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  1. Thanks to you Smile, because it is based in your Requiem Pack
  2. I have made list in reddit to play with STEP 2.2.9+Requiem 1.8.2+another mods. Check it if you like it. https://redd.it/34tj88
  3. After long time testing a lot of mods (about 184 hours) I would like to start the game at once. I have made a post in reddit with my mod list. Much information is taken from these forums. Link: https://redd.it/34tj88 What do you think about it? Do you think it is possible?
  4. I think there is an error with the STEP instructions with this mod. It says:"Only the "meshes" folder is needed from this mod, so the plugin from this mod should not be loaded. The plugin from Weapons and Armor Fixes will be used instead." But in the WAF mod the instruction says: not to include the ICH option. Anyway, altough I activate the ICH option in the WAF mod (v5.1) it doesn´t work unless I actived the main plugin from ICH "imp_helm_legend.esp"
  5. The non-script version have the same lights as vanilla, only fix the broken lights. The script version add new lights and fix the broken ones.
  6. Mods will be the new DLCs. Why will the developers work in a game if the users do the same job (and many times a better job) and they still receive money?. Some games ripped entire levels, characters and even the real finale and they were packed as DLCs. Why can´t they do the same things disguised as mods?
  7. There is something I haven´t read about. Our support, our tests. How much to test all the mods? and to make the patch to work together? I don´t speak very well in english. But can you see the differences?
  8. I have been testing this mod along with downpour mod and I like te result. The rain is very intensive. I don´t know if there are differents intesity levels of rain. PROS: Good rain effect Heavy rain Very good thunder sounds It works with NLA (and it is compatible with a lot of weather mods) CONS: I have seen only one kind on rain and it is very strong. I would like some variants from low to heavy rain. I think te effect is better disabling the rain effect in the ENB, although you can tweak the setting inside the enb options
  9. Ogerboss is making a compatibility list (the list is not complete of course and there is a link to the nexus´s forum). I have discovered that Convenient Horses is fully compatible.
  10. are there any compatibility issues when replacing the armor meshes? the file is less than 100 mb.
  11. There is a requiem patch for Weapons and Armor Fixes. The requiem extended pack is very old now. I suggest to visit this Requiem guide: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/4558-requiem-pack-wip/
  12. Do you use the NLA Plugin with ELE weathers? i thought they were incompatible Enter the shadows and the lights adapt in this enb... it is a very good effect. Only a few ENB have this effect well implemented (Opethfelt, Rudy ENB). After testing a lot of ENBs this is my favorite now. PROS: The weather are enhanced with only one ESP. Bye COT.The light is very natural, but not desaturated.The shadow effect is superb. You can see a shadow in the distance and when you approach the eyes adapt to it and you see it clearly. It is the same effect as Opethfledt but not so exaggeratedNights and interiors are dark but you you can still see in the house interiors without a torch.The fire are orange not white as other ENBs. I have tested this with ELFx, with RLO+ELE the fire is yellow... but i prefer ELFX.It has a lot of effects (cloud effect, sunrays, etc)CONS: It is very demanding
  13. I have neck seams. Not very noticeable but there it is Anyway, CHNF 2.5 have updated all their armor meshes, i am playing with it without problem. And that body is almost perfect.
  14. Somebody give me the requiem patch modified and it works fine now: https://www.mediafire.com/?909hkm6zqa6cw03 I have irileth with clothes again!
  15. Somebody give me the requiem patch modified and it works fine now: https://www.mediafire.com/?909hkm6zqa6cw03
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