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  1. How do I edit to those options? In game with "Shift + Enter" and go from there?
  2. Hi everyone, I just had two quick questions, With my current SR:LE state, the dungeons are a little bright for my tastes, how can I darken them? Which mod could I reinstall to make them darker? Also, how can I tell that Vividian is up and running properly? I know that my enb is up and running, but not sure that all the preset data is working for vividian.
  3. EDIT: Figured it out, you are talking about plugins, those are the ones on the right, panel, and yes, I am at around 148, thanks again!
  4. Oh wow, thanks a lot, on MO, on the left pane, I have all my mods, and the priority number I am up to is 232, does that mean, I don't really have 232 plugins? I'm pretty sure that's what you are saying, just wanted to clarify.
  5. Hi everyone, I am installing SR:LE, and I am wondering if a few things are possible. It seems like SR:LE has very close to 255 esps activated. In a perfect world, I would like to install SR:LE, and on top of this, perma, every major quest mod including the becoming a jarl quest, undeath, thirteen oranges quests, moonpath to elsywhere. I am basically asking if this is even possible. This seems to be much more than the 255 limit, (Atleast I thought the limit was 255) Any advice would be appreciated!
  6. got it, the new file was in my modorganizer / overwrite so, now I can rename it. Thanks!
  7. How do I change that so it's done correctly?
  8. But, for the Vividian patches, and the Real Water Two patches, they do not show up in the info left pane, they only show up in the right, plugin pane. The options I have when right clicking them are "Enable all, or Disable all" I feel like I am doing something wrong, that places them in the right pane instead of left.
  9. "Special Instructions: Post merge rename the output file to RealisticWaterTwo.esp to maintain compatibility with patches." This is the step that I am on, this worked as intended (Project Reality - COT patches in the left pane of MO) I was able to move them to inactive, and they are now greyed out. However, for Vividian ( torches preset, wearable lanterns preset, weather patch cot, weather patch vanilla, extended weathers - cot, extended weathers) and now for realistic water two, the merged esp's are on the right pane, not the left. So, I don't know how to rename it, as the guide calls for, and I don't know if I am doing this correctly.
  10. Yeah, somewhere along the way, tinkering with this file and that, I fixed the problem, enbhost.exe is no longer in the skyrim data folder, and it runs as admin in its previous location. I did "unblock" the dll file, that may have helped, not really sure what the exact fix was! Thanks!
  11. To address a few of the comments, I have win7, I recently got a new mobo and cpu, so reinstalling windows made me lose a lot of administrative permissions that I had before the reinstall. I created a folder called "D:\SKYRIM EDIT" and it contains my DDSOPT, my ENB Manager, BOSS, BUM, TES5Edit, MO, etc etc so that's where that is. So, with enbhost.exe in the skyrim data folder, am I still getting the settings set up through enbmanager, from the SR:LE guide? or do I still have something wrong?
  12. For me, my enbhost.exe is in: ENB Manager\ENB Versions\0.265 the enbhost.exe and the d3d9.dll are in there nope, you're right, copy and pasted the enbhost.exe into the skyrim data folder, changed it to "run as admin" and it works! Thanks!
  13. But I thought SR:LE doensn't use enbhost.exe, rather the "injector" method with a .dll file. i.e. I don't have an enbhost.exe in my skyrim folder
  14. I get this message upon starting up skyrim, it says to run skyrim as admin, or change enbhost.exe to run as admin. It's been a while since I've done a SR:LE install, so i'm a little rusty on what info you need to help. Let me know if I should post load order / and my comp's specs. Thanks!
  15. I posted this on reddit, hopefully you guys will forgive me for double dipping: As I understand it, there are certain unstability issues that arise primarily from playing a single "playthrough" or save file. First of all is this true? Second of all, what is known about why this instability occurs? Are we talking ctd's or loss of frames, what happens to the game exactly? Is there anyway to prevent, or test your load order for a potential problem for later down the line. I am planning an epic playthrough, and I don't want to run into this problem. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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