian. Which ENB is the one you mean?What watermod do you use?
  11. new optional Beta: Vividian - More Nice Bad Weather DG - Beta Vividian - More Nice Bad Weather DG AOS - Beta More Weathers per region, Higher Chance for Snow/Rain/Storm/Fog (Please read Requirements and Article!)
  12. hehe, ok. sorry, now i see why it was funny :) i think it is just because of the chances, i am getting riftenweathers in that region, although often it is morningfogs because it just has the most fog weather IDs added to it. i am currently working on a little patch that will in essence do what EDWS does, more rain, more snow, more fog also maybe. going to change those fog weathers more to the nice COT Weather Patch Fogs maybe.
  13. there are compatibility patches for COT for those mods. maybe they help, restoring the region parameters, if you dont already have them installed.
  14. Do you have any Soundmod installed? Audiooverhaul of Skyrim or Sounds of Skyrim?
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