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  1. First of all, thanks for the answer. In fact, I'm watching Gopher's let's play but sometimes I don't watch the whole episode and also I've watched a few episodes so far, 14-15, and he may not have pointed it out yet. Fortunately, this issue hasn't occur any more times from the last time I've run into it. I just visited rivet city and pretty much spoke with everyone and all went OK. Finally, to clarify, I use only the bloom, adaptation and sun rays/glare from the ENB and combine it with the DOF from Dynavision. My PC can't handle more but I'll be doing an upgrade sometime in the near future. Anyway, thanks again for the detailed response.
  2. OK, I have this weird problem, when I enter a building and the NPCs inside are invisible. So far, this has happened 2, 3 times with Doc Church and Moira and her mercenary in Megaton. The problem is fixed only if I quit the game completely (not to the main menu) and restart/reload. I use 3-4 extra mods (e.g Gopher's Dynavision) as well as Lone Wanderer's ENB. Does anyone know why this happens? And if so, is there a solution to it? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have another mod suggestion to make. With the Megaton Lighting Overhaul there is a glitch with the ground turning dark/black whenever the player moves and looks at different angles. For me this was very noticeable and immersion breaking and fortunately there is an alternative mod here https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/21363/?. Read the description at its nexus page for more. It also comes in various versions too. I think that it would be nice to be included in the guide as an alternative lighting mod.
  4. OK, I did some more digging and found out that the workaround that I propose isn't going to work. As it turns out, in the esp plugin you "link" the mesh (.nif) file which itself contains the paths for all the corresponding textures that are applied in the mesh (I checked a nif file with nifscope). I also found that the "problematic" textures, namely "upperbodymale*.dds", of the male body mods are quite different (in format) from the vanilla ones (open and compare them to see what I mean) and for this reason there is no possible combination that works, e.g. use the mesh from the male body mod and the vanilla textures (I tested it). With my little knowledge I conclude, that the only way to fix this kind of problem and maybe the one with the females is by editing the .nif file itself (although I might be wrong). But this requires someone with more knowledge than me, a mod author probably.
  5. No, I haven't installed the 'RH_Ironsights - EVE Bridge.esp" plugin. As for the Blackened patch I've installed the "Blackened RH + FWE + EVE.esp" one (also using EVE) and the latest version (1.1) of the RH_Ironsights.esm from Paradox Ignition. Open RH_IRONSIGHTS.esm in xEdit and check the Container and Worldspace formIDs. The latter one has a placed object with name aaaPLNewItems "Point Lookout - New Items". IIRC from the search that I did, there are two such "cheat/test containers" in that spot. One is that to which I am referring and the other is the EVE one you are referring to but I haven't had this in my game.
  6. I found a workaround for the male problem (males in rags). Hiding this mesh "\meshes\armor\wastelandsettler03\outfit.nif" and all the textures in "textures\characters\male\" (temporarily, I'll explain later) of the male body mod being used, produces the result being shown in the attached images (currently I use breeze's mod and I haven't tested robert's but I suppose it will work in a similar way). Now, 2 things: First, I know that the result still isn't perfect, that's why I call it a workaround and not a solution. And second and most important, hiding the textures in "textures\characters\male\" will make the male body mod not use any of its textures which will make the PC body ugly and produce some other problems as well. So, for the workaround to work as intended I thought the following solution. Make an esp file with the particular mesh (its Editor ID is OutfitWasteland03) and add a record in the esp to use the vanilla textures. However, I don't know how to make the esp use the vanilla textures. In what record/field I add the texture path location? I'm not an experienced modder (yet ) and still learning new stuff, so a little help would be welcome. Edit: I just realized that the textures in "textures\characters\male\" from the male body mods replace the vanilla ones, so the correct way to do this is to copy and rename the vanilla textures to something else and then use them instead.
  7. For the users who play the vault start (and not using the alternate one) I found one thing that is somewhat immersion breaking after the player exits the vault. In the gas station at springvale there is "cheat chest" with powerful weapons, added by the RH_Ironsights mod (for testing purposes I suppose). So, for those who don't want/use this, they can easily remove it by deleting the worldspace record in the RH_IRONSIGHTS.esm plugin. It would be helpful if there was a note/suggestion in the guide.
