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  1. I agree. Bad title. I had just posted another post where I was having a very similar problem with the mod listed above this one in the STEP guide. I'll keep an eye on mod publish dates. Thanks for the tip.
  2. It may have been posted on May 3rd. I don't know. I was giving the date that I was following it, in case it changes after that date.
  3. Audio Overhaul for Skyrim says to "delete the following files/folders" : "SKSE The function of this SKSE plugin is included in SSE Engine Fixes." I don't see anything about SKSE anywhere in the filetree for Audio Overhaul for Skryrim. What am I supposed to be deleting?
  4. I am following the STEP guide as it is posted on 6/8/2020. At "Audiovisual - Models & Textures > Vivid Landscapes - Tundra Moss Revised (SE)" the STEP guide says to install the main, yellow 1024 file, and, the SMIM compatibility patch. The SMIM compatibility patch contains multiple data files. Which one do we use? I've actually tried clicking OK on several folders in that mod and all give the warning that the "Mod was probably not set up right", so, I guess I don't just need to know which one to use, but, how in the heck do I even install this at all as everything seems to say "not set up right" when I choose it. #Edit - Literally clicking every file or folder in the downloaded mod gives the warning that there is no data in the top level or something like that. It doesn't seem possible to install the SMIM compatibility patch mod at all.
  5. I am following the STEP guide as it is posted on 6/8/2020. At "Audiovisual - Models & Textures > Vivid Landscapes - Tundra Moss Revised (SE)" the STEP guide says to install the main, yellow 1024 file, and, the SMIM compatibility patch. The SMIM compatibility patch contains multiple data files. Which one do we use?
  6. I was following the STEP 2.10.0 Guide and it says to set the "Global Priority" of some mods in LOOT. LOOT no longer supports this. Does anyone have any advice on how to "prioritize" these mods to make sure they load in the correct order?
  7. Yeah. I've tried it on clamp and allow. It was on Clamp when I first saw the problem. I had tried to install Skyrim following the RealVision ENB guide on Mod Nexus. It looked amazing. I averaged around 30 FPS, but, it would "stutter" quite often. There would be a half-second or so that the game would just freeze. It usually seemed to happen when I was out wandering the country-side or when a random enemy would run out of the woods. Not only would it freeze, but, I would see the FPS drop to almost nothing at the same time. Usually when it would happen, it would do it a few times over the course of a few seconds, then it would run fine for 2 or 3 minutes. I decided it was unbearable and went looking for a more stable way to install Skyrim. I found this STEP thing and thought I would give it a try. STEP extended runs at 60 FPS, but, some items and armors and such have this "Shimmer" thing. I never saw it under the RealVision install. I have now 7zipped my STEP install as a backup, and I am reinstalling everything, but trying to find some middle ground between RealVision and STEP. If I could get 40-50 FPS with no stutter and no shimmer, I would be in heaven. Funny thing is, I haven't played Skyrim on my PC. I played straight through the main story line on my PS3 and then put it down. I played Oblivion on Xbox till my fingers bled and my children forgot my name. About a year ago, I built this awesome computer, and have played nothing on it but old DOS and NES games. My wife started playing Fallout New Vegas and we noticed you could get mods for it. I said, "You know what, I'm going to get Skyrim for this thing and play it in depth the way I did Oblivion. I'm going to do it in a way that tests what this computer can handle, too!" That was 2 weeks ago. I've been trying to install a stable, HD, modded version of Skyrim since...
  8. If I just adjust the settings through the launcher (opened through MO), it doesn't fix the shimmer, and, it puts me back in the flying, bouncing, spinning cart. I don't really know much about the Nvidia tool other than what it said to do in the STEP guide. What settings should I be adjusting there? PS. Turning the Anti Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering down just a notch seems to fix the flying cart but has no effect on the shimmer. Setting all launcher settings to the Ultra default and setting all of the STEP adjusted settings on my video card to "Application Controlled" fixes the cart also but I still have shimmering.
  9. Awesome. Thanks. I'll try that. I have it all set to "Ultra" through the launcher as that's what the STEP guide said to do. Other than the few changes it said to make with the Nvidia tool. I might have some room to turn stuff up a bit. The benchmark I did just before the last step of installing STEP averaged a little over 50 fps according to the log, but it almost always said 60 on the screen. I think the lowest it dipped to was in the mid-40s. It also says I never go over 2GB of my 3GB of VRAM and my GPU never goes over 70% load. I am willing to take a minor FPS hit if it fixes the shimmer. Thanks again.
