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  1. i updated MO2 to v2.0.8.3 and the Sort button inside MO2 seems to be sorting the plugins fine now(which i think uses LOOT masterlist?) however running the LOOT program still messes up the load order(moves all esp to top and activates every esp) and deactivates all master files and moves them to bottom :/ i guess since the Sort button of MO2 is working fine i will continue to use that instead
  2. Information: ModOrganizer: LOOT: 0.10.3 Latest Fallout 4 with all DLC Fallout 4 installed on C: MO and LOOT installed on D:\ but tried on C:\ too Using instance profile This also happens on MO 2.0.7 but I figured it would be better to post here. Only mod installed is Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch and CBBE but I have tried with other mods as well. I launch LOOT from inside MO, click sort, no changes need to be made, exit LOOT and then all my DLC masters and moves them to the bottom of the load order, and all esps are activated and moved to top of the load order I also noticed that the load order in MO never matches the order in LOOT. Before this i had MO2 v2.0.6 and it seemed to have worked fine with an older LOOT version (probably 0.8.0)
  3. hello i installed SKSE Data (Scripts folder and skse.ini) from instructions here : https://wiki.step-project.com/Skyrim_Script_Extender i named the mod, skse data folder and had it enabled in MO. now i didn't notice this for a long time but now when i am wanting to install Merge plugins standalon it requires a specific TESV_Papyrus_Flags.flg Fileso i extracted the "TESV_Papyrus_Flags.flg" file from scripts.rar in skyrim main data folder and put it in skse data folder.. so now after running Merge plugins from MO i browsed to the skyrim (pseudo) data folder and went in the scripts\source and i could not find the file.. to be honest i cannot see the names of any of the files added by SKSE data's scripts folder when browsing with merge plugins file browser..... so does that mean i have been playing this whole time without loading the mandatory skse scripts folder? o.O Screenshot :
  4. i have been crashing mainly at fast travels and exterior cell change(to be precise i have noticed that crush occurs when companions start to teleport to me after fast travel)....so i have been cleaning my esps to minimize edits that change overworld cells(my mods are mostly armors and companions that add completely new records) companion related i have AFT(original 1.66 and DFD AFT compatible version) which did reduce crashing yes ,but i still crash every now and then. so i started debugging papyrus logs and i can see a certain para of perk related lines keep on repeating themselves these are the lines not sure if these are related to a mod but i have 0 perk related mods or any of the overhauls (Perma or Redone) so i am guessing these are the causing the crash anyways i will upload the recent Full papyrus.0.log as well as my load order(yes i have 179 esps but about 80% of them are companions and weapon/armor mods and optional plugin for houses, Which i have also SPECIALLY edited in TES5edit to remove/edit any conflicting records and removed any cell changes they try to make,yes i add any item with additem menu instead) so if any kind soul can help me out with this looping script problem or even a suggestion will be greatly appreciated Load order: Papyrus.0.log : https://pastebin.com/eJT0j9ET I don't think my saves are bloated as they are 12 MB and they remain constant untill i add a new weapon or armor..but still im open to suggestions
  5. ah...was hoping it would work the same way as FNIS and bodyslide where newly created files by programs running inside MO gets sent to overwrite folder. oh well
  6. i set up tes5edit from following instructions here : https://wiki.step-project.com/TES5Edit i can edit esp fine and saved esps are working as intended the only problem is when i edit a esp from a mod the edited esp saves fine BUT the old unedited esp is actually saved in the mods folder (you know the separate folders that mod organizer has for each activated mods in the left pane) this is especially annoying as i am planning on mas cleaning and removing dirty edits from my 166 activated esp files and if something goes wrong i will have a problem navigating to all those 166 folders -.- using windows 10 with mod organizer running as adminstrator Screenshot of TES5edit backup folder created in the mod folder instead of overwrite folder :
  7. Not sure if you're not aware or just trolling tbh... You have SFO regular which is one of the most performance itnensive mods (if not, THE most) available. WATER, SMIM... And you add a ton of NPCs through mods as well as a very large amounts of scripts which I think not even the most experienced modders with super systems here run at the same time. We're trying to determine your problem and your rig is just not up to par to run a mods list like this. Probably not what you want to hear at all but this is the way I see it. sfo huh?i actually never thought it could cause lags since the trees use vanilla texture but yes that could be the problem because before even installing WATER and SMIM(vanilla texture and meshes version) (which i installed at last) i still experienced combat lag....and all the posters are saying that script running mods are bad...well somewhere i heard that when there are too many script mods ONLY the scripts get lagged(you know slow trigger before script starts) but it shouldn't stutter the entire game...but i could hear wrong besides i am not running script intensive mods like skyre,frostfall,wet and cold,footprint which are ACTUALLY considered script intensive and my save is 20 mb after 70 hours which i dont think is bloated but yes i think my CPU is getting bottlenecked by my GPU because my GPU cant handle all the polygons added by SFO.. okay guys i will test it out without SFO and report back if my CPU doesnt spike during a fight... and yes i have the stable ugrids and my setting is at default....5 i guess? since i never tried modifying ugrid.. though 1 thing i should tell you guys that i had a BETA version of EFF mod when starting a new save but after playing 50 hours i switched to AFT...now there are EFF errors in papyrus logs but they start whenever i fire up the game not in fights only
  8. please stop criticizing the rig guys -.- i could run vanilla skyrim without any hiccups....and if you check out other threads other people with more powerful rigs still have this combat stuttering such as this thread https://forum.step-project.com/showthread.php?tid=1982 although i was hoping for any program or tweak to kind of remedy this problem from the community :) and FYI i still have 150 mb vram to spare all times..... since i am not running any texture mod or graphic enhancer EDIT:i heard that onetweaks borderless window mode can fix stuttering is it true???if so how to set it up? :)
  9. same problem here appereantly it only crashes when i let it autoload....but if pause the game the moment i die and manually reload the last save from menu i dont get CTD :D hope that helps
  10. hey guys i pretty much told my problem in the title.... yep my game stutters and freezes heavily(like for 2-3 seconds) ONLY during exterior cell combat with npcs like bandits,wolves etc(though i can fight with 3 dragons at once outside without any stutter) i tried identifying the problem and i think i did it with skyrim performance monitor it seems like when i am in outside exterior cells my cpu spikes heavily and it always goes between 50%-90% BUT when i am in interior cells like any city or a dungeon i dont freeze at all(even when fighting 15 draugers at once) and at that time i see my cpu is about 95-100% used and even when i am idling in cities its still 100% used....as a result i get smooth gameplay in exterior..30+ fps always but when i am in outside combat fighting even with 3 bandits causes my game to freeze for 2-3 seconds and resume then freeze again untill i finish the fight so what do you think is the problem guys??any tweaks should i do to my inis?? my mod list https://www.dropbox.com/s/upq9j4e30yqbxqj/LoadOrder_Skyrim_2014-01-20T18-20-57.txt fix mods applied(shesons mem patch,ENboost,HialGO boost) EDIT: My PC config Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 GPU Nvidia 9800 GT VRAM 1 GB DDR5 RAM 4 GB DDR3
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