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  1. Alright thank you, i will run a test. Still have my candle light "problem" and 1 -2 Q, waiting for Neovalen, but i guess i can run a test anyways. I'll guess i will run in some issues. Learned alot through my first modding attempt - You guys were really helpful ^^
  2. Just out of sheer curiosity, how hard was it, to fit Ordinator and for example a follower like Inigo into the SRLE. When I finally fixed the last minor problems i have with my current setup, i am looking for some overhaul since the standard Skyrims perks are too borring for my taste. =) Would like to put Requiem into it, but atm i am not comfortable with this task, maybe i#ll try it with the standard STEP guide and fit it in, we will see.
  3. Great i figured it out, thanks. Messing the ENB manger up, started a chain of effects which lead to RL.esp in it and so on. Two questions Neovalen (i hope i don't ask for too much...). 1.) Should i do the whole conflit resolution part of the guide again, since realistic lightning.esp isn't in there anymore? And if i do so, should i delete all the DynDOLOD files in the left pane and the "SRLE Profile" overwrite folder aswell? 2.) Sometimes the Candle light glitches out, when i turn the camera infront of a candle. In a specific angle the lightning "shuts down" and everything lies in shadows. What could cause that? Is it the 6 remaining dirty plugins and should i clean them?
  4. Hey guys. So i finsihed the guide(the version before Frostfall got removed), everything loaded fine, got to the character creation screen and there i noticed something is not quite right. In the race setting menu sometimes the face blurs, same goes for the candle to the left, when i stand infront of the Mara statue. And the wall right side of the cell door gets blury too, so i can see through and see the stairs, when i get close to it. Maybe its something with the Vid setting since i have one black line on the bottom and on the top of my screen, like when you are watching a movie. So i messed it up. Is it some tweeks or did i miss a certain plugin, or could it be the ENB? Would i be better of, delete all files up to the point, where the graphic mods starts and make a new attempt with this guide? Any ideas? ^^ I saw that somehow coming but atleast, no ctd, infinitie loading screens and so on. Edit: I have no reports in the MO or LOOT, beside 7 dirty plugins (EnhancedLightsandFX.exp 12ITMrecs; ELFX - Extertiors.esp 6ITMrecs; ORM - Arvrak.esp 1ITM rec; Brows.esp 1 ITM rec; Skyrim Immersive creatures.esp 1ITM rec; Realistic Lightning 247 ITM recs; CCO_Frostfall_Patch.esp 4 ITM records) if that helps. Do i need to fix them? Edit #2 I am quite sure, i messed something up with the ENB. Went back to check it and the set was on "Jasmin" the starter one, the Vividian Enb config was empty beside the enblocal.ini. So i started there with my mistake. I fixed it to the point in the Guide "ENB related Data Files" but now MO says i am missing Realistic Lighting.esp Can't remember in which part of the guide i installed it, so anyone an idea where it was so, i can fit it back into the "Skyrim Revistied" profil and check if that was my mistake.
  5. Oh well by the looks of it, i am too dumb to follow an easy task =/ Shouldn't be doing this late at night. Thanks again for the reply and your patience with me, hope you aren't facepalming too hard, when you are reading my posts =D This time it worked, but i got still that NavMesh error msg after building the merge. Something about SleepingChildren intheGiantInn. i already think, i should better do the whole guide again, since i did already 2 mistakes. I' ll finish the old version and i am really curious how stable it will be ^^
  6. Okay new problem, this time it's Immersive Citizens (no it's not the 3 issues ^^) While loading <Merging Plugins> i get the Error report Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.esp has to be loaded (what it is). I had no problems so far with <Merge Plugins> only when i put the 4 files on the bottom of the pane. btw doesn't Immersive Citizens - ELE Patch.esp need to be in there too? Since the programm give me a red error msg for that too, asking for an exception. I tried to bypass this error by moving the 4 files not to the end, instead close to the end (thought the only important rule is the files have to be contiguous). Well it started the programm without the error msg and i could merge the 4 files but somehow i can't "Check Plugins for Errors" (even tho theBackground Load has finished) load so i am stuck again ^^ Update. with all 5 files to the bottomand i can load the program/ merge and proceed further (with and error msg about missing NavMeshes), but the guide says only: Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.esp (Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul)Immersive Citizens - CRF Patch.esp (Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul)Immersive Citizens - PCS Patch.esp (Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul)Immersive Citizens - RRR Patch.esp (Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul)So is there a lil mistake in the guide or am i doing something wrong?
  7. Thx for the reply, big shout-out to this community, you guys helped me really out a couple of times. Very appreciated. Is this even the right thread to bother you with my install problems? ^^
  8. Oh so i did something wrong...fml - now i see it in the filetree... my bad again. So is it save, when i reinstall/ replace only JaSuS Swords again and get rid of that, or will this mess up everything? Would be a shame, if i have to remove every single mod until to this point...
  9. Me again ^^ I am stuck at the point where to merge the plugins, I got an error where the program says, it can't find JSword.esm, so i can'T proceed further with the merge guide. SRLE recommend in the section JaySuS Swords not to install this file (Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade removes the need of that .esm) but i have the same error msg in LOOT in the JSwordsDistrubtionBalancePlugin.esp section. Did i messed something up during the Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade installtion? I am quite sure, i followed the guide to the point =/
  10. Good solution, why didn't i came up with that idea - feeling dumb now, guess i was afraid to ruin it =D Thx
  11. Thx for the reply. So the best thing would be to delay "Immersive Citiziens" after i installed the requiered mod "RRR"? Or will this mess up some other mods, i am not really sure what to do, since the guide recommend to follow the installation of the mods in order as listed.
  12. Hi guys Does someone else have the issue with "Immersive Citiziens - AI Overhaul" during the installation, where you can't select the last Option in the installer <Realisitc Room Rental> Patch RRR? It's grayed out for me. Am I missing something? I guess it'S because the required mod "Realistic Room Rental Enhanced" comes way later in the Guide, so do i install "Immersive Citiziens" later and ignore it atm?
  13. Hello Community i need some help with the installtion of "Better males" because i am kinda confused and need more of a step by step approach or someone, who can clarify one or 2 things, so i am sure i don't mess things up. I guess i did something wrong, because i can't find the malehead.dds in <Mod Organizer Path>/Mods/Better Males/textures/actors/character/male only malehead_msn.dss so i just list my steps i've done during the installation: 1.) i downloaded Faces-GeonoxFaces v1.2 and Underwear-Default v.2.3.2 with MO 2.) I installed Faces-GeonoxFaces and now i was quite unsure what to do exactly. In the content, i rightclicked <Documentation and Options> "Set data directory", <SMOOTH FACE Genox Option> "Set data directory"; <Data> "Set data directory" -> hit OK Was that the right approach so far? 3.) I installed Underwear-Default, rightclicked <[OPTIONS]> "Set data directory", <[HAIRY BODY TEXTURES]> "Set data directory" and now i was really confused. Should I uncheck everything beside the <BodyHair Lvl3> or go again "Set data directory". I guess i misunderstood something, since i am quite new to the modding and not a native speaker. So if anyone could help me out, what i did wrong there, i would be really grateful. Forgive my stupidity ^^
  14. Aaaah my bad. That was the information i was missing ^^ i didn't install Merge plugin's, that's why i was totally confused, will try it tomorrow and give you some feedback if i managed to do it. Thanks guys!
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