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  1. What do you recommend for the times then, if both 2 and 0.01 are bad, maybe 0.5 or 0.75? Edit: Just saw them on the guide, thanks z929669 !
  2. Should that be mentioned in the STEP guide? I think one of the moderators above said they would include that note. If not, then yea, it should definitely be mentioned. Just checked, and it is not mentioned on the Tweak Guide page nor the STEP Guide 2.2.8 itself, and I would change it myself, but I am unable to edit the Wiki. EDIT: I got ninja'd by z929669
  3. Meant to say 0.01, sorry! And unfortunately I am in class right now, but I will say I had an ENB installed before with the same setting and there was no flickering.
  4. I'm a non-ENB user (currently) with ultra shadows, and I can confirm with the .1 values the shadows are constantly flickering. I say it is a good idea to specify .1 for ENB and a value between 1 and 2 for non-ENB.
  5. In the guide, for the section 1.C. installing utilities, shouldn't Mod Organizer be mentioned first, and then Boss and Wrye Bash as they have to be/should be run through Mod Organizer? Also, I believe that we should have the guide to add those utilities to run through MO then and there.
  6. For STEP 2.2.9, should the MemBoost Patch 3.0 be included standard in section 2.C.? I believe it might lessen the average CTD's, though as of now I believe it should not be added into 2.2.8 as it requires more testing.
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