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  1. Yes, Oblivion runs perfectly, and WB manages it with no issues. The only problem is I get that little dialogue box when Skyrim is installed on my system, which is not a huge deal. When I uninstall Skyrim, the dialogue box asking me to choose which game to manage does not appear, which indicates that WB is detecting my games accurately. May ask over at the Bethsoft forum. Thanks for your help!
  2. I appreciate your help. Yes, WB is installed in: D:\Game Managers\Oblivion\Wrye Bash\Mopy\Wrye Bash.exe Oblivion (I happily use MO for Skyrim but have had problems using MO for Oblivion, hence all this fuss) is installed in: D:\Game Files\steamapps\common\Oblivion So, I made a shortcut of WB and put the following into the Comments section of my shortcut's Properties: "D:\Game Managers\Oblivion\Wrye Bash\Mopy\Wrye Bash.exe" -o "D:\\Game Files\\steamapps\\common\\Oblivion\\" Picture It doesn't seem to notice anything is there, no matter what I put in there. I hate to bother Gopher about something like this, but I originally got it working via a one-off comment he made in a video about Wrye Bash that he has since taken down. Rawr.
  3. Yes, as I stated in my first message. I'm working with a clean install of Windows and all my files. WB works perfectly with only Oblivion installed. I then installed Skyrim, and WB still has no trouble detecting my game installations, but since I installed Skyrim, I have had to click on the right game each time I start WB up. See the picture below. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48789179/bandicam%202015-09-10%2022-52-00-003.jpg I have read the documents and tried my system's equivalent of the command line you wrote above, but I'm getting nowhere with this. I had a -g command line set up for my system in a previous install and remember it being a very slight twist on what's in the documentation... :confused:
  4. Thanks for your reply. The instructions are as you say, but they aren't terribly specific and aren't working for me. WB still asks me to specify the game. Here is a picture of how my shortcut is set up: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48789179/bandicam%202015-09-10%2020-33-43-417.jpg
  5. Could somebody give me an example of an accurate -g command line argument used to specify the game for Wrye Bash to manage? I have both Skyrim and Oblivion and am using Wrye Bash Standalone to manage Oblivion. Wrye Bash is installed in a separate folder from my Oblivion installation, and I like it that way except for this. When I click on Wrye Bash.exe, it gives me the message: "Wrye Bash could not determine which game to manage. The following games have been detected, please select one to manage. [below it lists Skyrim and Oblivion.] To prevent this message in the future, use the -g command line argument to specify the game" So, I can click on Oblivion and everything works, no problem. But it's annoying. I've set up a -g command line before but forgot the right format. 1. I created a shortcut of Wrye Bash.exe 2. Under the properties for that shortcut, in the Comment section, I have "-g Oblivion, --game=Oblivion". That obviously doesn't work! Thanks in advance for helping me clear this up...
  6. I have been modding Requiem + SRLE and other stuff for almost a year and just realized my Requiem - Frostfall patch doesn't include YOT-style immersive messages. So I'm adding the YOT-Frostfall module by itself to make the ff messages 1st person. Might be nice to include if nothing in this pack takes care of it. Requiem makes many messages more immersive already. (Maybe there is other stuff too I am missing.)
  7. Sorry if this has been asked, but this mod has scripts that conflict with Requiem's (7 of them appear in MO). Do I use Requiem's or EBT's?
  8. OK still testing but I am using brighter nights & interiors and I think things are better... Really the ish is everything needs to show up nicely in gameplay vids, so I'll see what people say. Thanks all. @Mangaclub P.S. great job with the new ENB version... I usually have to turn off several ENB options (fog especially) because of glitches, but I didn't with this one.
  9. @dreadflopp Thanks - I think my monitor settings are OK, but I see I can play with the fgamma settings in skyrimprefs.ini, so I'll test if a tweak makes sense. @Mangaclub Awesome information I overlooked. I'll make sure all of that is covered. Thanks.
  10. I am using Vividian. I recently bumped the radius/brightness of my lanterns but could still use more light.
  11. Hey all - I'm having a great time with SR:LE + Requiem and some other stuff. My installation is very stable, and I usually have pretty good framerate. I was wondering what you would suggest to make everything a bit brighter/more visible... unless I hold a torch up to people's faces, I can sometimes hardly see them indoors, even in places like the Silver Blood Inn or Markarth Treasury House which aren't supposed to be ultra creepy. I really like the idea of all the light coming from actual light sources but am not sure of the best approach to keeping that while making it easier to see. (Already using Immersive NPCs in the dark, which helps a lot but doesn't totally solve the problem.) Thanks.
  12. ^^ That's what I did with the UI (also included Gopher's nightvision stuff, and can confirm Flashlight goes after oHUD), and everything works fine. I had problems when I installed and moved each mod from Overwrite one by one. There's no advantage in separating them outside of FOMM anyway, as far as I can tell.
  13. No problem, I can merge some mods. I didn't know about the limit and since you're still adding mods I thought you might be planning something that isn't posted yet. Excited about this guide's development!
  14. Hey! I've installed this mod pack plus a few additional mods, and I had some weird technical problems. (LINK) JIP responded and told me FONV can't handle more than 139 active files... is this true/will this guide address that in the future?
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