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  1. This sounds like it might be really useful, I'm planning on playing my next skyrim game with SR:LE and REGS and if I can add PerMa on top, even better :D
  2. https://wiki.step-project.com/index.php?title=Special%3ALog&type=&user=&page=User%3ANeovalen%2FSkyrim+Revisited+-+Legendary+Edition&year=&month=-1
  3. But then I'd have to fiddle around with the SR CR patch and I'm faaaaar too lazy for that
  4. Ah, that's fine then. I think I might hold off carrying on until the v13 patches are out, I'm pretty sure that especially the ELFX mismatches are gonna irritate me
  5. Just running through a full SR:LE/REGS install again, I've noticed that the Oblivion Series patch isn't listed to install for ETaC, does that mean we shouldn't or is it an oversight?
  6. Could it be worth adding esp merge lists like in SR:LE for newbs (like me) who aren't sure which mods will merge nicely to the guide?
  7. Just a quick note, looks like the userlist hasn't been updated for the whiterun outskirts version of better city entrances, I presume it's the same as the all in one file from before?
  8. Haven't downloaded it yet, but looks like the whiterun exterior is an add-on, so won't necessarily cause a conflict I don't think
  9. Looks like ETaC is in the process of being updated, although from what I can see in the comments the ELFX patch isn't quite ready yet
  10. Quick note for the Weathered Road Signs, from what I can see it's not ''textures/clutter/tos_*'' folders but ''textures/tos_*'' folders
  11. Welcome Gandaganza! It's wonderful to see that this great pack will be staying up to date :D
  12. Is there any kind of ETA on the new version of requiem? I'm thinking of using this pack and SRLE to start a new playthrough but i'm not sure if i should hold off until the new version is out
  13. Thanks, I'll be sure to trawl through them when I get a free moment
  14. Any idea of the edits I'd need to make to the conflict resolution patch (if any) to get these mods working with an otherwise vanilla SR:LE installation? I'm new to conflict resolution patching and if people could point me in the right direction that'd be wonderful :)
  15. Just a quick issue, your link for EotW Dawnguard DLC Textures Remastered actually links to a 100% complete thieves guild save? EDIT: It's actually just a miscopied link, the id should be 51947 rather than 5194
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