  8. Hiding this mesh "\Meshes\Armor\WastelandClothing06\outfit.nif" like it was suggested didn't solve the problem for me. I also tried to hide/unhide some of the other meshes in "Armor\WastelandClothing*" which also didn't solve the problem. Same here. About the problem with male NPCs like Confessor Cromwell, I think it's caused by the '\Meshes\Armor\wastelandsettler03\outfit.nif' which comes with the armor fixes in both body mods. @mcshame Apart from the different color in females do you also have the problem with the males like Confessor Cromwell?
  9. Like mcshame said (where from his picture appears he is having the same problem), in the first picture is Nova and in the second one is Confessor Cromwell, both in Megaton. I could give many more examples but you get the point. There are some other NPCs (e.g. Moira, Jenny Stahl), where in vanilla they wear a t-shirt under their overalls but in the guide there is no t-shirt (their skin is being shown instead). Yeah, I get that but firstly in some other NPCs (some random ones, punks etc.) the difference is way more noticeable and secondly I think that the guide must provide a more integrated solution/package between all the face/body/clothing mods. Anyway, it would be nice if someone has the time and/or the knowledge to find a solution and share it with us. I stick to my opinion that the problems aren't plugin related but texture/mesh related.
  10. OK, I have tried many things but I cannot find a solution for all the texture related problems I have. To be more specific I have 3 kind of problems which I think aren't connected: The black rectangles on some NPC's bodies and clothes, which is the only one that I've managed to fix, by using the "Breezes" body mod (I haven't installed it correctly the first time).The different tone color between the neck/face and body.The weird body texture with some male outfits.I use Lone Wanderer's ENB, but the problems remain with or without it. However, I managed to narrow down the problems and I think there are not plugin related. For example I checked Nova in xEdit and the relevant records are replaced only by Project Beauty. I did the same for Confessor Cromwell etc. I think the different tone color, is caused by the "Type3 Armor Replacers" mod and/or other clothing mods which replace texture/meshes but I don't know which exactly. The weird body texture problem, I think is caused by the Armor Fixes that both male body mods install but I also don't know which is the exact file (texture/mesh) that is causing the problem. I would appreciate if anyone know how to fix any of the above problems or can point me to the right direction. Edit: deleted the attached images in order to free space for new ones in a later post
  11. I have yet another question for the GTWB script. I know this isn't the most appropriate thread but I don't want to start a new one. Anyway, if the script has a false positive, for example it detects the Sound tag for UFO3 patch but when I check the pointed FormID/record, there isn't any sound changes there BUT there are sound changes elsewhere, we leave the tag, right? I mean, there must be at least one change so a tag can be suggested right, or is something else I'm missing?
  12. I haven't noticed this.. I hope there will be a solution to this, because it's indeed an interesting mod that fits the guide nicely.
  13. Good job mcshame, for clearing the super duper mart. Sorry for dog meat.. I have a mod suggestion to make. Now, I know there is a mod section for suggestions but this is just a small (in what it does, not in size) immersion mod and I don't feel like it deserves a new thread. However feel free to move it, if it must be in a new thread. Anyway, the mod is this https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/22020/?tab=1&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Ffallout3%2Fajax%2Fmoddescription%2F%3Fid%3D22020%26preview%3D&pUp=1 and simply adds animations for the enhanced camera (for those who play in 1st person view). It's still incomplete but the author says will try and complete it by the end of the month. I think it would make a nice addition to the guide when it's done. All the mods which requires are already in the guide except for "Player Animations - Food and Drink". As for compatibility, it seems to be compatible with FO3 Re-animated but I don't know about weapons, I haven't tested it.
  14. I made the mistake, to go there early! If only I knew.. I thought I was playing Dark Souls Totally different experience than vanilla.. Actually I had install the whole guide in the past but I didn't had the time to actually play it, due to RL issues. Although I like doing stuff like that, for the learning factor alone. Now I have more time to spare, so I'm actually playing it and it's lots of fun. I just have to adjust to the increased difficulty..All in all the game looks (except the minor body/neck texture problem..) and plays great!
  15. OK Kelmych, thanks for the detailed response. Two last questions about the GTWB script. 1. As it seems, the script is very solid. So if it's being used with caution (check the proposed tags etc.) ιs it recommended/OK to run it on all plugins in the guide? 2. Is there any other example/category in the guide, similar to the Project Beauty one, where a mod makes some changes and has the proper tags while there are other mods which change the same things with the previous mod and must not have the same tags because will override the changes from the desired mod? (I hope you understand what I mean)
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