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  1. It no longer does this. All files are stored wherever you run the .exe, so it's portable now.
  2. Hi all, I've released v2 (well, v2.1.1 now) of ENB Organizer. You can read about it on the Nexus page. Relevant new features: * Supports any game (ENB Organizer will auto-detect some games and add them for you)* Built-in support for ENBoost* Allows you to Sync your preset so that changes made in-game are copied back to the preset* Option to use a global enblocal.ini* Optional separation of binary files and presets* Customizable preset cards* Intuitive, modern user interface based on Google's Material Design* Automatically informs you when there is an update available on the Nexus Just so that the STEP team is aware, in the Global ENBLocal and Add ENBoost Preset screens, I linked to the respective STEP wiki pages for users needing assistance. In the spirit of my ongoing goal to simplify the ENB process a little bit, I hope this app can aid users in the ENBoost part of the guide. I'd love to hear feedback from STEP users/team members on whether this app aligns well with the guide.
  3. This is an excellent idea! I dreamed up a similar project a while back but it hit my backlog quickly. I'd love to join in on the project. Do you have room for one more on your staff? I have a lot of back-end experience with C#/.NET and some basic knowledge of HTML/CSS. Sounds like .NET isn't part of your stack, but I could assist where possible and perhaps learn some other languages. Also, I'm curious where Delphi fits in. I haven't used it since Delphi 6 and thought it was pretty much on life support. Are you using it for web development?
  4. Thanks for moving it to the correct forum, phazer. I don't believe it's quite big enough to warrant a support forum (at least not yet), so I was just posting it to share and possibly get feedback from the most experienced Skyrim modders out there.
  5. Nexus Link Hopefully this can ease the pain of switching between ENB presets for some folks. I based the INI Quick Edit menu off of the INI edits recommended by STEP. I would appreciate any feedback from STEP veterans on this part of the process. If it's efficient enough, perhaps some users could use the quick edits in the future to quickly enable STEP-recommended settings, as well as a way to install ENBoost.
  6. Gotcha. Is it specifically checking for v3.5? It seems so given the fix I applied.
  7. I'm not sure if I ran into a unique case or not, but I thought I'd post my workaround here just in case someone else stumbles across this. My PC came with .NET Framework 4.5, but MO was still throwing this error. I tried another workaround posted here regarding changing registry values, but that didn't do the trick. Here's what I had to do: Control Panel ---> Programs ---> Turn Windows features on or offEnable .NET Framework 3.5That's it.
  8. Add MO, SKSE, and TEST.exe to the GPU list. Also use the injector version of ENB or the Optimus Fix with the wrapper version. After that, restart your PC.
  9. Would you mind sending over your enblocal.ini file? Those specific tweaks didn't do the trick for me.
  10. Appreciate the detailed responses. My end goal is basically a tweaked Ultra preset and mostly 1K textures. I probably won't run an ENB unless I find a performance one I like. I'm more concerned with smooth gameplay than maximum visuals and hopefully finding a sweetspot inbetween.
  11. (Hoping this is the right place for this. I couldn't find another fitting forum category). https://pcpartpicker.com/p/v9DkHx I have a friend that will be donating a PSU. I've been dying to build a PC for the first time now that I finally have the money. I mostly took parts from a prebuilt Newegg special a few months ago as I wasn't sure where to start, but this rig would fit my budget and seems like it would be capable for what I'm trying to get. Skyrim has become such a big part of my life that I've planned an entire build around it. My end goal is to run Skyrim on *mostly* ultra settings (shadows and AA turned down) at 50-60 FPS. I basically want to know 2 things: Are all of these parts compatible? I know enough about parts to choose the specs I want, but I'm unsure of how to choose parts that will work in perfect harmony. Again, this was mostly built from a Newegg preset, so I'm guessing it will be fine. Is this ALL I'll need to put the PC together? I'd like to know any possible extra things I'll need to buy to assemble it. I know I'll need thermal paste, but I'd like to know of anything else.I'd also love general suggestions. I've debated 7850 vs. a GTX 750Ti for a long time, but it seems the 7850 would be a better deal for the money. I've seen several Skyrim benchmarks for the 7850 out there, and they all seem to indicate that it can run Skyrim on Ultra (we're talking 8x AA and Ultra Shadows which KILL performance) with no trouble.
  12. Yep. GT 730m (laptop). The game stays mostly above 45+ FPS outdoors, and GPU/CPU temps are fine, so I don't think this is due to hardware stress. Just engine quirks or something.
  13. I've tried every combination of VSync/Triple Buffering/FPS Limiters/RenderAheadLimit/Borderless Window settings that exists, and I haven't been able to make this issue even budge. Even turning VSync completely off in every possible way doesn't resolve the issue, which especially confuses me. To be sure I'm talking about the correct problem, I'm referencing when you obtain a high FPS (typically indoors), and any movement of the mouse results in "jittering" as shown below: Anyway, there's probably no point in posting my setup and attempted fixes as it will likely go nowhere. What I'd like to hear is: Any success stories against this issue? Has anyone out there found a silver bullet fix that worked for their situation? Is there anyone out there who hasn't experienced this issue at all? If so, I'd love to know your rig setup. I'll be buying/building a new PC soon, and this issue alone drives me mad enough to plan a build around fixing it.
  14. Don't have time to look through all of your mods, but traditionally the most effective performance tweaks for me have been: - I use the Ultra preset, but I check Object Detail Fade and lower the Distant Object Detail to 'High'. I believe those tweaks grant up to 5 additional FPS for me compared to the 'Ultra' settings. - Raise the iMinGrassSize setting in Skyrim.ini. I'm not sure what the game's default is (I'm guessing 20 or 40), but I set mine anywhere from 80-120. It reduces the amount of grass quite a bit but grants a significant performance boost. - Shadows, shadows, shadows! Shadows are very tricky to set up correctly, and the negative correlation of quality vs. performance is drastic. Set them as low as you can accept. I often find that setting iBlurDeferredShadowMask in anywhere SkyrimPrefs.ini from 7 - 10 softens the shadows enough to compromise for using a lower shadow resolution. - Skyrim Performance Plus, Bethesda Performance Textures - Animals/Creatures, and Bethesda Performance Textures - Armors/Clothes/Weapons are great performance-enhancing mods.
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