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  1. Has anyone had an issue with random sounds being silent? My concentration destruction spells (Flames, etc.), Bound Weapons, and self healing spells are all totally silent to charge and to cast, and I don't seem to be getting impact sounds when I attack another person. I've gone through the sound mods and they all seem to be installed correctly according to the guide.
  2. Some bugs/annoyances I've seen on a multiple playthroughs with this setup (only mod that differs is that I'm using the Celestine Follower instead of Toccata) - Wheels of Lull: in the first mine when you pull the levers to get the glowing bridge to appear, I randomly teleport/fall through the bridge to the ground. I've got VSync on via my AMD card driver and I can see the entire bridge, but when I get to the last 2/3 of the bridge, I'll randomly teleport to the bottom of the mine. I've seen playthroughs where people walk across the whole bridge, so I know it's not an extra puzzle bit. Also, in the part where the mine carts are rolling and you have to pass through them, my character gets hit by them when they are very far away ad I get hit outside of the cell and respawn at the entrance. - Bathing in Skyrim: The mod does not seem to flag Lake Honrich as water.. I'm unable to bathe in any of the water that surrounds Riften.
  3. Onmund is not included in the NPC Retexture - Merged Conflict Resolution, so none of the changes from COWI are forwarded into the Bashed Patch so he doesn't function as intended with COWI installed.
  4. I'm getting a very strange sound delay (bug?). Often when I'm doing anything that normally has a sound associated (tested attacks sounds, animal noises in combat, harvesting ingredients, SKyUI menu management), my game doesn't play the sound until 15 seconds - 1 minute after the action was performed, and there's generally some stuttering and chug in that time. Not sure if it's a system thing or not, I've got the full 4gb of VRAM. It doesn't happen all the time but it is fairly frequent.
  5. Celestine Healer Custom AI - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40915/? My healing/buff follower of choice. Switched from Toccata to her a while ago and I love her. She heals you and herself and allies, muffles and goes invisible when sneaking, casts magelight on you in caves + ruins, uses illusion spells effectively (calm when an enemy attacks you with your weapons not drawn, fury when there are multiple enemies, fear if multiple enemies aggro her), cure disease if you get one or any other negative effect, can resurrect npcs, casts water-breathing on you if you ask, and has an MCM menu where you can disable some of her features since she can be OP to some people.
  6. After updating the LotD Unofficial patch to V1.10, many of the originally placed crafting stations (library replica creator, all crafting stations in safehouse besides replica creator and artifact workshop) do not function when crafting autolootis turned on. Activating them does nothing, but they work just like vanilla stations when autoloot is disabled. I've also made sure that the suggested scripts were cleaned from my save with SaveTool, to no avail.
  7. Has anyone else been having a problem with CTD when attacking with two handed weapons? I'm not sure what all could be causing it besides Wildcat, Violens, or maybe a perk within Ordinator? I've never had problems before and recently almost every time I try and attack an enemy with a battleaxe, my game immediately crashes. Going to try and reset my Ordinator perks and see if that helps.
  8. I built my PC 3 years ago and have never cleaned the dust filters XD Done it now though and everything seems to be ok! Thanks! Also, is there a reason we are using Wintermyst instead of Summermyst?
  9. Finally made the upgrade from SRLE to this and I'm loving it so far! I have a few questions though: 1) I know that LOTD also has a safehouse/player home with a bunch of different useful tools so I'm wondering if there is any advantage to using Caranthir Tower as a player home over the LOTD safehouse? 2) Has anyone experienced random reboots (not ctd or freeze, actual computer reboots) after playing for a bit? It's never happened to me before and I've experienced it twice in one day.
  10. Just a reminder that the MCM for iNeed has been totally changed in the new versions, so the MCM for iNeed in the guide isn't quite accurate.
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