  10. First, I would like to appoligise if this has been answered somewhere before. I tried searching this site and Google, but couldn't find a suitable answer. I just finished installing STEP Extended. Everything seems to be working, at least up until the end of the opennig cart ride, except for one minor issue. The "Alduin on the Rock" statue during the inital load screen has sparkly shimmering edges. I haven't run into it yet in actual game play, but, as I said, I've only gone as far as the cart ride. I figured if it's showing up on the load screen, it's likely going to show up somewhere else, either as Twilight-style dragons or sparkly clutter. I'm sure this has something to do with anti-aliasing or some such thing, I just have no idea what. I have all of my ini and graphics card settings set exactly as listed in the STEP guide, so, surely someone else has had this problem. Thanks again for all of your help. EDIT: On a second play of the cart ride, the cart was in the air and spinning wildly and I had virtually no control over my characters head. A quick google search and I found that a potental cause was the "timescale" tweak in the Bash Patch. I set it back to 20 and went for a 3rd play of the cart ride. This time, the cart ride went smoothly, however, I noticed that not only was Alduin shiny, but the chain part of the cart driver's armor was also shiny, so, it's not just Alduin.
  11. Thank you very much. You're awesome! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. I think I may have solved my own problem with a few hours of Googling. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, please. BCFs are only necessary if you are doing all of your mod installing through Wrye Bash. If you are installing your mods through Mod Organizer, BCFs are irrelevant and not needed. The only reason to have Wrye Bash installed through Mod Organizer is so you can use Wrye Bash to make bash patches, if one is necessary. If that is correct, it would answer all of my questions. I'm going forward assuming I do not need the BCFs, so, if that is untrue, please let me know. P.s. As a beginner, I am running into many parts of this installation that are confusing. Or at least slightly unclear and a bit foggy. Is there a group of people that edit the main installation walkthrough? I would share my insights, or lack thereof, with them to help make the installation clearer to others.
  13. Ok. This STEP thing is really making me feel like an idiot. I am completely new to modding and this is my first attempt, I'm learning as I go. First off, I have BOSS, Wrye Bash, TES5Edit, SKSE, Skyrim, and BOSS Userlist Manager all installed and set to run from inside Skyrim Mod Organizer. I am installing STEP 2.2.8 and have made it to the installation of 'Skill Interface' in section 2.E. This mod seems to involve 2 BCFs. I followed the instructions in the Wiki Guide for installing BCFs with Wrye Bash (opened from inside Mod Manager). After installing both with the wizard they appeared in the mod list in Wrye Bash. I then ran BOSS (from inside Wrye Bash), as per one of the sets of instructions I found on this site. The new mod showed up as an "Unrecognised Mod". I then closed Boss and Bash and returned to Mod Organizer. The new "Bash" mod did not show up in MO. I ran BUM (from inside MO) and created a custom rule based on the automatic one it generated for the new mod. I then re-ran BOSS (from inside MO). Still no new mod in MO, although it was showing in BOSS. I then ran Wrye Bash again and uninstalled / reinstalled the mod, thinking that I missed some step in the instructions. After doing that, the new mod does not show up in Wrye Bash's mod list, BOSS, BUM, or MO. The only place it's visible is in Wrye Bash on the Installers tab. Do I have to use the BCFs? I assume it's required since they're listed.Do I have to install the mod as normal through MO AND install the BCF through Wrye Bash?How can I find the mod that I've already installed? It seems any reference to the mod was somehow lost when I uninstalled / reinstalled it.What did I do wrong the first time around that prevented the mod from showing up in MO? (If not answered by one of the above questions)Thanks again, guys. Although this modding thing is driving me nuts, at least there is a good group of active forum members to help out.
  14. Thanks a million. You guys are great. I didn't have BOSS Userlist Manager set up completely. For anyone in the future who runs into this, here's what I did to fix it: Open BOSS Userlist Manager from inside Mod Organizer.Enter the appropriate information for all fields for Skyrim. Leave "User Game" blank.Assuming you only plan to use this for Skyrim, use the dropdown box to select any other games you have installed and delete the information that is pre-filled for those games.Save. This should take you to the main user-interface screen.Select "Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp" from the bottom right menu. It may look like this: >IF VAR(USKP20) MOD: Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp. I have no idea why. :)Click the "Create Override" icon at the top.Select "Update.esm" from the bottom right list and click the "Copy" button next to where "Update.esm" appears at the top.Click the "Save Rule" button.Repeat for each of the unofficial patches, creating rules to insert them after their respective DLC esp's. Make sure to click "Save Rule" each time.Exit BOSS Userlist Manager and save when prompted.Run BOSS from inside Mod Organizer.Run the Dual Sheath Redux Patch again and it should complete properly.Double click on "Overwrite" at the bottom of your mod list and drag and drop the folder found there to your "DSR Output" mod to combine them.I don't know if that's a "Best Practices" method or not, but it seemed to work for me. I just moved all of the mods to follow their respective patchees. I have no idea why each of the patchs seems to have an "If" statement for a name. I guess it's so it will check to see if you have the appropriate patchee before it installs the patch. Seems like they could have done that behind the scenes somehow. Oh well. Thanks again to everyone who helped. You guys really are awesome.
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