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  1. Really, thanks a lot for the input. You have no idea how excited I am to see AV, ASIS, DSR, and the all new Patchus Maximus working.
  2. I did a system restore to 10 days ago. Reinstalled java... Wala (sp?) It appears to be working... Ask Talos for my forgiveness! Thanks for all the support!
  3. Tried the solutions on that page. The Java uninstall tool won't work. Since this is most definitely out of my realm of expertise, is there a company that I could hire and someone would recommend to fix my issues? Remotely would be my preference. This is day three of my head scratching and at this point, I feel like I have probably done more to worsen my issues than rectify them.
  4. I am getting "error code: 1603" now when I install Java. I know that computers are not out to get me. But it feels like they are. I really hate the thought of playing Skyrim without ASIS, DSR, etc...
  5. Yes I have. I don't know what else to do... Thanks for the help, all. I'm off to bed. Try again tomorrow.
  6. LOL, I turned it off and back on. I appreciate the brevity. I completely understand that this is (as it always is) a case of user error. I am certainly no stranger to it...
  7. Yes. I updated several mods. I DL'd PerMa. That is all. I was running the patcher for Perma just fine. After updating the mods, I tried to re-run the patches for PerMa, ASIS, AV, and DSR. Now, when I click run, it locks, then unlocks, refreshes and gives be the error stated above. Every other program run from MO, ie FNIS, Wrye Bash, TESVEdit, LOOT, all work fine. I can run Skyrim skse loader fine. ENB works just fine. The only thing that isn't working is the SkyProc patchers. This leads me to believe that I have done something detrimental with JAVA. The problem is, I can not figure out what. TBH, I'm no computer expert. Everything I have learned, I have learned from countless readme's and youtube videos, google searches and boards like this. This just has me very frustrated and confused because there are not many resources, other than friendly posters like yourself, that are able to help me solve my problem. I really do appreciate the feedback.
  8. My Steam apps and MO are in the Games folder, outside of the program and x86 folders. I'm really at a loss. It was working 2 days ago...
  9. I am 99% certain I am and I don't know what Windows UAC is...
  10. I tried that. Still having the same problem. Thanks for the response, though
  11. I get the above error when I try to run any of the SkyProc patchers through MO. I have researched and posted this on several sites looking for answers and have come up dry. I have updated my Java. i have followed the STEP WIKI on setting up the patchers. What happens when I click run on SUM (or any other SkyProc patcher) is the following: MO locks, per usual. Then after a few seconds, it unlocks and refreshes with the light bulb followed by "failed to determine binary type: 193" Thanks for reading.
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