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  1. To anyone that would wan't to know here are my recommandations :
  2. @asyrlin, I am using sperg but difficulty to adept..... A lot less easy ^^ Use the patches in the guide lot's (if not all) of conflicts are covered...
  3. Not really sure about balance, but Sperg is on Using most of Garfink leveled mods. HLE and DUEL, difficulty to adept, using better leveling for sperg and weight carry set to 100. Started a mage based character... Will share my insights about difficulty. Garfink tweaks on economics are good.
  4. Partial answer : Not quite sure of procedure but when using LOOT one way to go around using Boss with ASIS and so on : uninstall BOSS, when running ASIS will ask for BOSS, point it to LOOT.exe, will run LOOT instead of BOSS and go on
  5. I am myself using same mods but sperg instead of Skyre
  6. Also for LOOT users run ASIS with a -noboss tag (in MO) or when asking for BOSS point it to LOOT.exe instead
  7. as for Sperg, use the uncapper from better leveling sperg.ini. And yes at the start you have 1 perk in each tree and a part of it autolevels up. I personnaly start my attributes from 5 instead of 15. 5doesn't change the starting points but longer to level up.
  8. Yes please !! and ask Dreaflopp to put it in the guide to.
  9. I am looking for a mod setting starting attribut points to 5 instead of 15.... anyone has that in store ?
  10. Garfink, I am getting a message error when running asis.in error reading IncreasedSpawns.ini[factionExclusions],TMAFollowerFaction could not be resolved to a faction.ignoring... Is it normal ?
  11. Garfink, could you post your config of ASIS, what to choose etc... Ouch if you remove the scrr instead of Ga (good choice I think) then you have to remove scrr edits from the morrowloot - step patch.
  12. Dreadflopp, I hope you will sum all the changes made by garfink once he is done... to much work irl to follow his pace !! You could add a Garfink recommends....
  13. Ouahh... one week in vacation and A LOT of reading to do, you guys are more Advanced then me in this pack ^^
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