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  1. Greetings Everyone, I spotted the new entries in this post and, since I finally put up a photo, figured I ought to say hello. Hello! Yes ... um ... well I can get a bit pedantic. Pardon. (yes it's an oxymoron but it sounds more polite so ...) Back in the 80's I found some games on the main frame and wasted the intro-class to college playing adventure. I had fun anyway. Then, inspite of having a computer and an internet connection, I really didn't play much of anything. I used the computer for office work, except Tetris when I was working lab support at the CC; never had a really good game because people kept asking for help. Imagine! I tried sims/turn-based games which would fascinate for a couple of weeks, but I'd drop them for months or years. Then one day I tried Morrowind. I want to live there. Really. Beyond games I am a hermit, read, watch movies, have pets, have had them all my life. Several different kinds of pets, even briefly fostered some ferrets. Currently I'm down to 3 cats, unless you count the wildlife. It is amazing out there! Yesterday I was visited by a committee of at least 10 (that's a resting group of vultures). The tree in my photo is in my backyard though the old thing is nearly gone now. I take pictures but don't consider myself a photographer. I am not, as you can tell, a great conversationalist. My best conversations are with myself or my third Waldi, he was a dachshund and died almost 20 years ago but a more attentive friend you'll never see. I love music but it effects me too much. I can only listen to one Kurt Weil or three Johnny Cash songs or I'll get depressed. To have it in the background is not distracting so much as it comes to direct my responses. Syncopated jazz can make me angry. So I need to turn the muic off for 10, 15 minutes at a time when I'm playing. Turning of the music improves my play. This makes me sad. Ah well. It does save the keyboard or the mouse from some abuse at least. There. I'm pretty sure I've prattled on too long so it's enough. (<-- my idea of humor) But I cannot sign off without thanking all of you who contribute to STEP. Your work is of a fine quality and your generosity is staggering. Thank you.
  2. Okay I've learned what is missing in the patch, although I still do not know WHY it is missing. Some, not all, of the NPCs have: an empty FULL - Name field FormID is missing the quoted information (am I correct in thinking that the loss of the quoted information is why the FULL - Name field is empty?) I'm going back to TES5Edit to see if I can figure out why these things haven't been copied, or have been removed.
  3. Ah, okay. FWIW I added a couple mods and still have the problem.
  4. I used ENB_Manager to set it up, then set up ENB Injevctor in MO and the game loaded with the ENB stuff running as well. I only started the game just to see if it loaded.
  5. Possibly. Does Kepler's name show up? Deactivate NPC Enchant Fix and try it. If it's a problem for you as well, maybe we can compare info and track this down.
  6. Thanks to all of you, and those you have referrenced for all this.
  7. Sorry for the long topic title. (and BLOODY HELL: should be Lose not Loose) When I activate NPC Enchant Fix some creatures (such as wolves) and some NPCs will be unnamed and cannot be activated. If the wolf is attacking me I do get its health bar but no name. Sooooo ... I can't access their inventory (all those lovely pelts!!!) and I can't talk to some people (so I can't trade). If I don't use NPC Enchant Fix the problem goes away. I have: reinstalled SUM reinstalled NPC Enchantment Fix run SUM with and without merging files if I use SUM.esp the problem exists with and without sorting masters TES5Edit check for error comes back empty and there are no apparent errors, the only red comes from Virtual Machine entries all warnings cleared from MO searched I can't think of anything else to check. My setup is mostly SR:LE with one or two omissions and a handful of additions. Plugins: This is really long but if you have the necessary patience here's my mod list:
  8. Have you installed all the mods? If you are installing a small batch at a time (as I did - lots of testing) there are a few spots where you may have to install a different version or not activate a plugin or patch till another mod is installed later. Consistent Older People is installed in 2.D BOYD is installed in 2.M
  9. Oh hey that's pretty cool and definitely fun. Thanks!
  10. I like the CNHF 2.5 body. It just seems more realistic to me. I don't think it makes all the body types look alike. It can minimize some of the odd thinness that certain poses emphasize. Like that weird over-the-shoulder twist. (at first this was cool, but then they freeze in place and it looks like mannequin abuse) In MW I often confused Imperials and Bretons. In OB all humans started to blend. In Skyrim the Nords are emphasized but I just can't see who's an Imperial and who's a Breton. Is dirt supposed to be a clue? (Can I say I really miss the elongated feet of the Argonians and Khajiit from MW? Because I do.) My point being that body similarity is in the vanilla game: Altmer are too short, Bosmer too big, Orcimer not nearly big enough, Redguards too small, Dunmer too fat, Imperials are Bretons in armor (I stand by this!!!), Khajiit too beefy and Argonians too slim. Bethesda has taken the Star Trek approach to races: it's all in the head. For the clothes and armor, I think CNHF works with vanilla. I don't keep close enough watch on clipping that I can point to which instance was or wasn't in the vanilla game reliably. If I read everything properly the clothing and armor packs are not so much to match the body model but to match the intent of the mod: "no boob windows", and they are made for females rather than slapping boobs on male armor. Better Males is great, but don't forget it is a compilation of more than 5 modder's work. For pretty much the same reasons it is unlikely to find one female replacer improvement mod to meet all criteria.
  11. Ah good, someone took care of it. Thank you for that. @DoubleYou ... nope, no button. Possibly because it's been taken care of. Thanks for the response.
  12. Ah. Thank you. oh for pity's sake .... how do you set a post as best answer?
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