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  1. Just a note about Skytest: I think it spawns too many animals, such as elk, and especially when doing a hunter/survival game play. It seemed all I had to do was open my eyes to find an elk to hunt. With so much venison just waiting to catch my arrow, I was never concerned about where my next meal might come from.
  2. Deathneko11: I think we could use a video tutorial on ReProccer and Mod Organizer. I believe a lot of people are starting to do things they had not done before, such as using Wrye Bash, as part of the STEP install. Then, we think we know what is going on, until we start doing Reproccer stuff. I could not find a good tutorial on Reproccer using MO. If you have the time, it would be well received I think. Thanks!
  3. I installed most of the REGS mods, and it is too much for my system. I think it is ETaC, as it was in Falkreath where I got my first CTD. I have not felt a need to turn on FRAPS for many months, as I could consistently run between 40-60 (and mostly 50ish), but I knew something was happening so I turned it on. It was dropping to high teens depending on which way I was looking. A shame, because it was nice to see a town different than it has been during so many prior play throughs.
  4. As I recall, the STEP Fomod, after you download and extract it, has a folder called something like 'fomod', and within that folder is another folder also called something like 'fomod'. My initial error was putting both folder levels into the BAIN. Once I realized I am just supposed to put the subfolder into the Bain archive, and then install the Bain archive using MO, it was easy-peasy.
  5. I'm a Pearl Jam fan, and before I became Dovakiin, role playing a rockstar in Rock Band was my gaming release. This is a video my RB friends I made in my garage. [video=youtube]
  6. Unless there is a long period of time between updates like there was for 2.2.7 & 2.2.8' date=' then you do not need to worry so much about it dropping those other mods was not going to affect you even if you kept them in your install since they get overwritten by other mods. Most of that stuff on the changelog is housekeeping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk[/quote'] Gotcha. I am just working out my process. I had happened to notice in the mod forum that Skyrim HD had been removed, and since I just installed it a few days ago, was wondering how I could be aware of changes like that. Went to change log, and there it was, but no date. Then I noticed the Argonian tail got axed. I'm trying to do as good of a job on my end (i.e. maintaining my modded game) as you guys are doing by providing me with all the information to do so. I do appreciate it.
  7. EXACTLY Thanks - I had not looked at that dropdown menu before. Now that I have... I think I will just consider 2.2.8 done, and wait for 2.2.9 to make changes. Too little info on the history page itself, and too much info when I try to compare between dates. Not user-friendly enough for a rookie like me who is struggling to grasp all this stuff. Maybe later.
  8. I installed 2.2.8 a week ago, and there are two mods in my install that are no longer in STEP (Argonian Tail Fix and Skyrim HD). Granted, might not be a big deal, but I just thought if the change log had dates, then when I feel the urge to update my STEP, I could easily see what has changed since my last visit. By adding/removing mods I gain a better understanding of the whole process, and what things I need to make note of for future reference. So keeping my STEP 2.2.8 MO profile up to date helps me with that. Maybe there is some way to get email notification whenever the changelog page is modified?
  9. What is the easiest way to keep my STEP 2.2.8 up-to-date (i.e. be aware of new changes) since the guide is live and changing? I know about the change-log, but it doesn't have dates associated with each change. Is there another page or forum thread that only lists changes as they are made, so I can just check for new changes since last visit?
  10. I struck out at my first at bat, but I am at the plate again. ;-) Could it be that the d3d9.dll that was downloaded was not the proper one for your video card? EDIT: I went back through the ENBoost procedure, and to correct my statement above, it's not that you downloaded the wrong file, but maybe used the wrong ini settings for your video card. Then again, I could be and am probably wrong. Just learning how to do my own troubleshooting.
  11. Settings / Plugins / Fomod Installer What are the default settings? Is it enabled True and prefer True? I remember one STEP Core mod had me change it, and I forget which mod, and if I changed it back.
  12. Guys - I am having a problem, and it might be related to this. My game continues to CTD, and when it does, I am staring at Mod Organizer and a very similar "Failed to download" image like is on page 1 of this thread. Now, I dont know if it is causing the CTD, but it wasn't there when Skyrim launched, and it is always staring at me after it crashes. The one thing different about the image posted on first page and what I get, is the the file it is attempting to download and failing at has a Nexus ID of 1334 - which is Mod Organizer.
  13. I am a noob for sure, and may be of no help. I noticed you have the STEP Extended patch. Did you install ALL of STEP Extended? I just finished installing a STEP Core set-up (worked awesome) and then I thought I had figured out which of Extended I needed to use the STEP Extended patch. Come to realize the STEP Extended patch needed a bunch more of the extended mods. So, I guess I am saying, if you did not install every single extended mod, that could be your problem. Now, someone smarter can hopefully help you out. :-) Good luck!
  14. I would just like verification that I have installed this mod correctly as per STEP. Here are the related esp's: 16 Weapons & Armor Fixes_Remade.esp 59 ExplosiveBoltsVisualized.esp 60 Improved Closeface Helmets_Legendary.esp 61 imp_hel.esp (but this is not checked!) 62 imp_helm_dawn.esp 63 imp_helm_imp.esp 64 imp_help_dborn.esp 65 imp_guard_helm.esp Thank you
  15. This thread was an interesting read for sure. As a noob who just (like hours ago) completed an install of 2.2.8, I thought I would add my experiences. I started with a completely clean slate - clean skyrim, MO, everything. All mods were installed in the exact step order. At most benchmarks, I would run Boss from MO. A few times after doing so I would get the red triangle. Now, to show how little I know, I don't completely understand the difference between load order when it comes to right pane in MO (esps and such) and left pane. I am under the impression that Boss only sorts esps and esms, as I have never noticed it messing around with left pane orders (but I could be wrong). And I have noticed that red-triangle warnings in MO seemed to be only related to left pane stuff. Because the mods it was mentioning were in the correct order in right pane, but sho enough were wrong on left. Boss = right pane Red Triangles = left pane Am I even close to being correct here? Anyway, sometimes the red triangle would have 5 or 6 moves required. I would address the first one, and sometimes that resolved many of them. I did not make note of the specific ones - sorry if that would have been useful info. But i sit here now, with only Step Core mods installed in a clean install, and now I need to go back to searching forum about dummy esps (which is what brought me to this thread), and gain some confidence that I can truly deactivate a few esps (got the wisk broom icon on them) even though their are NOT corresponding bsa's in the archive tab (I unpacked everything that gave me the choice).
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