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  1. Same problem here, CCF MCM menu is full of $CCF_ tags. My Skyrim language is already set to English.
  2. I checked GQJ_DG_vampireamuletfix.esp in xEdit, and it contains changes that are NOT in USSEP. I'll keep it until further notice.
  3. I have the same problem. ImprovedClosefacedHelmets_WACCF.esp is flagged as obsolete by LOOT, either the one in the installer or in the miscellaneous file.
  4. Yeah, you can follow the guide LOOT is linking to. There's an error you need to remove from FacegenForKids.esp. It was preventing my Skyrim from loading, took me some time to understand it was because of that.
  5. [spoiler=Beta Tester Application]1. System statistics Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Intel Core i7 4790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core 8MB Cache DDR3 16GB SSD 500GB MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB 24" 1920x1080 monitor 2. Level of knowledge - I already followed guides like STEP, SRLE and Skyrim YASHed. - MO 1.3 is my preferred mod manager for Skyrim and Oblivion. I tried MO2 for Fallout 4 but not so much. I use WB only for bashed patches. Never touched NMM because I love the virtual directories of MO, but I heard the new Vortex is using the same technique now. - xEdit is great to make my own esp files to correct bugs and improve compatibility between the mods I use. - Never used CK to make mods, just as requirements for SRLE and YASHed. - Already used DDSopt to reduce textures weight. - LOOT of course to organize esp files. - Merge Plugins is a nice tool to save on the esp count. - ENB Organizer, great tool to switch between ENB profiles. 3. BSA files are libraries containing game assets such as scripts, meshes and textures. ESP/ESM files contain records that modify the game database (items, NPCs, locations, etc). Alas, the way Bethesda designed them is prone to conflicts between mods. Depending on the load order, they can overwrite each over and it's a lot of work to detect and correct the issues. I already spent many hours in xEdit to improve compatibility in my mod installs. 4. For me, the STEP mandate is to improve Skyrim mechanics and visuals while keeping a vanilla feeling. STEP provides a consolidated, peer reviewed, compatible and bug-free (as possible) mod install. And it don't go crazy with mods deviating from the game's tone. And that's what I like with this project. 5. I want to be a beta tester because I follow the STEP project since several years now and I want to contribute to it. I changed my Skyrim mod install several time, if this time can help the project I will be glad to do it.
  6. Discovered a new problem during my YASHed gameplay : Braith, a little girl in Whiterun, believe that their parents are dead, but Amren and Saffir are perfectly alive. After checking her references in xEdit, it seems that Sofia, the Funny Follower, overlap some Hearthfire changes. And some USLEEP changes. And is overlapped by Guard Dialogue Overhaul. Also, Aurlyn seems not compatible either with Hearthfires. And now we see how hard it is to make all these mods compatible...
  7. Nice news indeed. Hope he will do something about the missing mods from nexus.
  8. I mean the errors were in the original ICH esp ^^ I looked into RelignthingSkyrim.esp provided by the patch with xEdit and it seems there's references to the now gone scripts files. We should wait for an update about that. I played a little with YASHed profile and I encountered a fun bug : Elrindir in Whiterun tried to kill me when I entered his shop. Seems the Drunken Huntsman lost its "Public place" flag in WLSO Merged.esp. I wonder why.
  9. Happy to contribute :D And yeah I didn't restored the esps from cloaks mods, my bad. Here are the new issues I noted with the current version of the guide: - ICH : I forgot to restore the original esp (Reqtified uses a WAF version) and I stumped on errors inside imp_helm_legend.esp. Easy to correct with xEdit. - Relighting Skyrim : Requiem patches in the latest CORE pack. Not a real issue. Also, the guide asks to download Relighting Skyrim v1.15final, but only v1.7 and v1.8 are available. - YASH Patches : yash2_cloaks.esp has "Book of UUNP Iron and Steel" (not in the guide) and "Cloaks - Dawnguard" (merged in Cloaks.esp) as masters.
  10. Hello, I'm testing the YASHed version of the guide and I really like it. Keep the good work ! Here are the problems I encountered with the current version (17 November) : - COWI Patches 1.01 -> there's a CCF patch but Clothing Clutters & Fixes has been removed from the guide. - Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches Central 16.11.4 -> there's a NULL Reference error in DBM_HA+DG_Patch.esp (from the DB Gallery Armory Support Patch). - No Dragon LODs 1.01 -> the esp has Requiem as master. - The pack Aurlyn Danwstone Patches is missing from CORE patches 1.04. - ISC Patches 1.02 -> "zzz ICS Merge Consistency Patch.esp" has Requiem and Behind the Curtain as masters. - YASH Patches 1.0 -> "yash2__cloaks.esp" and "zz yash2__cloaks_ia.esp" have mods as masters that are absent from the guide. - YASH Compatibility Patches 1.0 -> "NPC Fixer.esp" has "ECTV Merged.esp" as master, but ECTV mods are optional (and I personally don't use them).
  11. Hello, I really like SRLE and I switched to SRLE LOTD Reqtified since the original guide seems no more updated. I'm at the Merging step, and I have some questions : Dragon Combat Overhaul and Civil War Overhaul are hidden on Nexus, and Heavy Armory CCO Supported Version is no more available. So I can't finish the merges. Does someone have mirrors for them ? ICAIO (Immersive Citizens) patchs don't seems to be merged in the merging guide. Or maybe I missed them ? I wish to use Vividian ENB like in the original SRLE, and it overwrites some meshes and textures. Do you have any guideline ? Can I merge it's esp files into WLSO Merged ? Reqtified uses UNP armors and Khajiit/Argonian skins, but no human skins and body meshes ?? Sorry to bother you with dumb questions and keep up with the good work, this guide is really great.
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