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  1. That works. Is there a list of the mods that use FOMOD somewhere or do I need to go through all the mods manually?
  2. So when I try to install SMIM, the fomod works great but MO ends up showing this: Notice the lack of any SMIM esps. This also happens with Skyfalls and Skymills and probably other mods.
  3. This concern is not valid. SkyRe makes enemies harder so that some quests where you have to kill enemies might be very difficult without the right damage, but there is no hard-coded level limitations on quests.
  4. If you have General Subtitles on, the subtitles for Mirmulnir's speech appear, even with the voice files missing.
  5. I know Designs of the Nords is in STEP:Extended, but it really doesn't get enough attention. Project Parallax is very subtle, and requires ENB, but is really great. Horns are Forever is essential to play an Argonian. Grass on Steroids is coding wizardry, how on earth it manages to boost fps while making grass denser I do not know. Bookshelves Script SKSE is a little Quality of Life mod. Red Mountain Erupts is a great example of how to setup a mod page, but the mod itself is a tiny little immersion thing.
  6. If you're using this fullscreen, ENB already has all of the features built in. Nice work on making Windowed Mode usable though.
  7. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50336/? The continuation of the "Dawn Of" series of city enhancements. It makes the city feel just more complete and fleshed-out. The other two mods are also great, enhancing Whiterun and Windhelm in the same fashion (separate threads in Mod Suggestions forum to discuss these).
  8. Using it in conjunction with balbor and qotsafan's stuff, seems to work alright.
  9. Having used Safety Load for a couple of weeks, it seems to have fixed some crashing and not adversely affected anything.
  10. MALWAREBYTES ANTIEXPLOIT! That was stopping them from running for some random reason and not telling me, I had actually forgotten I had that running so I didn't check to see if it was doing anything. It has no log files relating to it, but disabling it allows skyproc patchers to work for some reason. Thanks for reminding me to check for that.
  11. Seems the Reproccer doesn't detect my SkyRe_main.esp even when manually installed. Dual Sheathe Redux patcher does the same thing as the reproccer, so it's definitely not specific to Reproccer or SUM. Although, FNIS seems to work, probably because it's an .exe
  12. Tried both, nothing. This is the weirdest issue, because Reproccer and the like work fantastically when run normally, but through MO gives me absolutely nothing. I'll probably just install the mods it affects via NMM unless a future update fixes it.
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