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  1. Thank you so much. That totally sorted it out. Perils of still using an old mod I have got attached to I suppose :( You went above and beyond for me and it is really appreciated Thank you :)
  2. Hi Sheson Ok So on the off chance it was a borked download of dyndolod causing the issue I cleared out everything and redownloaded and installed so I am using v 2.56 for main files and resources (it was what I had already but just to eliminate stuff). I pared everything down and running simply my own mod in a vanilla game + SkyUI and the vanilla trees load perfectly (So whew at least its nothing in my own mod thats causing my issue). However putting just SFO Summer into the mix - problem returns. So I guess I've narrowed that bit down. I've tried various combinations of load order just with my wee Whiterun mod, SkuUi, SFO Summer and SFO Summer lod billboards and makes no difference whatsoever. Re-downloaded the billboards from TES5LodGen - doesn't sort it out. http://www.dropbox.com/sh/7allarogjjaszle/AABec7q5rJj1-Y3D_2xn8MbBa?dl=0 added some closer pics of the problem and a copy of my log file (I haven't generated Solstheim as I use a mod which has its own although its not loaded atm but I don't think that will make any difference). I will download the latest nifskope tomorrow and have a look but I wouldn't really know good from bad unless its outstandingly obvious lol
  3. Thanks for answering Sheson Ok so i bit the bullet and set up a new MO profile with literally just my Whiterun mod and SFO Summer and Dyndolod, and it still did it - worked fine before the lod files went in and I only used the vanilla lod billboards and SFO summer billboards. So its not load order related its something dumb I have done in the Whiterun mod. Now as its my mod I simply changed all the tamriel worldspace trees to being parent ref 14 But I think originally I did it as an override (this was way back when I first generated the lod which never had much reason to change until now). Should I have done the change parent ref to 14 thing as an override again? Trees work fine everywhere else, this is original traditional tree lod nothing ultra and all settings on medium. Can't get a better pic as it goes normal the closer I get. Basically its like green tree lod exploding outwards in a starburst and from a distance (say the top of the waterfall towards Riverwood) it bllankets the entire city in a kind of green cloud. Can't remeber which version Dyndolod I was originally using but it was at least 2 years back. I downloaded the current one for this session and so everything is up to date including the resources files. Really sorry to be a nuisance :(
  4. Recently came back to Skyrim (Oldrim) after a long hiatus. Updated so many mods and so on and so forth that I needed new lod generating. So got the latest versions of Dyndolod and installed it all following the step guide (as I couldn't for the life of me remeber it all after 2 years or more). So - way back in the dim and distant I made myself a Whiterun mod. A couple of extra shops - various bits and pieces - and trees. Because I wanted to see them from the mountainside outside Whiterun I put the exact same trees into the exact same locations in the tamriel worldspace. However many years ago it was I got it working then by asking you - and you suggested to make the trees in the tamriel worldspace parent reffed 14. (I found our conversation and double checked). It worked beautifully then. Now I get this https://www.dropbox.com/s/2lairytol5xy1zu/Tree%20Lod%20at%20Whiterun.jpg?dl=0 Shot taken by me coc'in from load screen in case it was an issue with any save due to me messing about for days rofl And its the same mod as before, I hadn't changed anything in it, in fact before I started adding a few new mods I popped in game just to make sure I wasn't crashing and burning and the lod was working then on the old version of Dyndolod that I had generated it in. Main reason I updated dyndolod was because I removed Falskar to try out Bruma so not really added or removed anything which affects tamriel at all. I have been troubleshooting it for 2 days now with no success at all. There are no trees in Whiterun which are any different to the trees outside the walls which work perfectly. I'm afraid my brain shuts down when confronted with making rules or anything - plus not sure it would help unless I get to the underlying problem. Yes I could take the mod out when I generate the lod but then it makes Whiterun look very barren from even as close as the meadery. The mods I was using for trees back then are the same mods I am using now Vanilla billboards, then SFO Summer and the Summer billboards and as you can see in the shot the lods are working fine so its something to do with this parent/child thing in the worldspace but I have no idea what. I have no report logs indicating a problem, lod generated without any hiccups at all, I went through and checked every mod in my load order for errors using latest tes5 (the 4 point something or another one) nothing wrong with any of them. So I'm stumped. Any pointers would be really appreciated.
  5. hmm thats awkward isn't it lol. I can see a tree atlas for it under texures\dlc2solstheimworld\trees so just assumed that was what I needed to split. he hasn't added any different trees to the mod from ones in Tamriel but I assume I can't simply rename the Tamriel tree lod. Thanks for answering, will see what I can work out from the tree lod billboard mod.
