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  1. Alright gonna try this when I get my hands on my desktop
  2. Ok.. Found the culprits.. Spellmaking mod better vampires become high king Frostfall and Live another life but this one IDK what is this one.. Is this a quest? [02/02/2014 - 11:42:33PM] Error: Unable to bind script AnvilDencheckjusticar to alias Justicar on quest AnvilDenQuest (0C01ED3C) because their base types do not match [02/02/2014 - 11:42:33PM] VM is freezing... [02/02/2014 - 11:42:33PM] VM is frozen [02/02/2014 - 11:42:33PM] Reverting game... edit:I am now checking if using the ClearInvalidRegistrations will resolve this no luck... same error again
  3. I've removed all my mods and tested it and F&ck it crashed! I think this is about the optimizer textures Oh god gonna reinstall skyrim and 43 mods again
  4. Hello I have been getting CTD's when I installed 3 new mods which are Wyrmstooth Realistic Diseases Better Vampires Thank god I now know how to get the papyrus logs and here's what I got Can someone help me on this? Thanks
  5. Thanks! you guys and this forum are really helpful
  6. Ok I have 2 more questions I have this Overwrite thing which appeared after cleaning the mods and IDK what to do. should I just ignore it? and lastly this It can't get the query info. tried a lot of times and redownloading it but no luck Thanks for the help!
  7. Ohh Thanks! Edit: So i execute the skyrim.ini in mo? Edit2:ok i cant Edit3: Ok I know now where.. It's at the top left not at the top right. Thanks guys
  8. I don't want to make another post so I'm gonna put it here I can't get any papyrus logs I've already edited my Skyrim.ini(which is at my docments/my games/Skyrim right? not where I installed my skyrim?) I've downloaded the papyrus log viewer because I thought that it can help me but no. My Skyrim.ini
  9. I think you didn't understand my questionI'm gonna put pictures on what I'm doing Ran Wyre bash through MO Hearthfires and Dragonborn not added so gonna add them manually There have Manually added them they are located in TESV/Data I have 2 more Unofficial patches that are not added so I'm need to manually add them They are located in Mod Organizer/mods It did not add on the list and I have a lot of mods that have LVLI and LVLN that are not automatically added and they have the same result. I can't add them If they are installed by MO
  10. Mods that have LVLI and LVLN and there are no Green text in my WB If I check automatic, It adds mods installed by MO but when I manually click it inside MO folder in mods folder it doesnt add
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