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  1. No longer drawing in circular motion (forgot to reactivate weapon placement specific animation in the first option) I'm now only having trouble with FSM's Two-Handed edge up at the hip Here's how I installed everything: - Basic non-conflicting mods like SkyUI, OneTweak, Alternate Start, etc... - Realistic Ragdolls - Fores New Idle - Race Menu. Activated both RaceMenu.esm and RaceMenuPlugin.esm - XP32 Extended through the Fomod installer. Selected "Base Animation - Dual" only. Did not select the buggy two handed drawing animation in 1st person for testing purposes. Made sure it was not overwritten by other skeletons (Ragdolls) - Dual Sheath Redux. - Ran the Dual Sheath Patcher from inside MO by creating an executable. Loaded the patch at the very bottom of my load order on both panes. - Ran the FNIS Patcher from MO by creating executable and ran the program in admin mod from the folder directory prior to. Ticked Groovtama's alt animation and the skeleton arm fix. Do I have to install every mod on their own and then activate XP32 Extended, or are they included inside the mod ? (Base Animation - Dual) I've been searching the internet for hours to no avail. Any help is appreciated. The message received from FNIS Patcher:
  2. LOL. It's an honor to meat an OG player like yourself. I hope you found your way tonight!
  3. Have any of you tried installing the new extended plugin of XP32 (V.2.70) ? It's the one that comes with the sliders to adjust weapon positioning. I installed everything recommended: Realistic Ragdolls, FNIS, Race Menu 3.2 and I still get an animation glitch (t-pose and awkward drawing). I made sure everything was activated, ran LOOT, and then ran the Dual Sheath Patcher and FNIS patcher. It's a lot of work to get a 2 handed weapon to sheath on my hip, but I'd really like to make a Ranger themed playhthrough. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Stupid question: do I have to install each mod before changing their value in the XP32 race menu plugin? I tried and it made the sliders disappear. Maybe I need to place xp32 at the bottom of my load order. Edit: Didn't work. Trying to instal duel sheath redux alongside. I finally read the description in XP32 fomod installer. It says to use in conjunction of Duel Sheath. I feel even stupider(i hate this word, just like I'm hating myself right now lol).
  5. [PARTIALLY SOLVED] It was FSM's two handed at the hip edge up that was the culprit. He did not update it for version 2.72 of XP32. I feel so stupid. I get animation bugs when using a custom weapon placement inside XP32's race menu plugin. For example, setting FSM's skeleton to have 2 handed sword sheathed at the hip will cause my character to freeze in a T-pose. It will only happen in 3rd person, not in 1st. Or when using a custom placement for 1 Handed, the drawing animation looks like he's stretching both his arms in a circular motion. I have followed Gopher's video on how to instal FNIS and have installed XP32 using the included fomod. I get no error when generating a FNIS patch. I made sure I had Realistic Ragdolls installed as well. I tried disabling all my other mods but to no avail. Any help or link to a tutorial would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I'll try that thank you. I tried opening the executable from data in the right pane so it should work. Anyway, I'll give SUM a try. Edit: SUM does the same thing. Will try some more. Final Edit: Sorry guys I forgot to take ownership of my skyrim folder. I needed an extra administration permision to get the patcher to work properly. everything is fine with 32 bit now.
  7. When running the 32 bit and regular version of Patchus Maximus through Mod Organizer, a black window will appear with some lines in it. After a few seconds it disappears and nothing happens. I tried running it as an executable, through the right pane under data and in the actual folder through windows explorer. It worked once but now it's not. Thanks. This is what worked at first, but not anymore: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/5907-skyproccer-error-could-not-create-the-java-virtual-machine/ I looked around but couldn't find an answer. Thanks anyone for your input.
  8. This worked for me! Thank you. Glad it was linked on the main PerMa page. Edit: It's refusing to work now. I will try another post.
  9. Thank you! I was installing Climates of Tamriel. I was leaving sub-folders beneath the Data directory I had created. I just moved the bsa, esm and esp directly under Data and it worked.
  10. Thanks for the reply! I unticked them in MO, both the dummies and the BSAs, and then went on to Steam and unchecked High Res DLC by right clicking on Skyrim and selecting Downloadable content. It did start to crash before I uninstalled it in Steam though. I did a clean restart from an original skyrim folder copy just to see. I reinstalled skse and MO following Gopher's vids. Everything is fine again, I just have to reinstall all of my mods, which is a deserved pain. I knew my laptop couldn't handle the High Res DLC but I went ahead and installed it anyway out of curiosity. It did things I don't understand. I guess this is a warning for Performance Weary users out there using MO not to download the High Res DLC.
  11. Apologies for bringing back an old thread, but I did this and the game will now crash on load screens sometimes, even if I disable all of my mods except skse and the unofficial updates. have you guys heard of this before?
  12. So how exactly do you fix it? You create a Data folder when installing? Doesn't work for me.
  13. Do you guys know if running sheson's memory tweak along with HiAlgo GPU Boost will create a conflict? I couldn't instal HiAlgo with MO. Is it a d3d9.dll based Mod ? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/15123/? Aweseom explanation! thanks for the detailed reply, it makes things much clearer. No, I made sure I deleted the .txt part. It has the ini gear symbol too.
  14. Which should I remove? Is Safety Load necessery anymore? Also the forcesteam did not work. Only the Lazy Users download seems to work for now. Which is fine with me, it simply added one more mod to my list. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51038/?tab=2&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fskyrim%2Fajax%2Fmodfiles%2F%3Fid%3D51038&pUp=1
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