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  1. Hi Nearox, if we assume that ELFX has to overwrite SMIM and put after section F, then this simplifies the things a bit. Please find the new conflicts scenario below: ==LOWER== Ruins_Clutter_Improved_v2-6 NMM Installation-14227-2-6.7z meshes\clutter\candles\candlehornchandelier01.nif meshes\clutter\candles\candlehornchandelier02.nif ==HIGHER== The Beauty of Skyrim - Dungeons-37496-Preview.7z meshes\dungeons\nordic\smrooms\norrmsmfloorraised01.nif meshes\dungeons\nordic\smrooms\norrmsmfloorraised02.nif Ultimate HD Torch by rheadude compatible-6950-1-0.rar meshes\weapons\torch\torch.nif If we want ELFX overwriting SMIM then we can assume we want it to overwrite Ruins Clutter as well, since it is before SMIM in the load order, unless we want to repack ELFX without those two meshes. What do you think? Also, is it ok for The Beauty of Skyrim and Ultimate HD Torch to win over ELFX?
  2. Thank you Faylon. I will probably try out MO if I will go through this heavy modding again in the future. I'm going to check the link you pasted here, in the meanwhile let's see if anyone else can provide some insight. At the end of the day, I only need to understand whether I can overwrite what ELFX asks for or if I should roll back and install CoT-ELFX-RVENB first and then continue with section F.
  3. Hi, since you're providing me with different approaches, let me paste here the conflicts that wrye bash finds out, so we can reason on what the correct install order would be within STEP 2.2.7. 01 - Climates Of Tamriel 3.1   no conflicts 02 - CoT DG patch   no conflicts 03 - CoT DB patch   no conflicts 04 - Supreme Storms for CoT 3.1   no conflicts 05 - CoT Weather patch   no conflicts 06 - ELFX 042 07 - ELFX DG patch   no conflicts 08 - ELFX DB patch   no conflicts 09 - ELFX SMIM Meshes Based on the above, I can see CoT doesn't have any conflicts, while ELFX main mod and ELFX SMIM have several ones. What do you think? Remember I stopped at G section of STEP (included).
  4. Actually I'm using neither MO nor NMM, just Wrye Bash and Boss.
  5. Gosh! I installed up to section 2.G already... I guess I'm going to roll back to section 2.E.
  6. I have decided to go with this ENB with the version 2.2.7 of STEP. Since this ENB preset requires CoT, are you able to tell when to install CoT and when to install RealVision starting from 2.D Fixes section on?
  7. @costi: I have managed to get Visible Windows one working fine. What I was doing wrong were not extracting the BCF archive into the Bain Converters folder. That's the must do to get it recognized by WB. One suggestion to z929669: in the instructions you say: "Select EITHER of Isoku's mod files". Probably this might sound silly, but "either" can be translated (at least in my language, Italian) in two ways: whichever of two, but also each of two (https://www.wordreference.com/enit/either). So I translated it as whichever of two and it looks like I picked up the right one (I used a bit of logic as well :D), but it might be misleading.
  8. Ok, tried the normal one and it works, so it's a name issue (it doesn't work just renaming it though). Thanks
  9. I'm using the performance version of terrain bump, which has a different name. Will try to download the normal version and let you know. Will look after visible windows again as well.
  10. Hi All, I have the same problem (without renaming the files) with the same two mods, terrain bump and visible windows. Can you please confirm the related BCF's still work, and if yes, what do you think the issue could be? P.S. this is my first post, so let me take the opportunity to thank the whole STEP community for what they do.
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