  6. Hi there I was wondering how long do I have to keep pressing the shift key to get a mod to show up in the lodgenoptions when using it to split an atlas. Having had no luck at all in getting SummerSolstheim mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/34570) to do it in MO - I opened a copy of the mod in my base game installed with NMM, unbsa'd as i thought that might make it easier but I still don't get the window show up where I can select Trees LOD and split the atlas. Feeling a bit baffled as I assumed it was cos of MO that it wouldn't work but that doesn't seem to be the case. I've asked the mod author - Ichibu - today to upload billboards, but I hold out no great hope as he hasn't done anything with that mod for 2 years now. Its not the end of my world as I will just leave Solstheim out of dyndolod generating, but I would like to understand whether its me making a mistake or something weird in the mod itself causing the problem. I did mention in the tes5lodgen mod that I can't manage to get it to work for this mod, so hope someone can point out what I'm doing wrong here :) Gen
  7. That worked a treat I set up both my "problem" mods with it and both now work properly, there is one tree right inside the whiterun gate that just briefly gets the double lods, then the game catches up and they vanish, very minor. Thank you Sheson for suggesting the answer and explaining how to do it when I asked. Very much appreciated.
  8. Is it possible to set up a specific rule on them, I'm reading the maanual and i can see a way to specify form id and maybe I could just tell it to do object lod on these trees only ( I think about 10 of them), is that possible or will it simply not work like that? I'm not 100% sure I understand how to do it but I'd give it a go if I thought it would work.
  9. Hi Guys Wonder if someone can help me on an issue. i have run Dyndolod successfully, everything works fine and in 99% of the places I hopped into from a loading screen coc its all looking beautiful. Thank you for the mod - wonderful stuff! Now to my wee problems, I have a mod that add stuff to Whiterun, mod author has long since departed - I've tweaked it for my own use. It adds trees into Whiterun, it also puts the same tree into the wilderness in Tamriel worldspace, at the same location, same size, same rotation etc etc, so that the tree can be seen from outside the city walls. Works perfectly without Dyndolod. With Dyndolod I get doubled up lods on the trees inside the city - they seem to be pushing each other out of position and I have no idea how or why that could happen - and it looks awful. I can however run dyndolod without that particular mod ticked off in Tes5 edit and that seems to work to the extent that I don't get the doubled up lods, but of course I get tree pop in in the city as I approach it - I just wondered if there is a better way, maybe make the trees in the wilderness cells a percentage smaller or something? I have no idea and wondered if anyone could suggest something. The other small issue is allied to the above I think, similar problem in a mod that adds trees outside Whiterun but it puts a few of them near the city walls. and because it does so it puts the same tree in the same place in WhiterunWorld so that they can be seen over the wall.I get the same lod fighting issue with overlapping lods showing - sometimes blotting out the actual tree completely I can just remove the trees closest to the walls - I'm starting a new game so it won't make any difference. But, again, I was wondering if anyone can suggest a better solution? For additional info both mods are just esp's no added textures or anything. I use MO. And I run SFO Summer (and yes I have the SFO Summer billboards placed immediately after SFO in my load order). I did try Gamer Poets suggestion of moving the dyndolod output above SFO in the left hand side load order in MO, which obviously worked fine - but kinda negates the point of having a new tree lod
  10. I think I have this right but bear with me if I have got something wrong - its been a long day................ Could some additional info be added to the installation pages on the Enhanced Lighting for ENB-LITE. Reason is that the mod won't work with any location that has changed a lighting template added roombounds or roommarkers etc (i.e. probably most modded player homes, for example; Breezehome springs to mind as its heavily modded and I know of several Breezehomes which have added roombounds). Appreciate that's nothing to do with STEP but many players will possibly have, or want to have, Step core and also the odd modded home. Would be easier to make the decisions if that info was included. Also the blue info banner on the additional instructions suggests that ELE installation can be skipped but (I think) its a master in the step core patch and that should maybe be mentioned as well?
  11. Just to let everyone know - who answered me and tried to help. I tried a couple more times to get the Wrapper version to work on my friends PC. With no success CTD as soon as the game began to load. However Recently we braved up and had yet another go and this time with the Injector version following STEP instructions and it worked! Thank you everyone who helped :)
  12. Thank you both. Doubtful it would be any other program as he hasn't got a great deal loaded onto that pc. So I will try the Injector version with the DisableDriverMemoryManager setting and see if that works. Thanks again for the help :)
  13. I was wondering if the writers of the STEP core would consider adding a section on ENBoost that covers installing ENBoost for users of AMD. Personally I have an Nvidia card and run ENBoost with no problems whatsoever but was trying with a dismal lack of success to assist a friend to install it who has AMD. Quite simply following the install instructions on STEPcore crashed his Skyrim at the load screen. All instructions were followed to the letter, I was the one installing it, or trying to, on his computer and I followed the instructions (which worked sucessfully on my own Nvidia setup), have tried now on several different occasions and even tried the full ENBoost from the Nexus with no luck. I was going to try the injector, as I read somewhere that that was more successful for AMD, but have no clue how to set that up and didn't want to wreck his otherwise stable game by messing about too much. I'm sure others must have similar problems. So it would be very much appreciated.
  14. Not sure if this is strictly a bug - but its certainly an issue. :P The Step core is using Skyrim Realistic Overhaul under the Conflicting graphics section with a link to a torrent site. I'm in the Uk - the linked site has been closed in the UK since Feb 2013 due to a court order, same is true of just about every site I have managed to find for downloading that mod. Not a major hassle for myself as I use the aMidian ones instead but seems strange to link to a defunct closed website a year later.
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